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Bad social networking habits you should avoid

Tweet Social networking is all about meeting or connecting with new people who share common interests, workplace, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. And since the trend of social networking is rapidly growing, it is utmost important to have good social networking habits in order to avoid any kind of social mishap. It is highly recommended to adopt the following social media habits listed... Read More »

Facebook® smartphone may come by 2013

Tweet Facebook is being reported to launch its own smartphone by next year. The newly public social networking giant looks to boost its revenue in the mobile Internet market by releasing a smartphone of its own. How Facebook is going to launch smartphone Facebook has hired more than half a dozen software and hardware engineers who have the experience of working on Apple’s bestselling iPhone, and... Read More »

Passwords of Twitter® account holders exposed

Tweet The passwords of thousands of Twitter users were exposed this week by hackers. Twitter is investigating this data breach, which resulted in the posting of user names and passwords of Twitter account holders on Pastebin, a favorite site for hackers to showcase their ill gotten achievements. What Twitter has to say on this Twitter spokesman Robert Weeks said: “We are currently looking into... Read More »

Facebook® Messenger becomes more transparent

Tweet It will be possible for you now to know which people have read your messages while group chatting with friends or colleagues via Facebook Messenger. Facebook has updated its Instant Messaging service with the ‘Read Receipt’ feature. How it will benefit users? With this update Facebook Messenger will become more transparent and at the same time it will make it harder for a user to ignore someone’s... Read More »

Facebook® adds organ donor status to profiles

Tweet Popular social networking platform Facebook has added a new feature for organ donors. The new feature makes it easier for users to register themselves as organ donors.   Initial response of users The new option was announced on 01st May by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with an objective to boost the number of potential organ donors. By the end of the day, 6,000 people had enrolled through... Read More »

Twitter® MySQL enhancements open sourced

Tweet Twitter has announced that it has open sourced some of the numerous tasks it has done to improve MySQL in its production systems. The microblogging and social networking platform is a major user of MySQL database technology – using it for timeline, user data, interest graph and tweet storage – and has been adapting MySQL to store most of the data generated by its users. “MySQL is the persistent... Read More »

E-reader app for Windows® 7-based tablets

Tweet Copia has recently added Windows 7-based tablets to its array of supported devices. The Copia e-reader app was showcased at CES 2011. The Copia app for Windows 7 tablet employs the same reading and social-networking environment which is available on other devices and platforms. The Copia app makes its Windows 7 tablet CES introduction on systems like new Samsung Sliding PC 7 which was also... Read More »

Picplz Updates Android™ App With Live Thumbnail Previews

Tweet In the last couple of years, smartphone manufacturers along with social networking sites and app developers, have introduced a new feature called as social location service. It allows users to explore the world around the vicinity, connect with their friends on Facebook or Twitter, and check into a location they are at, informing the others they are there. This is updated on Facebook or Twitter.... Read More »

Experian warns smartphone users about security threats

Tweet Experian is a global company that provides information services in more than 90 countries. This company provides research data and analytical tools to reveal information and delivers the best services to their clients. On January 19, 2011 Experian warned the users of smartphones about the security threats. The latest research revealed the security threats related to smartphones. According to... Read More »

RockMelt releases access to “Social Networking” browser

Tweet If you have signed up for early access to the RockMelt social browser, you must have received an invitation from RockMelt allowing you access to the first experience of using the browser. Once you have received the link, click on the link provided (link can only be accessed on the basis of invitation). You will receive a download file. Once the RockMelt software gets downloaded close all existing... Read More »

Weak spots Identified in Facebook through Worm Exploits

Tweet Facebook is the most used social networking site on the  Internet. It was established by Mark Zuckerburg in 2004 and since then it is growing very fast. The interface and the applications available on Facebook are interesting which attracts a lot of users. In spite of its popularity, Facebook also has some drawbacks like downtime, worms etc. Facebook has record number of visitors in comparison... Read More »
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Frequent Downtime Outages on FourSquare

Tweet Foursquare is a social networking application which provides location based service. If you are a foursquare user then you can check in using a mobile website, text messaging or a device based specification. This service was launched last year by Naveen selvadurai and Danis Crowley. You can also integrate it with Facebook and Twitter. After launched in 2009 it is only growing bigger, despite... Read More »
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Facebook rules out IPO for 2011

Tweet From the recent survey and researches, it is found that Facebook is the most popular social networking website today. Facebook has more than 21 million user logging in,  everyday which is more than any other networking sites. Globally the figure is more than impressive, as there are more than 500 million registered users . In the recent years users are spending lots of time on social networking... Read More »
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Downtime and outages on Facebook reported by users

