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Application Of The System File Checker Tool To Fix The Problem Of Missing Or Corrupted System Files

Tweet If a Windows Resource Protection file were to go missing or get corrupted, then Windows may not behave properly. Erratic behavior such as non-working of some functions, or even crashing of the operating system may occur. This is where The System File Checker tool comes into the picture. The program scans for any missing or corrupted files and repairs them. HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM FILE CHECKER TOOL To... Read More »

How to View and Use Your Pictures in Windows Photo Viewer

Tweet Looking at pictures takes you to the sweet memories of the past. It’s amazing to capture a certain experience which you know you will never come back again. Though pictures seem to be a simple object right now, it is actually more sentimental than we think it to be. The fact that it captures a moment makes it very special. Viewing the pictures over and over again makes you feel nostalgic. The... Read More »

How to Play an Audio or Video File in Windows 7

Tweet Do you want to listen to a song? How about watching a movie? Well, both of these things could be done through the use of the Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player is an application that can be used together with the other applications that Windows has to offer. Digital media files such as audio and video files can be navigated through this application and you can also organize your media... Read More »

How to Find Out Specification Required to run Windows Vista and Certified Programs to Install

Tweet Windows Vista a famous version of Windows OS, has certain required specifications for a computer to accommodate it as the operating system. Although not so spectacular, a decently configured PC is required to use Windows Vista as the operating system. If the PC is already running on a latest version of Windows XP, then the configurations are most probably suitable for Windows Vista too. Use Upgrade... Read More »

How to Save a File in Windows 7 and Other Versions

Tweet While working on computer you should always take care of one thing that all your files are saved accurately and they are not misplaced. It is very important to manage and save files properly so that you can use them in future easily. If you have saved your file and don’t remember where you saved it then it can cause problem in future to find the file again. You need to take care of one thing... Read More »

How to Locate Files and Folders in Windows 7

Tweet To find a file or folder in windows has always been a hot issue. Data management is very important when it comes to manage all the record in your computer. Definitely you will save all data in shape of files and folders in your computer but have you ever wondered that how you will be able to find a file or folder again when you need it. Perhaps if you remember where you placed that file then... Read More »
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How to Include Folders in a Library

Tweet Computers have now become an integral part of our lives. They are almost used in every field for bringing speed, accuracy, security and ease in work. In homes the importance of computers has increased over the years. It is of common experience that it is very difficult to find the things from the things in sixes and seven. Same is true for the items in computers also. Thus the effective arrangement... Read More »

How to Resolve Disk Error Checking in Windows XP

Tweet Disk error checking in Windows XP is an important feature where the volumes will be checked for various problems. Some of the issues that a disk error check detects can be fixed by the utility itself. ‘Chkdsk’ the command line tool tries to fix any problem as and when it finds them and the utility is capable of fixing bad sectors, lost clusters, cross linked files, and directory errors. What... Read More »

How to Change Advanced Indexing Options

Tweet It is a common experience that people often forget where they have kept their things. This is also valid when people use the computers. People forget where they placed a particular file or folder in their computer. As a result they get frustrated because any file can be of considerable importance and value particularly if it is needed at the high time. People have one option here which... Read More »

After Windows 7 Microsoft is Scheduled to Launch A “Mouse”

Tweet The recent buzz surrounding Microsoft and Windows 7 is an innovative mouse in development at Microsoft, which would have multitouch input capabilities. This is being initiated, according to many rumors, also keeping Windows 7 users who are awaiting on changing their displays. There is nothing official about this yet, although Microsoft has already registered a domain “arctouchmouse.com”... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Opening and Copying files from the web?

Tweet Internet has revolutionized how the things are done in the modern world. The communication and transfer of information from one corner of the world to another corner of the world has become easier and a matter of seconds. Every day thousands of people from all over the world copy files and information from websites for a variety of purposes. It is often a common experience that we are unable... Read More »

Expect an Update from Apple for its Apple TV Soon

Tweet Apple TV, initially named as iTV and then later changed to “Apple TV”, has seen only minor changes and developments since the launch of the device back in 2007. Now Apple wants to shed some serious work on the device to make it more than just a hobby for users. Since the most loyal consumers are losing interest on the device as it is now, rightly so Apple plans major updates in relation... Read More »

How to Manage .PST files in Various Versions of Microsoft Outlook

Tweet Outlook is a program that repeatedly handles important data in many dimensions. Many people have the misconception of Outlook being just an e-mail application. Although its being used mainly as an e-mail application, it handles data in various forms, namely as in messages, contacts, appointments, tasks etc. Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used e-mail client within businesses, where web based... Read More »

