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Speed Up Your Laptop

Tweet Laptops are portable and give a big advantage of mobility but with so many heavy programs being used these days one has to also to tune up the laptop regularly so that it does not turn slow. Here we will discuss few tips and trick to make sure your laptop is not turning slow. Step 1: To check what operating system you are using on your laptop. It can be XP, Vista or Windows 7. To check right... Read More »
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AMD Releases Its ‘Fastest Notebook GPU’ Too: AMD Radeon HD 6990M

Tweet AMD has finally announced the release of its much anticipated Radeon HD6990M laptop in the market.  The AMD Radeon HD6990M is the fastest notebook GPU available today.  The Radeon HD6990M is expected to give 25% superior performance than the Nvidia’s GeForce 580M.  The entry of Radeon HD6990M has opened a new arena of competition the market.  The release of Radeon HD 6990M has made the... Read More »
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HP Pavilion® laptops now have new touch pad buttons

Tweet HP Pavilion laptops now come with a new touch pad design. The new design has been introduced because the mouse button model which was used in HP Pavilion laptops was a big hit. The click pad did not work out well from the time it was used in the netbooks. The touch pad was over sized and hence was clean looking but combining the two ideas did not come out well because the cursor movement was... Read More »

Intel® is not worried about the move of Microsoft® towards ARM processors

Tweet Intel has announced that it is not worried over the move of Microsoft to port Windows to ARM processors. An Intel spokesperson said that Intel will be able to provide low power Windows which can match with the Atom processor or x86 processor family chipsets. Intel’s Executive Vice President Dadi Perlmutter also stated that by the time Microsoft manages to get a new version of Windows as... Read More »

Gadgets launched at CES 2011

Tweet At the 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), several new gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, televisions, operating systems, and more, were launched. Acer introduced the innovative dual touch screen ICONIA notebook. The Acer ICONIA notebook has the Windows 7 operating system, virtual keyboard, SocialJogger, Gesture Editor, and many more advanced features. At... Read More »

Technological innovations

Tweet Whether it is your personal life or your professional life, it is the survival of the fittest. You need to know every step of your rival. It is just a comparison between your life and the business world. It is all about the survival of the fittest. There are things known and unknown and the person who manages to know the unknown of the rival outshines as a winner in this battle. This time it... Read More »

Seagate® Ships Over 1 Million Self-Encrypting Hard Drives

Tweet Over the last 30 years, Seagate has positioned itself as one of the most stable, ingenious and reliable hard drive manufacturers for desktops, laptops, netbooks, enterprise servers and more. Amongst some of the many firsts in the industry, Seagate has made phenomenal strides in introducing various products including solid state hybrid drives, 6Gb/s SAS Enterprise Drives, world’s thinnest hard... Read More »

Dell® Latitude D600 review

Tweet The world of computers has evolved a lot with time. There are several changes which have taken effect. In due course of time, the size of computers has reduced a lot with the introduction of laptops and tablets. A laptop has all the features of a desktop, but is much more space effective and portable. This feature has made the laptops much more popular than the desktops in the recent years. There... Read More »

Report: E-mail declines, but e-commerce up

Tweet Various surveys around the world are trying to analyze and present performance analyses of various segments of the markets with information technology, Internet, mobile phones, smartphones and PCs / laptops use as a base. CommScore US survey of 2010 shows a pattern of e-mail usage – web based e-mail usage in various age segments in the US. The report shows the use of web based e-mail reducing... Read More »

Lenovo® reveals specs of ThinkPad X220

Tweet Lenovo is known to market desktops, laptops, and software related services. In a year’s time, Lenovo’s market share increased to 10.4% from 8.6% in the previous year. Lenovo has now become the largest personal computer seller in China and the fourth largest seller of computers in the world. Lenovo is launching many new series of new laptops and is increasing the market very soon. Lenovo... Read More »

AT&T® to Release Motorola® Atrix 4G

Tweet Motorola, Lenovo, Dell, HTC, and quite a few others are changing the dynamics of the smartphone and tablet market stoday. Technology and form factor are changing so rapidly that one wonders what products will be launched in years to come. With Intel, AMD, Tilera, NVIDIA, and others bringing in drastic changes in processor and chip technologies, innovations are being made in application technology... Read More »

HP G72

Tweet From the world of instrumentation, to low end home desktops and laptops to enterprise servers innovative printing solution providers, HP – Hewlett Packard is recognized worldwide as a company with innovative market friendly high quality product provider in the field of IT and instrumentation. Their latest range of G72 and G72 T series, typically desktop replacement laptops is one of HP’s... Read More »

