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How to Record a Network Stream with VLC Media Player

Tweet The VLC project was originally started in the year of 1996 which was originally designed for the client and server stream videos in a campus network. VLC Media player is free software that is available online. It is an open source application and distributed license free. VLC player support multiple file formats like CDs, DVD, DivX, MPG, MP4, xVid, etc. The VLC application is platform independent... Read More »

VLC Player for Windows 7 Released

Tweet VideoLAN is a project that is engaged in the development of software for playing video and other media formats across a local area network that is LAN. It originally developed two programs just for media streaming, VideoLAN Client (VLC) and VideoLAN Server (VLS), but most of the features of VLS has been integrated into VCL with the synthesis named as VLC media player. As a student endeavor at... Read More »

How to troubleshoot Sound Problems after Installation of Vista Service Pack

Tweet After the installation of the Windows Vista service pack, there might be some of these problems with sound: There might be no sound on playing audio files or programs that have an audio component will not run. The speaker symbol may display the following message: No Audio Output Device is installed. The Sound Controller in Device Manager displays a yellow exclamation point. In order to fix these... Read More »
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