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Mobile World Congress® 2012 to showcase LG® Optimus 4X HD

Tweet Mobile World Congress, which is scheduled from 27 February to 1 March 2012, is going to showcase several smartphones and tablets on its floor. One of the several entrants will be LG Optimus 4X HD. This smartphone has various features to boast of. Nothing has been said on its price or the final release date. Larger than the average smartphones, it endorses a screen which is 4.7 inch long. It... Read More »
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LG® Launches its New Tablet LG Optimus Pad LTE

Tweet Here comes another contender in the war of the tablets. With most of the IT giants releasing one after another tablet, it’s now turn of LG to do so with its announcement of its new tablet LG Optimus Pad LTE. The tablet will be available in South Korea first and then will be launched globally. The thin design looks very attractive and the IPS display gives it a good edge. But the news that... Read More »
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Microsoft® and Nokia® partnership

Tweet On February 11, 2011, Nokia and Microsoft announced a joint venture regarding their future developmental strategies. Nokia is considered one of the best mobile hardware makers in the world. The company’s devices are famous for their excellent screen, high resolution cameras and other high end hardware designs. The Nokia products with their attractive, well designed and durable hardware designs... Read More »

Dell® unveils 10-inch Windows® 7-based tablet

Tweet At the CES 2011, Dell unveiled a 10-inch tablet computer with the Windows 7 operating system. Earlier, Dell had introduced Android-based touch screen slates. Dell showed what the next generation Windows-based tablets would look like. The Dell tablet on Windows 7 will be run on the next-generation processor from Intel which are the Atom processors. Besides Dell, LG and Samsung are also due to... Read More »

Motorola® XOOM to compete against Apple iPad 2

Tweet It takes a lot for companies to stay in the market because they have to deliver quality with value of money to customers. It was an eye opening experience when Apple launched its iPad 2 with a price tag of $499. Not only that there were all the latest features like Wi-Fi connectivity with 16GB space of data storage space (internal memory). What’s more, the most important it is thin and... Read More »

T-Mobile® G-Slate info page teases Android™ Honeycomb

Tweet T-Mobile in collaboration with LG has revealed the G-Slate to counter Motorola Xoom. It is an Android Honeycomb powered tablet. It will be the first 4G Honeycomb tablet to be available. This tablet would be one of the first to be powered by Android 3.0 which is designed for tablets keeping in mind their form factors and design. The Honeycomb is a platform which provides the user with an enhanced... Read More »

HTC® and Verizon top in speedy Android™ upgrades

Tweet One of the major drawbacks of buying a mobile using Android as a platform is the delay in updates reaching the user. Several major phone companies and carriers lag behind in pushing the updates that Google releases. Among the cell phone companies HTC is the quickest in releasing the updates. HTC had released the Froyo update to 50% of the compatible phones in 2010, a recent survey said. On the... Read More »
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LG® Optimus 3D smartphone

Tweet LG Optimus 3D smartphone has a 4.3-inch LCD display panel. The LCD display uses the parallel barrier technology to create a 3D effect. The functionality of glasses-free 3D technology was recently showcased by many companies during CES. Following are the basic hardware configuration and capabilities of the LG Optimus 3D phone. LG Optimus is the world’s first Android smartphone which is capable... Read More »
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LG and Samsung Upgrade to Android 2.2

Tweet The changed version of the world has preferred to depend on technology in doing almost everything. The modern world has started using technology in almost every single field of life. The world of mobile phones has evolved a lot in the recent years. There are several changes that have happened in the positive way. There are numerous companies who have taken in up to themselves for coming up with... Read More »
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LG G-Slate Review

Tweet LG Electronics had recently declared the launch of its latest creation, the LG G-Slate Tablet PC. This gadget has all the armaments that make a great Tablet PC. Some of the features in this system include the latest Android Operating System, a dual camera, 32 GB of in-built memory space, GSM 850/900/1800/1900/ UMTS 900, 1700/2100/2100 MHz network operating frequency, java compatibility, an inbuilt... Read More »
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LG Planning 3D Technology without Glasses

Tweet LG is planning to unveil a Smartphone with 3D viewing and recording capability. And an added benefit of viewing 3D videos without the bulky glasses. Named as Optimus 3D it is planned to unveil at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this year. The phone touted to be the most advanced and running on innovation will feature a dual-lens camera for 3D recording and a LCD screen for displaying the visual... Read More »

LG Optimus 2X Revealed at CES 2011

Tweet The CES 2011, a bonanza for techies and the Super Bowl of technology for various products on the anvil by various players in the market, introduced a variety of gadgetry with unbelievable features that are mind boggling. In the smart phone arena, two companies revealed interesting and intriguing smart phones powered by Nvidia’s new dual core chip. Motorola with the intriguing Atrix and LG with... Read More »
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Release Date of LG Android tablet shifted to January

