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Xbox 360 sales increase in Japan

Tweet Home video game console Microsoft Xbox 360, released in November 2005, last autumn. According to  a published data  on the official Microsoft blog the Xbox 360 recorded  most successful  sales in the year 2010 in its entire five-year history .According to the NPD Group, in December 2010, Microsoft Corporation has sold 1.9 million Xbox 360 units that was the best indicator in the history... Read More »

Navigation of Xbox Live Arcade to Be Made Easier

Tweet The competition between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation has been quite fierce ever since Microsoft decided to launch its own video game console to combat the ever growing popularity of the PlayStation. The launch of the Xbox in 2001 has definitely seen Sony losing its monopoly over the console gaming segment. But nearly a decade later, it still hard to say who has the edge over the... Read More »
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Become a Microsoft KIN fan, and win a Road trip

Tweet Microsoft KIN is a mobile phone launched to attract teenagers and has recently introduced a marketing campaign for its mobile. If you are a fan of Microsoft Xbox and Zune, and if you looking forward to buy a new multimedia phone which has a mixture of social networking, high resolution screen and photo capturing then Microsoft KIN is perfect mobile for you. To make its mobile advertising campaign... Read More »
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