Lenovo® ThinkPad has USB 3.0 and good battery life

Tweet Lenovo is a multinational computer manufacturing firm based in China and is known to market desktops, laptops, software related services, storage drives etc. The market share of Lenovo is increasing every year. It is the largest seller of personal computers in China. Lenovo was the fourth largest seller of its products in the world. Its market increased from 8.6% to 10.4 % in a year’s time.... Read More »

New Apple® MacBook laptops run Windows® 7 Only

Tweet Apple has withdrawn support for the older versions of Windows OS namely the Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has always displayed stubbornness about backward compatibility and providing support for outdated software and hardware. The Boot Camp utility allows users in the Apple Mac OS X to install and run other Operating Systems on it. But now the new MacBook Pros which were announced recently... Read More »

How to Tweak a Data Card

Tweet With the increasing popularity and usage of laptops and other mobile computing devices, people have started working even while they are on move, or even if they are on vacations, or in some other place. It is again not only about their work or job but it is also about staying in touch with their family and friends. To stay in touch with your office, family, or friends using your mobile device... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Wireless Network Connection Manager

Tweet Wireless adaptors are being used more than the native Ethernet adaptors because of the increasing popularity of wireless networks, portable devices like laptops, netbooks, wireless printers, smart phones etc. Computers being sold these days already have a wireless card installed in them, which is used to be an optional device a few years back. Along with the wireless adaptors comes a disk to... Read More »

Lenovo® Forms Tablet, Smartphone Product Group

Tweet Lenovo is well known in the US for its business laptops with the brand name ThinkPad. It has now formed a new group of businesses for developing Internet based electronic devices for consumers, including smart phones, digital TVs and tablet computers. Its recent announcement refers to the Chinese company Lenovo’s continuing thrust into the consumer markets outside China. In the year 2008,... Read More »

Sony® Launches New Range of VAIO Laptops

Tweet Sony launched the new E series of VAIO laptops with high quality features. The features include superb AMD vision technology which enables smooth HD playback facilities. It has an extremely user friendly interface and has the “ASSIST” button for help and troubleshooting. The Sony VAIO E Series models are designed keeping in mind everyday ease of use. With vibrant, colorful looks, the new... Read More »

Microsoft® OneNote iPhone® App Review

Tweet One more app is making headlines in connection with the Apple iPhone, namely the OneNote application from Microsoft. The app has been launched and lets you operate OneNote from anywhere. This interesting cloud application, basically a Web App brings in a revolution in terms of a change in perspective of making available applications on platforms of erstwhile stiff competitors namely Microsoft... Read More »

A 7-inch Android™ tablet from Acer®

Tweet Acer is one of the leading companies which makes desktops, laptops and other computer-related devices. Now as most of the companies are entering into the tablet computer market, Acer has also decided to develop tablets. Acer will be releasing a with a 7-inch screen and also a 10-inch tablet starting this year. The main features of these tablets are the Sandy Bridge Processors (quad-core) by Intel,... Read More »

Lenovo® to create division for tablet PCs and mobiles

Tweet Lenovo is a computer manufacturer which is very popular among consumers for high quality laptops. Now they are planning to establish two different operating divisions focused on tablet PCs and mobile phones. With the growing tablet computer market, this move will improve its chances of making an impact in this specific sector. Tablet PCs have seen healthy growth worldwide in recent times. The... Read More »

Latest Lenovo® Laptops Fresh From Intel® Conference

Tweet The Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p laptop was launched at the recent Sandy Bridge conference held in Sydney. Lenovo has released its new range of laptops and desktops. The all new Lenovo Y560p that was revealed to Australian audiences is packed with high-performance technology to make it a top multimedia machine for the consumers. It has some exciting specifications like Intel Core i7 processor, up to... Read More »

Microsoft® Windows® 7 service pack to be released in 2011

Tweet Windows 7 is the newest Operating System of Microsoft built for use on Personal Computers home and business both, Laptops Netbooks tablets etc. Windows 7 was released in Oct 2009 with its server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft in its FAQs had stated that Windows Service Pack will be released in first half of 2011. With the release of an update for users of Windows 7 and Windows... Read More »

Acer® tablets will run faster than laptops

Tweet Acer is one of the leading companies, which makes computers, laptops and other computer-related devices. Now as most of the companies are entering into the tablet computer market, Acer has also decided that they will produce and develop tablets. Now people’s attention is going to tablet computers, every other company is launching tablet computers today. But there is a problem with the tablet’s... Read More »
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Acer introduces tablets, laptops, phones at CES 2011

Tweet Acer introduced a wide range of touch screen gadgets this year at CES 2011 including the widely awaited Acer Iconia Dual screen laptop. It is a dual touch screen laptop with high-brightness Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT LCDs with a virtual keyboard and a touch user interface. It won the Last Gadget Standing at CES 2011 which means it will be one of the most eagerly awaited gadgets this year.... Read More »
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