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Snapdragon Tablet 3D Edition showcased at MWC 2012

Tweet Qualcomm, a renowned chipmaker in the computer industry, surprised everyone by presenting a new version of its Snapdragon processor at MWC 2012. A lot of companies introduced their gadgets and futuristic concepts at the Mobile World Congress 2012, but Qualcomm took everyone by surprise when it unfolded the latest Snapdragon processor configured in a tablet. The 10.1-inch tablet runs on Android... Read More »
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x86 and MIPS Applications Processors to Challenge ARM’s Smartphone Market Share

Tweet The smartphone market is currently occupied by ARM based processors. ARM based processors have the advantage of high power efficiency and have more processing power as compared to their Intel equivalents. Hence they have been ruling the smartphone industry. But according to analysts, both Intel and ARM have been working hard to address their weaker areas and there will be a point in the next... Read More »

Can iPhone and Android Apps be used for Spying?

Tweet The security researcher at the University of Luxembourg has confirmed that it is very much possible to hack the Apple iPhones and Android smartphones. The hacking process can turn these two devices into remote listening devices while not letting the user even get a hint about it. The demo to show that iPhone and Androids can be converted to spy machines will be held in coming few days. The... Read More »

Qualcomm and Microsoft Head Towards Innovation After Joining Hands

Tweet Qualcomm is one of the biggest venture investment groups that came in the market in the year of 2000. The company had the initial allocation of $500 millions. The main focus of the company is to support the 3G and wireless internet market. They are the leader in the next generation mobile technology and they have been in the system for over a decade supporting to innovations and development of... Read More »

Qualcomm Announces Augmented Reality Platform for Google Android Phones

Tweet Qualcomm announced a new software development kit to encourage the development of augmented reality (AR) applications for the Google Android operating system that will help the developers to create new augmented reality apps for devices using Google’s Android operating system. Taking Technology to the next level, Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm’s chief executive has launched the software development... Read More »
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Review of Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual Core Chipset

Tweet Qualcomm Third generation Innovations Qualcomm Incorporated has presented its third innovation of tablets, smartbooks and smartphone devices. Their new and first dual core chipset the Snapdragon MSM (Mobile Station Modem) series processor. The latest MSM series models are the MSM8260 and MSM8660, these models are pack with two cores with running ability of 1.2 GHz. The Qualcomm executive vice... Read More »

Qualcomm’s Dual-CPU Snapdragon Chipsets reveled

Tweet Qualcomm Incorporated, a giant company known worldwide for the establishments of not only wireless technologies but also efficient wireless products and services has grandly made announcement on sampling of its prime dual-CPU Snapdragon Chipsets popularly called Mobile Station Modem [MSM] MSM8260 and MSM8660. Mr. Steve Mollenkopf, the Executive Vice-President of Qualcomm and President of Qualcomm... Read More »

Exclusive performance of little devices in the perspective of GPU

Tweet The GPU bench marks produce different results with slides used in the different high end phones. One such slide which is even faster than the slides used in Droid, EVO, Incredible and Android 2.2 installed Nexus is the Adreno GPU. This is kind of feature that makes the slide fast. This particular slide is aimed towards the market of the smart phones. But it is not very compatible with the high... Read More »

ARM is offering 1.2GHz Snapdragon with its Dual Core CPU onslaught

Tweet The processors that are primarily considered to be lowest in Intel Mobile essentially are those that utilize the optimum architecture of Atom and can provide 0.65W that highly corresponds to 800 MHz Silver throne, Atom Z series. In the meantime, it is proved that processors of ARM are effectively found to be typically utilizing below half watt power consumption. Are you as an interested user... Read More »

Computex to Introduce Android and ARM tablets

Tweet Computex is offering its latest tablet on the lines of iPad, next week in Taipei. The news has got most tech watchers on their hooves, all ready to examine this new wonder product that comes with Google’s Android operating system. One of the reasons that the company opted for the new Google Android comes not from the fact that it is a great OS for tablets, rather because it is free, easy to... Read More »

Intel launches New Atom based Processor for Smartphone

Tweet As one of the largest microprocessor companies of the world Intel has recently announced that production new atom based processor. Intel, The first ever microchip manufacturer is looking for a sophisticated use of this processor mostly in the Smartphone market. As the Smartphone market around the globe is rapid expanding, the phone manufactures demand more sophisticated processors which are fast... Read More »

Canon Vixia HF S11

Tweet Few companies are using SD-based camcorders with and unbelievable thin designs, simply because this technologies allow the possibility to built much compact models than the old camcorder based on DV, hard disks or the worst kind of support: mini DVDs. While Canon is not stopping to offer compact AVCHD camcorders, the Vixia HF200 and HF20, the company is trying to hit another target of the market... Read More »
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