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Google™ plans to share Google™ Wallet revenues with Mobile Network providers

Tweet Google is on the way to plan to gain the favor of mobile network operators for promoting Google Wallet. In order to pursue this goal, Google has decided to give a cut of Google Wallet revenue share. Google Wallet is a virtual wallet that offers mobile payment system. It can store credit cards, loyalty cards, and other service provider cards. Based on NFC (Near Field Communication), it can transfer... Read More »
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Can iPhone and Android Apps be used for Spying?

Tweet The security researcher at the University of Luxembourg has confirmed that it is very much possible to hack the Apple iPhones and Android smartphones. The hacking process can turn these two devices into remote listening devices while not letting the user even get a hint about it. The demo to show that iPhone and Androids can be converted to spy machines will be held in coming few days. The... Read More »
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