How to Create and Use a Password Reset Disk

Tweet Windows XP based workgroup computers can easily be created with unique password reset disks just in case the passwords get forgotten. A password reset disk is quite easy to create and use, anybody with a basic knowledge of operating a computer is capable of creating one. However the same password reset disk cannot be used in different machines even if the user names and passwords are exact same. Why... Read More »

How to Configure File Sharing in Windows XP

Tweet Most Windows operating systems have a commanding file sharing system that are both secure and remotely accessible, and Windows XP is not an exception. Computers are usually expected to be networked and be equipped with file sharing features across users locally as well as by remote access. Because the sole of computers are the files and folders within, how the users share the files and folders... Read More »

Google and China Stalemate Continues

Tweet Tensions between Google and the Chinese government have been growing slowly this year. Due to the renewal of Google’s ICP (Internet Content Provider) license in China, was in-doubt. Although the license is valid till 2012, it needs to be renewed every year. Despite all the problems, Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google Inc. seemed to be pretty confident of the renewal. Thankfully it was officially... Read More »

How to Work With Digital Pictures

Tweet For the past year, producing quality pictures and images have evolved greatly. From dark room photos to cameras that are using film and then to card operated cameras, evolutions and continuous innovations have been made for the betterment of the photography industry. At the present, photos are simply printed without any help from the dark room or the film. Digital cameras nowadays are going... Read More »

How to Receive TV Signals that are Supported by Windows Media Center

Tweet What are your favorite TV shows? Do you get to watch them any time you want to? Well, this will surely be a big No for almost everyone. It hurts to skip an episode of a favorite TV series and shows especially if you later come to know that it was one of the best episodes. It really is frustrating but now you can do something and be able to watch them whenever you want for free with the help of Windows... Read More »

Installing the Latest Firefox 3.6.6 in Ubuntu Linux

Tweet Firefox delivers safe and easy web browsing. It has enhanced security features that also include protection from online identity theft. It offers an integrated search that lets the users get the most out of the web world. The latest Firefox 3.6.6 in Ubuntu Linux is more advanced and a better version. It can be easily installed by any Windows or Linux user. The new Firefox 3.6.6 is now available... Read More »

How do I make the Recycle Bin appear on my desktop in Windows Vista or in Windows XP

Tweet What is Recycle Bin? Recycle Bin was introduced by Microsoft in Windows 95 and since then it has been a part of all the Operating Systems released by Microsoft. Recycle Bin stores the files which u user deletes or the files which gets accidently deleted. Movement of files into Recycle Bin on deletion depends upon the way a file was deleted and also depends upon the way the Recycle Bin has been... Read More »

Cisco Systems Launch Tablet Computers

Tweet Forget the frenzy of the consumer market as the jazzy advertising and the retail shelf space are already at logger heads with each other. Cisco Systems are planning to hawk tablet computers in the more sedate world of the business. Cisco has recently revealed its plans of selling a tablet computer named Cius as in “see us” early in the next year. Cisco pigeonholed the product as a “collaboration... Read More »

Windows Embedded Update Service – A New Service From Microsoft

Tweet Microsoft introduced recently a service for service providers called the Windows Embedded Update Service. If you are a Windows Embedded Standard developer and you face problems like you may feel that you are missing something even if you are using some of the great tools suite. You may feel that it will be better if you are provided a tool which monitors and sends you the updates needed for the... Read More »

Google Planning Another Social Media Venture

Tweet Google plans a fresh attempt with social media through a social networking site apparently named Google Me. This will not be the first of its kind with Google already have tried and failed in the shape of Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Latitude etc. It is an apparent effort to compete with facebook. According to the talks a whole new team has been set to work for the project, better privacy and data... Read More »

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 : Free Download and Upgrade from Torrents and Wares Sites

Tweet Software updates are must for any software usability and functionality. Updates always come after a problem is found on software or it sometimes comes with better options to use particular software. Microsoft has always been aware about this fact and been launching software updates regularly for its users. Windows Service Pack1 and Windows Server 208 R2 are the ones in the same series. Windows... Read More »

How to Make Text Easier to Read Using ClearType

Tweet Clear type is a different feature of the Windows 7. Clear type is a tuning tool for calibrating the appearances of the text in Windows 7 and it can work better with your particular display. Basically clear type is a technology which is develops for improving the appearance of front rendering and reading performance on your computer display. This technology can sharp the words on your computer... Read More »
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