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Know all about the Nokia® 808 PureView 41MP smartphone

Tweet The novel Nokia 808 PureView smartphone has been released with an impressive 41 MP camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss image sensor. The prime highlight of the phone is that it assures to offer 7728×5354 resolution images in 16:9 format. With the PureView Pro imaging technology, Nokia 808 PureView sure has the capability to use a technique to produce crystal-clear and noise-less 5 MP... Read More »

Nokia® Lumia 900 Batman edition smartphone coming to UK

Tweet The Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900 will go into Batman-mode for the UK citizens this week. The Nokia Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900 Windows Phone is expected to arrive in the UK on June 1st. Features of Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900 special edition According to Pocket-lint, the special edition of this Windows Phone 7-powered smartphone will be available in black color and have the... Read More »
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Nokia® Maps Suite 2.0 arrives on Symbian platform

Tweet Nokia has finally rolled out the official version of Maps Suite 2.0 for all Symbian/Anna/Belle devices. It is to be noted that the company released the Beta version of the app in February 2012. Now, Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 has been released without the Beta tag and combines several useful features. The app is an acute combination of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive as well as the new Nokia Public Transport... Read More »
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Nokia® Lumia 610 showcased at Mobile World Congress® 2012

Tweet Fulfilling all the speculations about the release of its smartphone, Nokia finally formally announced the launch of Nokia Lumia 610. This is first of its kind that will run on Windows Phone 7.5 aka, Windows Tango. This smartphone will cater the needs of first-time Windows phone users. The best part of this phone is that it is one of the cheapest Windows Phone by Nokia. The smartphone comes... Read More »

Mobile World Congress® 2012 has too much to explore

Tweet Mobile World Congress 2012 is the largest event to discover latest activities taking place in mobile industry Mobile World Congress is an international trade event where thousands of exhibitors get a chance to display their forthcoming technology associated to mobile devices. After CES, the MWC is recognized as one of the most highly popular event. For 2012, the organizers will be putting... Read More »
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Partnership between Nokia® and Microsoft®

Tweet Nokia and Microsoft have formed a partnership in the smartphones market. According to analysts, both are competing against Google, which has developed the Android operating system and handsets such as Google Nexus One. Google launched the Nexus One smart phone on January 5, 2010. There are lots of features that make it smarter than all the other phones in the market. It has the Qualcomm QSD... Read More »
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MidWeek 16th Edition reports on plans of Microsoft®

Tweet The 16th edition of the journal MidWeek includes information about the plans of Microsoft. The company has always kept its developers at the very core of their business because it is they who actually think and create what is demanded by the people. Let us see what all was there in the 16th edition of MidWeek. Everyone is aware of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia. Quite a lot has been said... Read More »
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Nokia® and Microsoft® join forces

Tweet Microsoft and Nokia have declared that they will forge a long-term strategic alliance in order to challenge their competitors in the mobile devices industry. At a news conference, President and CEO of Nokia, Mr. Stephen Elop, and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, discussed their high level new strategy. The alliance will be much deeper and more integrated than had it been with Android and Google.... Read More »

Microsoft® and Nokia® partnership

Tweet On February 11, 2011, Nokia and Microsoft announced a joint venture regarding their future developmental strategies. Nokia is considered one of the best mobile hardware makers in the world. The company’s devices are famous for their excellent screen, high resolution cameras and other high end hardware designs. The Nokia products with their attractive, well designed and durable hardware designs... Read More »

Nokia® Said to Cancel Smartphone Launch With AT&T®

Tweet X7, Nokia’s new smartphone that it had planned to enter the market with partner AT&T, has been cancelled. Nokia had planned to make a comeback into the US market with this phone in partnership with the wireless carrier AT&T. AT&T is at the second position in US in terms of market presence just behind Verizon Wireless. This is another aborted attempt by the Finnish mobile giant... Read More »

Nokia® C5-03 review

Tweet Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The company makes a range of phones for CDMA and GSM networks. Nokia is also developing mobile applications like music, games, videos, and maps. All these applications are available on the platform called Nokia Ovi store. Nokia has a major presence in the smartphone market and they have launched so many models which have attractive... Read More »

Proposed alliance between Nokia® and Microsoft®

Tweet The 2010 results of the Finnish cell phone company Nokia show that low cost mobile phones were a major contributor to its sales. It enjoys a comfortable position in the sales of lower end smartphones costing a little over 100 Euros. A major chunk of the profit came from the devices and services unit or from handset sales. With a change in the head of the company Nokia is expected to change all... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update

Tweet It is true that nowadays most of the people who are going for purchasing phones whether it is Nokia or Samsung, they always want the phone to have the most updated hardware and along with that the OS would be updated too. In several cases it was seen that most of the phones manufactured by Nokia were actually being run by the Symbian OS. This was a major problem with the phones because then most... Read More »

