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Microsoft Windows 7 service pack to be released in 2011

Tweet Windows 7 is the newest Operating System of Microsoft built for use on Personal Computers home and business both, Laptops Netbooks tablets etc. Windows 7 was released in Oct 2009 with its server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft in its FAQs had stated that Windows Service Pack will be released in first half of 2011. With the release of an update for users of Windows 7 and Windows... Read More »

Microsoft Releases New Update-KB2454826 for Windows 7

Tweet Microsoft has released a new update, which  must be installed as an addition to the Operating System Windows 7 and Server Windows Server 2008 R2, in order to get new functionality and performance improvement.  The install of this update is only recommended if the system has Windows Internet 9 Tech preview 3 build installed and have been experiencing crashes and hangs while running the Windows... Read More »
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