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Google Fortifies the Security of Chrome with Improved Encryption Protection

Tweet Google is all geared up to improve its security settings with its next release of Chrome browser. It is now going to encrypt all search queries sent from the software. The next version of Chrome is now available in the beta channel and all searches will be encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When a browser uses SSL to encrypt any information from a browser to a website, then you get... Read More »

Mozilla® releases Firefox 14 version

Tweet After releasing Firefox 13, Mozilla has lately announced the availability of its newest version Firefox 14. With priority given to security, the upgraded version of Firefox, Firefox 14 is outfitted with a slew of state-of-the-art features, making web browsing secure and web applications more potent. To offer superior security, Mozilla Firefox 14 has made Google Searches more secure, protecting... Read More »

Mozilla® Firefox Aurora- the Beta version of Mozilla® Firefox 15

Tweet Firefox Aurora, the pre-Beta build of Mozilla is now available publicly for download. The latest release includes some novel features and enhancements. It has a fresh Layout view, allowing developers to view how the margins, border and padding are set in one view. Its prime highlights are: • Preliminary native PDF support • Support for SPDY networking protocol v3 • Improvements around... Read More »

Mozilla® making browser for iPad®, Named Junior

Tweet Looking for an alternative browser on your iPad? Mozilla, the name behind the successful desktop web browser Firefox has been working on a web browser for iPad. Dubbed as Junior, this novel web browser that will be designed specifically for iPad will make web browsing more pleasurable and more ergonomic. “We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent... Read More »
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Mozilla® Firefox 4 Gets ‘Do Not Track’ feature

Tweet Web browsers are used for accessing the Internet. They are software applications meant for retrieving, analyzing, and interchanging information resources on the web. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser. Mozilla Firefox was the result of an open source project and is owned by Mozilla Foundation. It has great features like session storage, which allows a user to recover access to the open... Read More »

Web Goes 3D with the Release of WebGL 1.0

Tweet During the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, Khronos Group presented the final specification of the standard WebGL 1.0, which is designed to provide hardware accelerated 3D graphics in browsers without the need for plug-ins. Khronos Group industry consortium today released the final version of the specification WebGL 1.0. They offer the possibility to use tools for hardware... Read More »

How to download Mozilla® Firefox 4

Tweet You can now download Firefox 4 that was launched on March 23, 2011. Mozilla Firefox 4 is the latest version of the web browser, which has been released by the non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox was developed as part of an open source project. To download Firefox 4, open the website of Mozilla, that is, http://www.mozilla.com. On the webpage that opens, click on the link... Read More »

Mozilla® Firefox 4 review

Tweet Mozilla Firefox 4 is the latest version of the web browser from Mozilla Foundation. Firefox 4 is one of the most popular web browsers in the Internet world. The new version, that is, Mozilla Firefox 4, browser is one of the most secure and user friendly versions available. Firefox 4 is shipped free with Mac and Linux operating systems. It is also available free for Windows also. Firefox 4 has... Read More »

Mozilla® Firefox 4 Not to Have Hardware Acceleration for Linux®

Tweet Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Release Candidate (RC) is the latest version of the web browser. It is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. The new version of this browser is one of the secure and user friendly versions available. There are lots more new options available in the newest version of Firefox. Firefox shipped free with Mac and Linux operating systems. It is also available free... Read More »

IE9 Gets Privacy Protection Feature from Microsoft

Tweet While Microsoft has been facing an erosion of about 11-12 % of the consumer demand for their product Internet Explorer due to the competition from Mozilla, Google and others, they have strived to chalk up the demand with a plan to release I E 9 in 2010 – 11. Although the new I E version 9 is creating big waves, the browser will not support Windows XP which is an all time favorite. In March,... Read More »
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Mozilla Promotes Browser Games

Tweet Games are emerging  as one of the most fastest  industries on the Internet. This is because of the fact that they are now providing the users a sense of accomplishing something, a social element which makes users addicted towards the games. They are also providing users an opportunity to know on how well they have performed among others. Considering all this, Mozilla the maker of the popular... Read More »
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Malicious Add-on on Mozilla Firefox Reported

Tweet Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers today. Many have been into this browser because of its security and features that centers to a user – friendly interface. But just recently, it has been into current issues regarding with a malicious add-on in their browser. Reports said that it steals the passwords of users who have installed this malware. Although the Firefox Company has... Read More »
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Mozilla offers Important Security Fixes for Firefox and Thunderbird

Tweet Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird are among the most liked web browsers and e-mail client respectively for millions of users across the world. The ease of use over other web browsers and fantastic features in the email client is attributed to the popularity of the two. However, if you use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, you will have to do a few security updates published by Mozilla lately.... Read More »
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Firefox 3.6.7 : A secure and Stable Version

