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Twitter® updates TweetDeck

Tweet The popular microblogging community portal has rolled out an update to its desktop service TweetDeck – covering Chrome, Mac, Windows, and web apps. This update, which adds support for better list management, inline media, and improved retweeting, is an effort by Twitter to increase the user engagement within the community. In December last year, the first Twitter-branded version of TweetDeck... Read More »

Updates for Google™ Chrome

Tweet Developers are working on updating the Google Chrome browser to resolve issues that may be affecting its performance. Right now Google is hoping to bring down the crash rate considerably. All the major browsers are rushing to release a production quality browser with hardware accelerated graphics, but it seems Google will be crossing the finish line first. Last year Google had started offering... Read More »

New Windows® 7 update

Tweet The latest release of Microsoft Windows is that of Windows 7, which can be used on a number of devices like personal computers, laptops, netbooks, PCs in the media center as well as business and home desktops. Windows 7 succeeds the Windows Vista operating system. Windows Server 2008 R2 was also released during this time. Unlike its predecessor, Windows Vista, which introduced several new features,... Read More »
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RSS: Now Get Online Articles Delivered to You

Tweet Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the information that are simply overthrown at you the moment you open your web browser to your homepage or any other websites. You may be wondering how to indeed raise your efficiency to a whole new level by consuming web information using Really Simple Syndication or RSS RSS provides an easy way to gather and display information from varied and multiple sources.... Read More »
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Microsoft SBS Updates

Tweet The future of the Microsoft small business server seems to be uncertain. This comes in the wake of Microsoft announcing that they want to remove the EBS. Though this news came unexpectedly, but it actually didn’t come as a surprise to many others. Some people who can be said to possess some kind of third eye seem to have a foresight about the future of the Microsoft small business server. The... Read More »
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How to Install Windows Activation Updates

Tweet Windows Activation Technologies is a methodology devised by Microsoft which helps in confirming that the copy of Microsoft Windows 7 running on users computer is genuine. It also helps in protecting the computer from software which may counterfeit your computer’s software. The Activation technologies in Windows 7 includes several activation and validation components which contains anti-piracy... Read More »
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How to Secure your Network Connection

Tweet Here are several ways to make your computer more secure. Update your computer frequently Updates provide extensive protection to PCs on your network. There are two types of ‘updates’ – Automatic and Optional. Automatic updates ‘automatically download and install recommended and important updates. Optional updates are not automatically downloaded or installed. Recommended updates refer... Read More »

New iPhone App updates released by Facebook

Tweet In today’s networking world, Facebook is undoubtedly the most widely used socializing website followed by its 55 million global users. Known for constantly adding new revised features for its esteemed users, Facebook recently revealed its new set of application updates. With these new updates, it’s amazing to learn that over 55 million facebook users will now have the option to perform all... Read More »
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