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Microsoft Download Center

Microsoft® starts pushing Windows® 7 SP1 to all

Tweet Microsoft has fulfilled its promise that it made to the consumers. Now the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is available for all via the Microsoft Download Center and soon it will also be available to consumers through Windows Update. The Service Pack that would be made available through Windows Update would be approximately 750 MB in size for the 32-bit edition and slightly over 1 GB for the 64-bit... Read More »

Top 14 websites for students

Tweet The Internet is ocean of information. It is endless. You can find any kind of information online which is researched and maintained by specialists. School and colleges have also understood the importance of the Internet and now most of the institutes and their own network setup and provide internet access to their students. Now, I am going to discuss the fourteen topmost websites for students.... Read More »

Windows 7 Media fixes and Compatibility

Tweet The Windows 7 seems to have many errors and problems that Microsoft should take notice of. Some of the problems include problems with the running of some application, major problems on the power of the system, software that are not compatible with the operating system and many other problems that simply appear out of nowhere. With this, Microsoft has decided to please their users and gain their... Read More »

How to Use Windows Update Agent

Tweet In this article, you would be acquainted with the method to obtain the latest version of the Windows Update Agent which would further help in managing updates on your computer. The Windows Update Agent works in synchronization with the Windows Update Web site to provide the latest updates to your computer. It even works with servers that are operating on Microsoft System Management Server and... Read More »