Tweet Mozilla has proudly released updates for its products, namely the Thunderbird e-mail client and Firefox browser. The updates are supposed to render Thunderbird and Firefox more secure, stable and hence safer for the users. One of the update is Firefox 3.6.7 which comes armed with the guarantee to fix a total of as many as 14 security crunches. Out of the vulnerabilities covered under it, 8 are... Read More »
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Mozilla Removes a Vulnerable Add-on

Tweet Mozilla, one of the most used option for web browser and e-mail client came across an embarrassing situation last month when one malicious and another security vulnerability was discovered on the add-on section of the Mozilla website. The add-on called the ‘Mozilla Sniffer’ was uploaded to addons.mozilla.org on 6th June 2010. It was later found out that the add-on had a code that... Read More »
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Firefox 3.6 or Firefox 4? Run them together

Tweet If you have downloaded the Mozilla Corporations Firefox 4.0 beta version, you would have already noticed the improvements and the functionality of the beta version of the browser. However, if you just want to experience the new beta version of the browser and do not want it to run or work on beta version alone but use both versions of the browser at the same time; if you wanted to do this you... Read More »
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New Release of openSUSE 11.3

Tweet openSUSE recently  announce the release of their new product  on July 15 2010. It has the ability to support the 32-bit and the 64-bit systems. This marks the first release in the new fixed eight month release schedule for openSUSE. The last time openSUSE users enjoyed a release was in November 2009. This makes the release of openSUSE 11.3 a very big deal and an end to their anticipation. Overwhelming... Read More »
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Browser Add-Ons: An Excellent Software Plug-in

Tweet Internet browsing has become a major activity for today’s jet generation. Rather for most of the folks using computer itself means surfing internet. So in that case the browser used by those people bears a great responsibility of providing an excellent surfing experience to the user and this is where Browsers come in picture. They are like a plug in to a software program which merge with the... Read More »
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Mozilla Launches New Java Script Engine

Tweet Internet browsers have fallen into an excellent competition with each other for quite some time now. The hike was recorded with the entry of Google Chrome in the market. Firefox was already running the Mozilla with its different versions by the pace of development increased by many folds with the entry and the competition that it generated afterwards. The Milestone Mozilla attained a Milestone... Read More »
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Mozilla Unleashes its First Beta Firefox 4

Tweet Firefox 4 beta (revision 1) based on the Gecko 2.0 Web platform is available for trail from Mozilla website and is ready for Windows, OS X and Linux.  The version released to public on 7th July, 2010 boasts some amazing first time features and enhanced crash protection. Cosmetic The overall look of the browser is mainly improved cosmetically by having the Tabs point upward from the previously... Read More »
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Google Follows Mozilla for a Change

Tweet In its latest bid to keep Google users safe, the search engine has taken a leaf from Mozilla’s book, the security book to be more precise and has blocked the launch of outdated plug – in its Google Chrome browser just like Mozilla’s Firefox security does. A trio of Google’s security engineers said in a post on the Chromium Blog that plug-ins that are out of date and hence prone... Read More »

IBM Adopts Firefox Internally

Tweet Well this may come as a good news for the people who appreciate the fact that the Firefox Mozilla is an incredible open source browser. IBM, the renowned and the most trusted name in Information Technology arena has come up with a resolution of promoting the use of the web browser internally. There have been a lot of factors behind the decision by IBM to use the Firefox browser as the company’s... Read More »

Mozilla Firefox Reaches a Landmark with 2 Billion Add-On Downloads

Tweet There has been a lot of success recently for ace internet browser Mozilla. This intelligent browser has been able to carve a niche for itself in the IT circuit. It added a new feather to its cap by revealing the news that more than 2 billion add-ons have been downloaded by users as of now through the browser. This is indeed a milestone which has been announced with great deal of pride. Firefox,... Read More »

Firefox improved- no more crashes of Flash Player

Tweet One of the most popular browsers in the world of internet browsers is Firefox from Mozilla. The browser has undergone serious changes and has provided users from all around the world with a secure and interactive browsing experience throughout history. They have provided users with a light yet attractive interface in order to make sure that you get the best browsing experience from the World... Read More »

Disappearing Taskbar Icons in Windows7

Tweet If you are one of the people who always search for the best for your PC then you might have changed to Windows7 from your previous version of Windows. Windows7 has grabbed all the success and popularity in short span of time. Thanks to its new cool features and friendly User Interface. There are various features in OS that makes computing a lot easier and fun to operate. If you are well aware... Read More »
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