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Speech Transcription SDK

Tweet There are several companies which have been responsible for the introduction of new technologies, but Nuance has managed to stand out in more ways than one. The company is a very reputed one and has proved to be the leading one in application development in a huge way. The company has been a major factor which has governed the mobile application industry in a huge way. There are several applications... Read More »

Microsoft® preparing official Kinect drivers and SDK for Windows®

Tweet Well it is now official that Microsoft is preparing official Kinect drivers and also SDK for the Window based desktops. The Kinect device is used with Xbox 360 gaming console without the need for a controller. In a press release, Microsoft confirmed that they sold 8 million Kinect sensors in a matter of 60 days only. The success story of Kinect has been phenomenal and people have recognized the... Read More »

Apple® releases first beta of iOS 4.3 and SDK to developers

Tweet There was speculation over what the iOS 4.3 and the SDK to developers will comprise. The trend was, that an advanced iOS release, so quickly after the launch, just a couple of months back, meant, bugs and old problems get fixed. Let’s face facts, codes are made by human beings and there can never be any such thing as a perfect code. The perspective with which SDK for developers is introduced... Read More »

Skype’S New Business Strategy with SDK Option

Tweet Till now it was only the Skype interface with which users could make Internet calls, but now they will get different interfaces and applications using Skype’s technology for making Internet calls. Skype has always kept its technology a secret and unlike SIP nobody knows on what protocols and technology Skype works, however with the release of Skype Development Kit Skype has unveiled its technology... Read More »
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