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Gears of War Triple Pack to be Released

Tweet Finally Xbox 360 gamers have a moment to rejoice. Microsoft has announced that the Gears of War Triple Pack will be available at your nearest games store from Feb 15.  The prolonged wait and the rumors had added to the speculation of the latest release in Gears of War line up. Microsoft’s recent announcement has finally put all the doubts to rest.  Gears of War Triple Pack have nothing... Read More »

Galaxy S Captivate to release in Mid-October, Pre-order goes live

Tweet Samsung Galaxy S Captivate pre-order is now live on Rogers, for a price of $149.99 with is inclusive of a three year data plan. Just to hype up the sales of Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Rogers is also offering free Bluetooth headset online with the pre-order. It is also including those customers that purchase Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in its contest of $10,000. This certainly seems to be one... Read More »
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Nokia Shares Plummet due to delays in N8 release and Stiff competition

Tweet Nokia has once again delayed the release of it N8 model, due to final tweaks in its technical aspects.  Originally, Nokia was poised to deliver this flagship smartphone in June, but it got rescheduled to September.  With news of a delay and stiff competition, Nokia’s shares ended 14.7% lower at 9.47 Euros. According to Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia’s chief executive, “Competition remains... Read More »

Sakshat- Indian tablet for just $35 to be released on January 10 2011

Tweet Sakshat the Indian tablet for just $35 is soon going to be out in India on January 10 2011.  Sakshat is a tablet which is the Indian government’s initiative to introduce it for educational purposes for the rural areas. The contract had been awarded to HCL Technologies, which in the course of its development, has designed a tablet that enables user to access the Internet and enable multimedia... Read More »

Samsung to roll out Dual-Core A9 Processors for Smartphones

Tweet In the ever increasing load of applications and widgets that are being created every day, it becomes necessary to multi task between the various applications that are running in your Smartphone. You might have been frustrated with the occasional delays that your Smartphone may have while starting up. Well, with Samsung introducing the Dual-Core A9 Processor things are certainly going to speed... Read More »
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System Specifications of Galaxy Tab

Tweet With the price tag looming around $200-400, Samsung has rolled out its Galaxy Tab to put up a stiff competition to Apples iPad. It’s almost as if Samsung increased the screen size of its Galaxy Smartphone and encompassed all the details in terms of application and navigation to that of the Galaxy Tab. However the Galaxy Tab seeks to plug in the holes of the Apple iPad in terms of have flash,... Read More »

EA coming up with new iPhone, iPad games this summer!

Tweet There was a time when your sports were limited to the playgrounds and the reading was limited to the books but the mobile devices have changed everything but a little too much. Apple has been the manufacturer that has turned iPhone and iPad to be the gadget that says it all. You have games, you have books, you have your TV, you have everything in your palm or lap. EA Mobile has unrevealed the... Read More »
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Global Release of Apple’s iPad delayed

Tweet This may come as a disappointment for many iPad fans across the world; but the latest news is that Apple has decided to delay the international release of the iPad by the end of May. Apple blames the delay on the unprecedented amount of demand that has been in the U.S. market as it sold 300,000 units on the first day itself. With the initial price of $499 for the iPad, many Apple fans are looking... Read More »
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