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Microsoft making big speech bets with Windows 8, Bing

Tweet One of the leading firm and organization in the world today is none other than Microsoft. This is because of the yearlong service and quality product that the firm has provided to its customers. No other organization has stayed so long at the top most position in the international market. The reputation and the service speak its self. The main purpose of the company is to provide software to... Read More »
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Microsoft Bing Gets Facebook ‘Like’ Option to its Search Results

Tweet The fight between the search engines is still on and all the search engines are coming up with something new to fascinate the users and increase their market share. Though there are many but only Google and Bing stay in news. Bing is comparatively new search engine in the market and so it is trying hard to gain acceptability and popularity in the market. In just one and a half year Bing has gained... Read More »

Microsoft Search Grows 50% Faster than Google

Tweet Last year Microsoft Corporation unveiled Bing a new decision engine and consumer brand which is providing customers with a first step in moving beyond search to help make faster and more informed decisions. Bing is specifically designed to build the benefits of today’s search engines but begins to move beyond this experience with a new approach to user experience and intuitive tools to help... Read More »

Microsoft includes videos in BING Search

Tweet Microsoft is working hard to compete with the search master Google and is constantly emerging with new ideas and additions into its search engine BING. BING has been into existence for quite some time now but still it is in the evolution phase. Microsoft has recently tied up its hands with other giants of the market to enhance the search and the results of BING search. Microsoft collaborated... Read More »
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Android App Gets Microsoft Bing

Tweet Microsoft has recently announced that its search engine Bing is now available for Mobile Android App on all major U.S. mobile operators. We all know that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is a competition to Android Mobile OS despite this fact; Microsoft has made Bing available for Android Mobile App for all U.S carriers. Though both, Microsoft (Windows Phone 7) and Google (Android OS) are the biggest... Read More »

Top 5 features of Microsoft’s Bing

Tweet There are several search engines available like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Bingis Microsoft’s “decision” engine, which according to it’s sources enables users to take effective decisions rather than just display search results. Bing is also getting as popular as Google. In this article we will discuss the features that we like the best, and find themost useful. One-stop shopping You... Read More »
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Microsoft Bing Targets French Users

Tweet Bing the new Search Engine by Microsoft is slowly and steadily making its move in various data stores to broaden its searching capabilities. It is intelligently targeting private data stores like Facebook, Libraries and other sources so that its database increases and the probability of users getting the correct search result increases. Recently Bing joined hands with Facebook so that it can... Read More »

Microsoft’s Bing to include Facebook Data

Tweet Open Google and search for your friends name in it. Three years back such kind of search would have resulted in no results or results of people whom you don’t know at all, but now if you run such kind of search in Google you for sure will get the correct friend in the results list. This result comes from the largest database of people and groups which is stored and kept by Facebook. Introduction... Read More »
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Microsoft Bing Goes Hollywood

Tweet Hollywood’s Ryan Seacrest hosted the show where Microsoft unveiled its new search service called “Bing Entertainment” at a private West Hollywood Club. The search engine is fighting a tough battle to gain search engine market share from the Google. Bing entertainment includes TV, movies, games, and music, and is designed to allow users to watch video, play an online game, buy movie or concert... Read More »
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