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Lenovo® IdeaPad Ultrabook U310 available with Intel® Ivy processor

Tweet The much-admired Lenovo IdeaPad Ultrabook U330s gets a well needed upgrade to Intel’s Ivy Bridge, and now it is known as Lenovo IdeaPad Ultrabook U310. The latest U310 comes equipped with a dual-core Ivy Bridge processor and 4GB of RAM. Currently, it is powered by Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. The upgraded Ultrabook has the storage capacity of 500 GB HDD, boasts of a stunning display... Read More »

Lenovo Doesn’t Part With Windows Tablets, Declares The New IdeaPad P1

Tweet Lenovo has brought out various forms of PC tablets with Android in the market and thus there had always been an alternative for Windows. The IdeaPad P1 declared recently is similar in look and feel to that of IdeaPAd K1 where Android is running. But the new IdeaPad is set up with latest Windows 7 and has got specifications of mainly PC related settings and features also match PC. It looks just... Read More »
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Lenovo® reveals specs of ThinkPad X220

Tweet Lenovo is known to market desktops, laptops, and software related services. In a year’s time, Lenovo’s market share increased to 10.4% from 8.6% in the previous year. Lenovo has now become the largest personal computer seller in China and the fourth largest seller of computers in the world. Lenovo is launching many new series of new laptops and is increasing the market very soon. Lenovo... Read More »

AT&T® to Release Motorola® Atrix 4G

Tweet Motorola, Lenovo, Dell, HTC, and quite a few others are changing the dynamics of the smartphone and tablet market stoday. Technology and form factor are changing so rapidly that one wonders what products will be launched in years to come. With Intel, AMD, Tilera, NVIDIA, and others bringing in drastic changes in processor and chip technologies, innovations are being made in application technology... Read More »

Hybrid Laptop from Lenovo®

Tweet After its successful strategic decision almost six years ago, of acquiring IBM’s PC business, Lenovo has emerged as the world’s 4th largest PC vendor and the largest PC vendor in China. Recent reviews show Lenovo positioning itself as the 5th largest PC vendor in India and proving themselves as a brand to stand with. In India alone, Lenovo claims to have grown 60% year on year. With the evolution... Read More »

Lenovo® Forms Tablet, Smartphone Product Group

Tweet Lenovo is well known in the US for its business laptops with the brand name ThinkPad. It has now formed a new group of businesses for developing Internet based electronic devices for consumers, including smart phones, digital TVs and tablet computers. Its recent announcement refers to the Chinese company Lenovo’s continuing thrust into the consumer markets outside China. In the year 2008,... Read More »

Lenovo® launched ThinkPad laptops with 30 hour battery life

Tweet Lenovo recently revealed its newest range of six new ThinkPad notebooks running on Intel Sandy Bridge range of powerful Core and Core vPro processors. The range includes the T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520 models, all designed keeping in mind business usage, with vast improvements to their battery life and performance in comparison to the previous generation of notebooks. The T420 is... Read More »

Lenovo® says new ThinkPad laptops have better battery life

Tweet Lenovo says that the new ThinkPad laptops have better battery life with the launch of the latest T, L and W series computers which are fitted with Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Lenovo with its own innovative power saving technology, added Intel’s Sandy Bridge chip which has boosted additional power output of the system. Lenovo admitted that its latest models are highly power efficient... Read More »

PC makers roll out laptops with Intel® Sandy Bridge processors

Tweet The latest Sandy Bridge processors from Intel have advanced power saving features and deliver efficient performance. The top PC makers including, Lenovo and Sony, have already declared and shipped Intel Sandy bridge processor for the launch of their new series. Sony and Lenovo have already declared their new series launch while Dell and Apple are in the process of doing so. Sony has announced... Read More »

Lenovo® will start making smartphones for the worldwide market

Tweet China based Lenovo announced in January 2011, its plan to start a new business group for the manufacturing of mobile Internet devices such as smartphones and tablets. Lenovo later also entered into a joint venture with NEC, Japan enabling Lenovo to make inroads into the Japanese market. Lenovo unlike other leading manufacturers is working on low margins in this venture, in the quest of achieving... Read More »

Lenovo® to create division for tablet PCs and mobiles

Tweet Lenovo is a computer manufacturer which is very popular among consumers for high quality laptops. Now they are planning to establish two different operating divisions focused on tablet PCs and mobile phones. With the growing tablet computer market, this move will improve its chances of making an impact in this specific sector. Tablet PCs have seen healthy growth worldwide in recent times. The... Read More »

Hurricane tablet from HP and other WebOS devices

Tweet The launch and popularity of iPad has given a clear indication of the direction where the market will be heading in future. Many leading computer manufacturers such as Dell, ASUS, Motorola and Lenovo have come up with their own version of tablet PCs to prevent the iPad from getting dominance.  It comes as a no surprise as one of the leading computer manufacturers HP joins the bandwagon. With... Read More »