Tweet LG electronic is a leading electronics company which manufactures televisions, computer parts, laptops and mobiles. LG is a Korean based company which is an acronym of Lucky Goldstar. As Android phones are becoming popular, every one want to launch an Android based phone. LG has announced that they are launching the Android tablet but now they announced that they will drop the project until January... Read More »
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LG Smartphones Cause Profits to Decline

Tweet LG Electronics had a poor second quarter performance that subsequently gave it low profit returns courtesy of its poor sales in TV and Handsets. In what could only be termed as a failure to compete favorably in the market place, LG’s smart phones such as the LG Ally were outperformed by tougher competitors such as Google’s Android smart phones. Competition In the face of competition from... Read More »
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LG Mobile App Store to Opens in 23 Additional Markets

Tweet In a move that could only mean expansion and business growth, LG plans to further its business by commencing operations in 23 more countries. Having launched its mobile applications store recently, the company said it is now keen on expanding its presence in the 23 countries. Places They have Opened Locations being considered are countries such as South Africa, India and Australia amongst a host... Read More »
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LG Xnote R590-The LG 3D Notebook

Tweet The future is 3D so there have been a number of unveilings around the world with some of the incredible devices. Every vendor around the world is trying to come up with a distinguished product just to help you get the best out of your experience. LG is a vendor that has been into the business of notebook computers for long. The company is basically an electronics company giving you the type of... Read More »
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LG Launches New Concepts for 3D TV

Tweet When the technology raises its standards then catching up with becomes extremely important. You cannot sit back and use the same old gadgets that have become outdated with time. Same is the cause for people running after the high end three dimensional televisions which are amazingly relishing. In case you are an ardent television freak then what can be better for you than the amazing TV from... Read More »
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LG Developing Android Tablet

Tweet LG Electronics recently revealed news on the development of its first tablet pc, promising that it will be lighter and thinner than the current competing tablets available. The upcoming tablet pc will be based on Google’s Android OS platform. By perusing this field of production, LG has joined the competition along with largely established corporations like Apple, Dell and Samsung. In LG announcement,... Read More »
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Everyone has a Style – LG Says it can Accommodate that with its Optimus Series

Tweet On July 5, in Berkshire, UK, LG Electronics announced its newest smart phones: The Optimus Series. Two smart phones were introduced: Optimus Chic and Optimus One. By the end of this year, ten smart phones will join the lineup for the Optimus series worldwide. The Optimus series is expected to contain a variety of smart phones that are specially designed to suit everyone’s need. There are only... Read More »
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NTP Sues Major Smartphone Makers for Infringing its Patented Technology

Tweet NTP has been quite renowned around the United States for the number of patents that it holds back with it. The brand is not associated or known for producing any real time products but manages to have a number of patents with it regarding technology. They have recently sued the very renowned BlackBerry for involving in the creation of e-mail technology. There has been recent news that NTP has... Read More »
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Patent Infringement by Handset Makers

Tweet NTP Inc., has filed lawsuit against six of the biggest players if the industry namely Google, HTC, LG Electronics, Apple, Microsoft and Motorola. NTP has accused these companies for patent infringement of eight of its patents. These patents are related to the delivery of electronic mail over wireless communication. The co-founder of NTP, Donald E Stout says that using NTP’d “intellectual... Read More »
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The Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Tweet Microsoft at last has produced a successful mobile phone operating system-The Windows Phone 7. This product is still under research and development and there is a lot of changes yet to come in this product. For the manufacturers: Unlike any other previous product, Windows Phone 7 has a brand new user interface that will be locked down and consistent. The Metro Interface that has been widely... Read More »

Skype plans to increase user base: Focuses on Asian Association

Tweet What is Skype? Skype is a software application that lets users all over the world to communicate with each other to make voice calls over the internet. The calls to other Skype users are free. But calls made to landline telephones and mobile phones are charged a very small fee where the user creates an account and the charges are automatically deducted. Skype is used by millions of users everyday... Read More »

LG’s Blu-ray Home Cinema Experience

Tweet LG, one of the biggest players in the home entertainment business along with Samsung and Sony has come out with its home system for watching Blu ray cinema. This home system is wireless and has the slimmest accessories that you would get to see in a home theater system! This Blu ray home system is not just any ordinary system as there are lots of other things that come with it. Slim front rear... Read More »

Recent trends in the Mobile Market

Tweet The mobile market has been doing really well and in the first quarter of 2010 has posted a phenomenal amount of sales. Smartphones are getting better sales results according to Gartner. Smartphones for the ones who are outdoing the feature phones in the market share over the past five years. The other two phones, the Android and iPhones have seen the biggest growth in leap in the market share. If... Read More »
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