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Motion Computing launches CL900 tablet PC

Tweet Motion Computing, a global leader in providing mobile solutions in the form of tablet PCs, announced at the CES 2011, a rugged tablet designed exclusively for business applications. Motion CL900 is a tablet designed keeping mobility of use in mind and provides access to various utilities including data in an uninterrupted way. It is expected to be available for the end users in the second half... Read More »

Citrix® XenDesktop Agent for Windows® 7

Tweet XenDesktop is a server virtualization application which brings a great amount of efficiency to IT infrastructure. XenDesktop is useful for security measures since it has the advantage of using thin clients as terminals. Migrating one conventional environment with the XenDesktop, you may require repositioning existing firewall or adding new perimeter firewalls. Suppose you have a perimeter firewall... Read More »

Fujitsu® to launch Windows® 7 business tablet

Tweet Japanese company Fujitsu has announced that it will launch a new Windows 7-based tablet computer called Fujitsu Stylistic Q550. The new Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet PC is basically designed for the enterprise users, which includes high level enterprise security. The new tablet will release in Hanover, Germany at CeBIT trade show 2011. The device houses an Intel ‘Oak Trail’ Atom processor... Read More »

Microsoft Windows 7 service pack to be released in 2011

Tweet Windows 7 is the newest Operating System of Microsoft built for use on Personal Computers home and business both, Laptops Netbooks tablets etc. Windows 7 was released in Oct 2009 with its server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft in its FAQs had stated that Windows Service Pack will be released in first half of 2011. With the release of an update for users of Windows 7 and Windows... Read More »

Gadgets at CES 2011 for Microsoft Windows 7

Tweet At CES 2011 Microsoft features Glo Interactive Digital Bible on new Windows 7-powered slates. Glo will be featured in the online Windows product Scout. At the 2011 consumer Electronics show, Microsoft announced the Windows 7-powered Glo Bible slates. Glo bible is an award winning media rich interactive Bible and also it is very famous. Glo Bible is also the Winner of the 2010 Bible of the Year... Read More »

A Critical Outlook of Windows 7

Tweet Since its release on July 22, 2009, Windows 7 was a deviation from the usually established mode of naming operating system by Microsoft. Windows 7 which is the current operating system released by Microsoft is considered by Microsoft to be the seventh generation of its operating system, hence the name Windows 7. Although, there are reports that Windows 8 is also in the pipeline. Windows 7 was... Read More »
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Set up a Windows Media Center Extender in Windows 7 Operating System

Tweet Microsoft Windows 7 offers new applications that will be very entertaining to its users. And one of these applications is the Windows Media Center which offers services that are related to photos, music, movies and videos. Using this application would entail you to connect an extender. With the use of an extender, you can view and watch movies, photos and videos and listen to music even when... Read More »

Pro’s and Con’s of Windows 7 Security Features

Tweet The new security features of Microsoft Windows 7 allows for better security features which can help the users to segregate each of them and figure out which one is good and bad. The new Windows operating system has been engineered with different features and applications that make it user-friendly and any user’s guide to better computing. Apart from the virtues, it also comes with limitations. Neil... Read More »
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