Latest Lenovo® Laptops Fresh From Intel® Conference

Tweet The Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p laptop was launched at the recent Sandy Bridge conference held in Sydney. Lenovo has released its new range of laptops and desktops. The all new Lenovo Y560p that was revealed to Australian audiences is packed with high-performance technology to make it a top multimedia machine for the consumers. It has some exciting specifications like Intel Core i7 processor, up to... Read More »

Mobile Mojo from Lenovo®

Tweet Lenovo is a Chinese computer giant and one of the largest laptop manufacturers. They are famous among consumers for high quality laptops. Now they are planning to establish two different operating divisions focused on Tablet PCs and mobile phones. With the growing Tablet computer market this move will improve its chances of making an impact in this specific sector. Tablet PCs have seen healthy... Read More »

New Products by Lenovo®: IdeaPad Hybrid U1

Tweet Lenovo has always been a very powerful brand in the consumer electronics market. The company plans to launch several new products in the near future. Lenovo announced very recently in Beijing, that a completely new group would be created, who would look to come up with new ideas and technologies in the domain of smart Internet mobiles and smart tablet PCs. The group is responsible for products... Read More »

Tablets and Smartphones: New focus for Lenovo

Tweet The CES 2011 saw many new products and technologies but, nothing that was news breaking and exclusively exclusive. The 3011 show was swarmed with tablets, smart phones, goggle free 3D TVs and the like. Lenovo for one, which had introduced the Hybrid tablet and notebook prototype in the CES 2011, surprisingly withheld introduction of the product after the display, due to inhibitions probably on... Read More »
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Lenovo Ideapad U1 Tablet compatible with Android and Windows 7

Tweet The CES 2011was rather confusing this time. The CES 2010 dazzled techies worldwide with their stereoscopic 3 D. In the CES 2011the trend was different. 3D was not to be seen much, rather the whole show was flooded with smart phones and tablets. Except that, this time, Apple wasn’t seen around, instead a number of other players made headway, turning the theme of CES 2011 to tablets. While players... Read More »

Lenovo’s Graphics card revolution

Tweet Computer user’s are well aware of the fact that whenever you want to play a high graphic game or you have to run high graphic software program you must have to upgrade your computer with a powerful graphics card. Especially the users who are fond of computer games have to spend big sums to upgrade their computer’s graphic cards. This is the reason why Lenovo is making a huge percentage... Read More »
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Lenovo’s New Value Line of Rack, Tower Servers Targets SMBs

Tweet As part of its addition to Last week Tuesday’s preamble of its three new servers, Lenovo will be adding another extra 2-processor servers. The company reported that it is adding a value line of the 2-processor servers to bolster the three it launched recently as it seeks to expand its presence and reach. However what I loved about the new servers is their retailing price upon introduction into... Read More »
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New Standard of Elegance Set by the Lenovo IdeaCentre A310

Tweet Ever since the first invention of computers, things have only started to become smaller, fast, and more reliable. With the rapid pace at which technology currently advances, computers can get outdated after only a couple years. For those who can keep up, it is a blessing be able own such powerful devices. Lenovo is one of the companies at the forefront of this technology boom, and its latest... Read More »

The Lenovo Q150: The ideal Nettop!

Tweet Nettop is the name given to a small, low wattage desktop whose primary purpose is to surf the internet and serve low end computing purposes. This genre of products is also very well suited to meet the entertainment needs of the customer. The Lenovo Ideacentre Q150 serves the purpose well and can be considered to be an ideal choice for the medium range Nettop segment. The latest product in Lenovo’s... Read More »

Lenovo’s and CIT’s grand financial agreement was a remarkable event

Tweet On 3rd May 2010, Lenovo and CIT Group Inc., who is one of the giants in providing finances, signed an intent letter to create the efficient Lenovo Financial Services [LFS]. LFS will be a program that will offer not only a wide range of solutions, specifically in vendor financing to business partners of Lenovo but also the customers who greatly avail Lenovo’s highest range of products and services... Read More »

Lenovo’s L series offers a range of exclusive ThinkPad laptops

Tweet Lenovo’s L series is the latest version of ThinkPad laptops. It is designed for its utilization for business purposes, educational requirements and government tasks. The two models; ThinkPad L412 and L512 laptops offer high performance with the supreme technology of Intel processors. These laptops greatly integrate the consumer products that are truly recyclable. Green footprint Lenovo’s... Read More »

Lenovo’s latest notebooks C200 and IdeaPad S10-3s offer unique features

Tweet Lenovo introduces its latest notebooks and newest consumer PC’s to keep the users entertained anytime, anywhere. Lenovo’s C200, integrated with optional NVIDIA ION graphics and IdeaPad S10-3s, is a slim notebook that comes in attractive designs and colors. These two series of notebooks offer a range of complete features with elegant looks and easy computing services. Lenovo’s PC is a family... Read More »

Lenovo and CIT unite to create LFS

Tweet Technology product manufacturer Lenovo and financial service provider CIT have joined hands in order to create a new program called LFS, which means Lenovo Financial Services. All the customers and the business partners that make use of the technology products and services of Lenovo will get vendor financing solutions from LFS. The deal between Lenovo and CIT was officially established in the... Read More »
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