LG® Optimus 2X smartphone

Tweet The smartphone market is largely dominated by companies like Apple, Nokia and HTC. LG has decided to make its presence felt with their new model, Optimus 2X. It has several new features and an attractive design. LG Optimus 2X has a glossy black finish and a large 4’’ screen. It is powered by the Android operating system. The phone weighs just 139 gm and has dimensions of 123.9 x 63.2 x... Read More »

Samsung® Acquires Liquavista to Compete in Display Technology

Tweet Samsung Electronics has announced the acquisition of Dutch company Liquavista. Samsung plans to establish itself as a leader in displays for mobile devices. In order to compete with Nokia and Apple, the company Samsung has reportedly taken this step. Liquavista was founded in 2006, when it separated from Philips Research Labs. The company has developed a new type of technology for electronic... Read More »

LG® Optimus Black P970 Android™ smartphone

Tweet Earlier the concept of smartphones was not there, people were content with the cellular phone itself because of the fact that it helped in easy access to the near and dear ones. Cell phones have had a tremendous impact on the mode of communications, making it highly efficient and smooth. The mobile phones are portable, hence you can carry it to places. You can always keep it with you and use... Read More »

Wide Ranging topics and Microsoft® Week

Tweet Microsoft has been a leader in the market of software technology for a very long time. The modern world of technology is much dependent on the various types of products of the great company. The company of Microsoft is famous for coming up with products that are extremely user friendly and easy to handle. The products can be used by people from sectors of the society. The company of Microsoft... Read More »

Nokia C7 smartphone Review

Tweet The new Nokia C7 is for everyone with its individual style and presence. It shares much of the architecture from Nokia N8 and also from upcoming Nokia C6-01. Nokia C7 is going to be sold in many countries that speak different languages, think differently and also from the different cultures. So it is very obvious to get a complex picture about this device. This device is designed to make them... Read More »
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MeeGo home, another Nokia VP quits

Tweet Nokia is famous for manufacturing mobile phone in all portals like GSM, CDMA and W-CDMA. They also manufacture various mobile and Internet applications like Map, applications, music, games, media and messaging. All these are performed at Nokia built in platform Ovi. Nokia is now looking to make an impact in user interface and they are developing Meego’s Home operating system for smart phones.... Read More »
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Nokia Ovi Store

Tweet Ovi is a Finnish word which means door in English. Nokia Ovi store is popular among Nokia hand set users; they can download applications from Ovi store. You can use Nokia Ovi store from computer, mobiles or from Internet. You can visit Ovi.com to use it from internet. The main aim of Nokia is to enable third party interaction with Nokia Ovi store. For example, you can use Yahoo Flicker from Nokia... Read More »
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Review and Specifications of Nokia N8

Tweet Nokia released its new smartphone just recently, which is claimed to be the answer to its arch rivals like Apple and Google’s smartphone. Since the dawn of the iPhone, Nokia’s key revolution into the mobile market has now been dominated by smartphones that have been largely dominated by Apple. Google through the acquisition of Android a year ago launched a series of its Nexus smartphones,... Read More »

Does N-KIA E68 Prove Competition to Real Nokia?

Tweet N-KIA E68 is the name of innovation in mobile industry. Everybody knows about Nokia but have you ever heard about N-KIA. Probably not, as it is very small a company in the giant mobile phone sector. Nokia is the leading brand in mobile industry-but why? Have you ever wondered that why Nokia is considered as the grandfather in mobile industry who still is not very old enough to be replaced by... Read More »
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3 New Symbian based Mobile Phones announced by Nokia

Tweet Nokia, which is known for connecting people is the pioneer in the field of the mobile companies and has surpassed all in terms of its performance. Nokia is the company that is known for its outstanding features, flawless performance and pious reliability. Nokia has delivered some wonder struck masterpieces in the yesteryears’ and continues with its contemporary trend. Nokia is known for its... Read More »
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China Prefers Nokia Over Google for Digital Mapping Rights

Tweet Reports have emerged that Nokia may be getting a License for the provision of online digital map services in China. According to the sources, Nokia had had succeeded in talks with the Chinese government that will see it granted an official license for the provision of the online mapping services to the big Chinese market. If the reports are to be believed, then Nokia might as well be on its way... Read More »
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Intel’s IXR – To Make Future Computing More Personal And Social

Tweet Intel, the world’s leading innovator of silicon technology, and products that endorse the ideas of the future are looking towards newer ideas in computing that will help the industry break the shackles of having to think within the box when it comes to providing feature rich yet fruitful products to its users. The biggest example being the merger with Nokia on the MeeGo project some time back.... Read More »
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