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Twitter® leaves behind TwitPic™ and yfrog®

Tweet From now onwards, 9 August will be known as the dark day for all the third-party Twitter photo sharing services such as TwitPic and yfrog. Twitter has itself released an official photo sharing service named Twitter images with the help of Photobucket as its hosting partner. Now, no third-party will be required to share photos on Twitter. Photobucket plays an important role in this new photo... Read More »
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Download-Photo to Movie 4.6.

Tweet You can easily turn your photos to amazing videos using photo to movie application, as Photo to Movie V 4.6.0 transfers photo into quick time movies. It turns photos with gentle zoom and pan across to turn into the movies. If you are using slide show to view your photos then use this application. We will show you some key features of photo to movie application. Motion Effects and Transitions Photo... Read More »
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How to Scan a Document or Photo with Windows Fax and Scan

Tweet Windows has always been famous with its entire range of applications which can be used for various purposes. With the new Windows Fax and Scan application, you can easily scan your important documents and photos within a few minutes time. Well, all you really need is just a scanner which should be connected to your computer. Once the scanner has been successfully installed, you can then start... Read More »
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How to Re-Size a Photo for Printing

Tweet We all like to tweak around with the pictures we take with our digital cameras. Some of us are creative enough to change them well enough to make them professional in print. There are many photo software programs available, all of which have basic options to re-size pictures on your Microsoft enabled computer before printing them. When we take pictures with our camera we hardly care about the... Read More »

How To Start a Niche Friendly Social Network

Tweet Social networks are very important for various reasons. Since these networks are important, there are many people who are members of these forums. There are also many social networks that are being started each day on the internet. Many of these social networks are very popular. These days, people spend most of their time in front of the computers on the internet. Social networking has replaced... Read More »

How Ink-free Mobile Photo Printers Work

Tweet There have been tremendous shifts in technology daily; there was time when printing could be done from a single location. And each office shared a single printer, though the cost of printers was going down, but they occupied space. The cost of ink also added to the final cost of printing. And if you are down with ink, forget about printing for an hour or so. But technology has moved away from... Read More »

Sony Ericsson Naite your Basic Phone

Tweet What’s sassy about Sony Ericsson Naite? Well, for starters, it has a certain twang to it; it’s actually pronounced nigh-tay. Naite also calms your eco-friendly conscience since it’s actually made from recycled plastic and its packaging is also thinner than other regular boxes. Its charger also boasts of complying with Energy Star V standards. Charging will be less frequent because it consumes... Read More »
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