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Kinect engineer shifts to Google™

Tweet One of the fathers of KINECTS is now shared by Google. Do you remember Johnny Chung Lee? No? Here is the reference for you. This man had hijacked a very clever way for the famous Nintendo Wiimote to create “touch” interfaces. Following his brilliant demonstration, Lee had been hired by Microsoft and has participated in Project Natal, in other words Kinect, visual interface for the... Read More »

Microsoft Focusing on Kinect for $2 Billion Market Capitalization

Tweet Kinect is a gaming device which is specially made for the Xbox 360 gaming platform by Microsoft. The original name of the Kinect console was Project Natal, which was used in the initial developments of the console. Kinect is a console which allows the user to operate the Xbox 360 without game pads. It works via gestures and spoken commands. The purpose of the developing the kinetic gaming console... Read More »
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Highlights of Xbox 360 Slim & Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Tweet Xbox 360 slim has already been selling in some selected stores in the US, while some sources say that Xbox Kinect will be bundled in a package for a reasonable price. UK and the rest of Europe will be able to taste a bite of the new releases from mid July. The new console from Microsoft has been priced at 199 dollars. Xbox Kinect is a new wave of controllers from Microsoft. Actually there are... Read More »

Great expectation of “Project Natal”

Tweet The opening day of pre-E3 activities has brought a couple of interesting crumb from Microsoft, which is introducing the primary details on the 360’s long-in-development-Project Natal. The project is popularly known as Kinect which was proclaimed at an event at the University of Southern California. The Internet has also been a buzz with a Microsoft rumor, as ostensibly leaked photos... Read More »

Project Natal – Microsoft’s New Challenge

Tweet Microsoft has changed the rules of computer gaming with its Project Natal. Computer and video games have become the major source of entertainment for most people today. Traditional computer games come with controllers which users use to control the game but Natal has changed that. Natal’s rules are that, the user controls the game directly with his actions; no attached controllers. Microsoft... Read More »
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Microsoft To Launch Project Natal In June

Tweet Microsoft will be launching its project Natal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 at Los Angeles in June. Project Natal will be a camera based motion-controller for ‘controller free gaming and entertainment experience’. With this players will be able to control the Xbox console with their gestures and commands.  Read More →Read More »
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