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How to report spam on Twitter?

Tweet Recently you posted a Tweet about a new job opening in your company and soon your account flooded with job opportunities from different Twitter users. Well, this is a common spam problem that most of the Twitter users face every time they Tweet something that involve mass attention. A spam in Twitter is nothing but a prohibited behavior that disturbs human sentiments and violates the Twitter... Read More »

Secure your Twitter account in just two steps

Tweet Up until now, Twitter was known to offer breaking news, information on global events, local updates and a ground-breaking platform to indulge in healthy conversations. And now for your security, Twitter has geared up to combat the growing number of hacking attacks, making your account absolutely safe from unauthorized logins. The two-step authentication measure, available from today as an option,... Read More »

Listen or Tweet music with Twitter #Music app

Tweet If you are using Twitter #Music app and wondering how it is different from other music services, the answer is new music-discovery service wrapped in a stunning user interface. Currently available for iPhone, this app allows you to discover the most popular tracks and emerging artists. Twitter #Music app is the best place to find music-related information, find and follow musicians, and learn... Read More »

Google™+ History to import your past web records

Tweet Google, the search engine giant, is working on a state-of-the-art API for its 11-month-old Google+ platform. Dubbed as Google+ History, the latest API will include support for third-party app platforms. That means, it will enable the users to add past updates, events, status updates, pictures, and check-ins onto your Google+ profile from a range of mobile and social networking platforms like... Read More »

Photo sharing reinvented with Instagram 2.5

Tweet Instagram, the fastest and easiest way to share photographs with friends and family members, has recently released its 2.5 version for the iOS platform. Instagram 2.5 with major updates Maintaining the old favorite and basic look of Instagram, the update brings an array of noticeable changes, such as: New looking profile tab Different ways to search for users as well as tags in the new ‘Explore’... Read More »

WordPress® 3.4 with rich media abilities

Tweet WordPress, the most extensively used blogging platform has rolled out its latest version 3.4 Green.   The most amazing aspect about this most up-to-date edition is that it will allow you to view new themes in a test mode before applying them to your blog site. Using the Theme Customize feature of this latest version, you can change backgrounds, colors, and customize image headers accordingly.... Read More »
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Passwords of Twitter® account holders exposed

Tweet The passwords of thousands of Twitter users were exposed this week by hackers. Twitter is investigating this data breach, which resulted in the posting of user names and passwords of Twitter account holders on Pastebin, a favorite site for hackers to showcase their ill gotten achievements. What Twitter has to say on this Twitter spokesman Robert Weeks said: “We are currently looking into... Read More »

Twitter® updates mobile app for iOS® and Android™

Tweet If you are using the Twitter app on your iOS or Android-based device then there are some good reasons to cheer. Twitter has updated its mobile app and has introduced a number of features and improvements. A new Discover tab, improved search functionality, and support for push notifications for interactions are some of the key highlights of the latest Twitter mobile update. With the introduction... Read More »
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Twitter® MySQL enhancements open sourced

Tweet Twitter has announced that it has open sourced some of the numerous tasks it has done to improve MySQL in its production systems. The microblogging and social networking platform is a major user of MySQL database technology – using it for timeline, user data, interest graph and tweet storage – and has been adapting MySQL to store most of the data generated by its users. “MySQL is the persistent... Read More »

Twitter® Takes on Spammers: Files a Lawsuit

Tweet There are many success stories on the web and Twitter, the amazing micro-blogging service, is one of them. It is now considered as the lifeblood for over 140 million users around the globe. But even this huge and successful social networking platform is having a tough time due to spamming activities. Many Tweeter users have complained of spam and unsolicited tweets. To tackle these spamming activities,... Read More »
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If you are not on Pinterest, you are missing something

Tweet Pinterest has claimed the third spot in the most popular social networks list by beating Google+ in the United States. It is now behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is largely a social photo sharing website that attracts a lot of female visitors. Pinterest members share a lot of interesting stuff related to fashion, food, health, fitness, home décor, and more. Pinterest has reached the third... Read More »
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Updated Twitter® app for BlackBerry® Released

Tweet Here is some good news for all BlackBerry users. RIM has finally released the Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 version with brunch of interesting features. The app is now available at the BlackBerry App World. There are a number of noticeable improvements in the latest version, especially BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) integration. This will enable you to link your Twitter account with BBM and share your... Read More »
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Beware of Draw Something Scam on Twitter®!

Tweet Scammers always look for opportunities to con you online. Use of lucrative offers on the Internet is also not a new trick but people still fall prey to them. This time, cybercriminals are trying to leverage the popularity of ‘Draw Something’ app through Twitter. The popular app was recently purchased by the social game developer, Zynga. According to security firm Sophos, online scammers... Read More »
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Twitter® Unfollow bug – Will be fixed soon!