Tweet Facebook is one of the most widely used and most popular social networking website. Though Facebook is in existence for quite some time now but has gained the maximum acceptability in just last couple of years. After Google, Facebook is the only site which has maximum number of visits per day and with such immense usage comes some kind of downtime and outages. Though the total timeout stands... Read More »
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Market Experts: Facebooks “Like” button creating a revolution

Tweet The pioneer in the social networking sector facebook.com has brought a kind of revolution in the modern era. Earlier people used to jot down one another’s email but now the scenario is people ask, “if you are on Facebook”. Facebook has actually helped to bring old friends together and relatives together. Recently the social networking giant has announced certain updates that will be platform... Read More »
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Increased Customized platform in LinkedIn

Tweet LinkedIn is actually a business based social networking website that was launched in the year 2003. Its main purpose of the latter is for the Company networking or the Professional networking. The LinkedIn has spurred in more than 200 countries round the globe helping to bring the profession based networking in lime light. The website has near about a gigantic Seventy-Five million users’ world... Read More »
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Eric Schmidt: Google focus on “Social component”

Tweet In a video press conference  Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google has said that Google’s product strategy is focused on constituting Google in terms of social networking. The video conference came in light of a claim made by Facebook that it owed Google’s social product documents.  However, the details of this news were not revealed until September 14, during the press conference in which Schmidt... Read More »

Twitter Seeing 90 Million Tweets Per Day

Tweet Social media has come a long way from what it used to be a decade back. Several websites like Twitter, Facebook and Orkut are getting increasingly popular every day.  Twitter, one of the social networking sites, is a social media service which enables its users to read and send other people’s messages posted on their profile pages. These messages are called tweets. By default, these tweets... Read More »
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New makeover for Twitter with Photos and videos

Tweet You might be thinking of what makes Twitter different from other social websites? The answer solely lies in its design and layout. Well, know Twitter has come to the conclusion of changing its look just a little bit to engage more users with its video and photo offerings. Twitter is not just trying to be a “clone” of Facebook or other social networking websites, but it is seeking to compensate... Read More »
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The failure of Brand Marketers in tapping the ‘Twitter’ potential

Tweet With increasing numbers of people registering and managing their profiles in social networking websites, Twitter is one of the major microblogging services that have gained importance and enjoyed tremendous popularity over the years. Twitter currently has more than 100 million users worldwide. Twitter enables its users to send and read other users’ tweets. Tweets are message posts that are... Read More »
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Wikileak’s poignant technical support

Tweet Since the modern era longs for everything to be done instantly, we see swarms of users heading towards the Internet. From interior decoration to recipes and from social networking to e-book, everything we get on just a mere click of our mouse. Nowadays, we see an online book giant emerging which is not propelling for a proficient but also for a novice. We have “Wikileak” named website which... Read More »
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Bebo Lost Its Crown to Facebook

Tweet Facebook swept over Bebo to become the most pop social networking web site of New Zealand. According to an approximation 82% of Kiwis’ cyberspace users have called in for Facebook, and 70% possess a Facebook profile. This was published in a reporting by Nielsen’s 2010 Social Media Report. That is an important advancement from 2007 Nielson fancies, which depicted alone 30% of Net users... Read More »
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Social Networking is Eating up Online Time!

Tweet Human beings love making friends and social connections. Earlier people generally used internet to send and receive e-mails and/or to browse web. Later on Chatting was on boom and messenger like Yahoo, Msn, etc. were in demand. However, now-a-days, almost every body socializes online through the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, ibibo, etc. People hardly send emails these... Read More »
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Twitter plans new data center in Salt Lake area

Tweet Social networking phenomenon Twitter, which is beset by computer-capacity issues, announced recently that it is moving its information middle operations to the Salt Lake City area. In a weblog post, Twitter Engineering Program Manager Jean-Paul Cozzatti said the new custom-built information middle is necessary to help Twitter keep up with growth. The company which is, headquartered in San Francisco,... Read More »
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Surveys: Privacy is the Main Issue in Social Networking

Tweet Do you visit social networking websites? Is privacy a concern for you? According to a recent survey done, most of the people accessing various social networking sites are concerned about privacy related issues. In this era of information where sharing of information over internet is quite common, it is quite obvious to give utmost importance to privacy and security. A lot of people are concerned... Read More »
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