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iHeartRadio hits 10 million users

Tweet Clear Channel Media and Entertainment just took eight months to reach a milestone that took longer for popular entertainment and communication platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Spotify and Instagram to touch. The digital radio platform iHeartRadio reached 10 million registered users in a time span of eight months. What is iHeartRadio? iHeartRadio is a custom radio offering that is... Read More »

Vlingo® – Virtual Assistant app for BlackBerry® users

Tweet BlackBerry users can now download Vlingo – Virtual Assistant for free from BlackBerry App World. This app recognizes your voice and does everything you command. If you have this app, your smartphone can read out your messages loud when you are driving and send messages for you. It is a voice-based app. Vlingo – Virtual Assistant app can do many things. With the SafeReader feature, users... Read More »

Celebrate the birthday of Jane Austen with this app

Tweet “I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible” Jane Austen She wrote in an era, where woman writing publicly was not an accepted norm. Apart from being with her affectionate family, she hardly traveled or mingled around. She wrote about marriages and relationships, yet she remained single. Her characters ‘Elizabeth and Darcy’ still breathe life today. This lady has influenced... Read More »

What day is it Rebecca Black? — An App for Android™

Tweet Nowadays, you don’t have to be a professional artist with contracts signed with specific labels to be known as an artist. If you have talent and a sufficient amount of money required to make a video, you are ready to take the first step to stardom. And many have already done so and are popular all over the world through their videos uploaded on YouTube. There are many names in this list,... Read More »

A hound your iPhone® will fall in love with

Tweet Developer:Splashtop.Inc Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch Price:$ 4.99 Using your gadgets on the go sounds very convenient, isn’t it? It is because accessing your multimedia content from anywhere and everywhere gives you complete freedom. To make your tasks easier, there are various tools and apps that can help you in accessing and sharing files with friends and family at any given point of... Read More »
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AT&T Sets Plans to Increase its Software Sales with Smartphone Apps

Tweet AT&T is a large multinational company, which has been developing and utilizing different types of services of many software service vendors. For example, Connect Mobile, another new product launch by AT&T has just hit the market and spread immensely. The service allows its users to participate in conference calls. Similarly, AT&T workbench makes it a lot easier to manage large corporate... Read More »
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