Tweet Do you regularly Tweet? Have you ever come across a situation when you have been mysteriously unfollowed by some of your followers or fans on Twitter? It is certainly a very upsetting situation. But, have you ever thought about what made your followers to unfollow you? Well, according to some recent developments, it has been made clear that in most of the cases a Twitter bug was responsible for... Read More »
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Twitter® account of Justin Bieber hacked

Tweet It came as a shock to the 19 million fan followers of Justin Bieber on Twitter when they saw the tweet “19 million my a** #biebermyb**ls” coming from Bieber’s account. To add to their dismay, many of them saw themselves being unfollowed and blocked by their favorite star. The content of the tweet in question suggests that the person who hacked the account was questioning the follower count... Read More »
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Google™ and Twitter® reject UK censors

Tweet Google and Twitter have jointly refused to comply with the calls from the British parliamentary committee to filter their services and follow the court orders intended to protect individual privacy. According to both the leading web services providing companies, it would be impossible to censor the material on the Internet effectively. “Requiring search engines to screen the content of... Read More »
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Twitter® updates TweetDeck

Tweet The popular microblogging community portal has rolled out an update to its desktop service TweetDeck – covering Chrome, Mac, Windows, and web apps. This update, which adds support for better list management, inline media, and improved retweeting, is an effort by Twitter to increase the user engagement within the community. In December last year, the first Twitter-branded version of TweetDeck... Read More »

Twitter® to come with Next Generation TweetDeck apps

Tweet If you are an avid user of Twitter or Facebook then TweetDeck must have been one of your favorite apps on your smartphone. As per the reports, Twitter is on its way to hire engineers and develop a new version of TweetDeck to provide more features. The upcoming version of TweetDeck will bring apps for both iPhone and Android-enabled smartphones. TweetDeck is one of the most favorite apps for social... Read More »
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Twitter® and Posterous® ready to sail in the same boat

Tweet Twitter goes on to raise its market value by swiftly making an acquisition of Posterous. Posterous is largely known for its fantastic micro blogging website Posterous Spaces, which directly competes against another blogging site named Tumblr. Considering its web presence, Twitter has made a big move by investing a huge amount in Posterous. Market analysts believe that Twitter is completely acknowledging... Read More »
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YouTube® to Join VIZIO® Internet Apps Family

Tweet VIZIO Internet apps will shortly see a YouTube widget. At the commencement of CES 2012, it got clear that technology is really moving at a rapid pace. The entire show revealed an exciting line of products all ranging from mobile phones, computing devices, digital cameras, and some luxurious televisions. VIZIO, an American television manufacturer, showcased several impressive TV models. But, the... Read More »
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Twitter® app for Android™ updated once again

Tweet The newly launched Twitter app for Android is bundled with better enhancements and it will work on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Android OS. A lot of users were not satisfied while using the Twitter app on their Android. To regain the reputation back, the app makers have finally released an update for Twitter app in the Android Market. The latest Twitter app is quick. It permits you to swipe your... Read More »
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Twitter Purchase Dasient™

Tweet Dasient, an Internet security company, has announced on its blog that it has been acquired by giant social media—Twitter. Both sides have kept quiet about the price of the acquisition. Dasient will no longer operate as an independent company; it will now work with Twitter’s revenue engineering team, with immediate effect. Dasient happily wrote on its blog, “The Dasient team is excited... Read More »
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Twitter® Takes Over an Anti-malware Firm

Tweet It seems that Twitter is all geared up for taking over businesses. After purchasing a cryptography startup in November 2011, Twitter has taken another step in the same direction. The micro-blogging social networking website, Twitter has recently acquired Dasient, a provider of anti-malware and web security suite. The plans are to use the expertise of Dasient and apply its technology and team... Read More »
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Now you can smell your online activities!

Tweet Did you ever imagine that while chatting with your mom, you will even be able to smell the aroma of that bacon she’s put into microwave? Yes! That day has finally come when your tweets, wall posts, tags and comments, all will bear some or the other kind of pleasing smell. Mint Foundry – a New York and London-based corporation has developed – Olly – a web-connected smelly robot. Olly... Read More »
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Five apps to wish for

Tweet It seems that these days there is an app for everything. But here are five apps we wish existed. And we hope that in future we find them on the app stores. 1) Boss Tracking app This is an app to die for. With love for Facebook and Twitter rising every minute, it’s almost like a test to keep one’s hands off from clicking into their favorite social networking sites. But at workplaces, bosses... Read More »
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