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Google™ fixes 18 security flaws in Google™ Chrome

Tweet Google has announced the release of newest version of its popular Chrome web browser after fixing 18 security glitches and has also added a easy-to-use new feature for its customers. Updating Chrome Seven of the vulnerabilities that were fixed in the Chrome version 19.0.1084.46 were classified as high-risk flaws, which means that they could be exploited to take control of infected systems. The... Read More »

Microsoft® Silverlight integration for Windows®

Tweet Several web browsers are nowadays available to surf the Internet with great ease. With the advancements in web technologies, it has become quite easy to watch videos or listen music online. Various websites provide support for playing games online. The advancement of such capabilities of web browsers is due to the background coding. If you connect your web browser to Internet it updates the necessary... Read More »

Google™ Chrome 10

Tweet Google Chrome is an ultra fast web browser which has changed the way Internet is used. The reason behind it is that it is very fast. Google Chrome takes a space of around 80 MB. The other features which make Google Chrome a very fast, versatile and stylish browser is because of its design. It just changes the way you browse Internet. With its multi-window feature, it is possible to pin the last... Read More »

Google™ Chrome 10: A Feature Breakdown

Tweet Google Chrome is an advanced web browser that was launched by Google. The design of Google Chrome is based on the WebKit layout engine and application framework. It was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2, 2008. On December 11, 2008, the public stable version of Google Chrome was released. Google managed to be the first to implement and release to the public... Read More »

Mozilla® Firefox 4 Gets ‘Do Not Track’ feature

Tweet Web browsers are used for accessing the Internet. They are software applications meant for retrieving, analyzing, and interchanging information resources on the web. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser. Mozilla Firefox was the result of an open source project and is owned by Mozilla Foundation. It has great features like session storage, which allows a user to recover access to the open... Read More »

GoogleEnhancer 1.85

Tweet GoogleEnhancer 1.85 is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It enhances the results of the Google search engine. It is available as an add-on feature in Mozilla Firefox. It is downloadable for free from a variety of websites. The Firefox extended search tool add-on has several features that can define it as a tool that numbers the search results. It uses a simple numbering tool to enumerate... Read More »

Mozilla® Firefox 4 review

Tweet Mozilla Firefox 4 is the latest version of the web browser from Mozilla Foundation. Firefox 4 is one of the most popular web browsers in the Internet world. The new version, that is, Mozilla Firefox 4, browser is one of the most secure and user friendly versions available. Firefox 4 is shipped free with Mac and Linux operating systems. It is also available free for Windows also. Firefox 4 has... Read More »

5 Ways to increase efficiency through Internet Explorer

Tweet Internet Explorer enables  you to view new add-ons and facilities in its latest versions which makes it sleeker, faster and optimized. You can always download new versions of internet explorer from Microsoft website at no cost. Follow the steps mentioned below to explore new features of Step1:  Browse without navigating to other websites using accelerator Often it is quite tedious to copy... Read More »

Google to speed up release of better Chrome Versions

Tweet To break the monopoly of the companies like Microsoft in ‘web browser’ field, Google released beta version of Chrome in December 2008. The simplicity and user friendliness of the browser are one of the reasons why it is third most used browser in the world. New developments in the browser till date have increased its efficiency. To kill competition and serve better, Google now have decided... Read More »
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Rationalized Approach of Mozilla Firefox 4

Tweet It has something to do with practical and convenience rather than of style itself. That explains the new version of Firefox Web Browser – the Mozilla Firefox 4. Classical and with a sense of reason, they will finally release its new beta version sometime in July 22. In connection with the older version of the Firefox web browser which centers only to window users, this new beta version will... Read More »

Mozilla Removes a Vulnerable Add-on

Tweet Mozilla, one of the most used option for web browser and e-mail client came across an embarrassing situation last month when one malicious and another security vulnerability was discovered on the add-on section of the Mozilla website. The add-on called the ‘Mozilla Sniffer’ was uploaded to addons.mozilla.org on 6th June 2010. It was later found out that the add-on had a code that... Read More »
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Chrome 6- The Additions and Subtractions

Tweet Chrome web browser is rising up the hike in order to secure a better market position and it has been noticed that the browser has taken up a share of 7.2% rising from 7.0% back in May this year. The 0.2% change within a month is an excellent achievement. In addition to that, the Chrome 6 has been launched recently with a few additions and a few subtractions altogether accounting for the minor... Read More »
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Microsoft Office Web Apps Offers Business Efficiency on the Move

Tweet Everyone talks about Cloud Computing today and Microsoft has introduced yet another suite called ‘Microsoft Office Web Apps’ which employs this cutting edge technology. The Most user-friendly suite is now on the Web platform and enables easy and quick sharing of documents, worksheets , pictures , slide shows and more from almost any place , any day and on any platform.  With the world being... Read More »

Mobile Flash Is Now a Reality!

Tweet There has been lot of speculation related to Adobe’s flash for mobile devices and after an unsuccessful attempt to strike a deal with Apple, the company seems to be in full gear to make amends and look above the horizon. Adobe’s is finally launching their flash payer 10.1 with the soon to be launched Android 2.2 and they hope to secure the market and spreading this to all the other operating... Read More »

Default Web Browser in Windows7

Tweet While working with new Windows7, there are chances that Windows7 may not be able to open links. Sometimes Windows Live Mail is used to read emails, but unfortunately no links in emails get load. On trying to click on these links, error is notified with message saying that there is no existence of compatible program; though system has various web browsers including Internet Explorer. An Error... Read More »

AVG Brings Link Scanner Malware Detector to the Mac

Tweet AVG, a company which offers antivirus facility to PC users, is introducing a free link checker for Mac. AVG Technologies prepares to reveal AVG Link Scanner’s Mac version, a free to download tool which scans website links for possible threats. According to AVG, this Link Scanner application verifies web pages in quick-time, and sends warning message to users if software detects any website... Read More »

Flock Favors Google in Contrast to Mozilla

Tweet Flock is a prominent web browser. It is fabricated on Mozilla Firefox codebase which is a  specialize in giving Web 2.0 and social marketing amenities put up into its user interface. On May 19, 2009 Flock v2.5 was released officially. Flock browser which can be downloaded freely supports Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Free BSD platforms. Media Services and social networking sites like... Read More »

How to Enable or Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer

Tweet Cookies are a type of data stored on your computer. These cookies are being used for a lot of purposes and in fact they make your life simpler and that is why they exist largely. They are designed to hold a self effecting data for a client or the user of the computer. It means that only information related to a particular user is stored in the cookie. These cookies can be used either by the web... Read More »

How to Increase the Speed of Internet Explorer

Tweet Sometimes we experience that our web browser responds very slowly. There are a lot of reasons which can cause this problem. We can analyze to see why the Windows Internet Explorer is running slowly. We can check each aspect one by one in order to resolve this problem. We will look at and discuss five methods in order to solve this issue. Windows Internet Explorer might be slow due to the old... Read More »

How to Secure Your PC

Tweet Evolution and development of technology has blessed us with effective solutions to security of the PC. There are various aspects of security. To make information in the system secure it is first important to analyze the threats to the system. The information is prone to corruption, theft, disaster and hacking and all of them need to be dealt in different ways. Even if there are plenty of ways... Read More »

What Every Internet User Needs To Know About the Development Of Google Chrome 6

Tweet Google has been releasing many products to increase its market share with many users starting to use the services of Google. There are many online giants like Yahoo, MSN and Google that are always in the competition to be the best in the business. Google has been in the forefront of releasing various products all the time and increasing the market share by increasing the base of customers who... Read More »

Google To Build Chrome With Flash

Tweet After installing a browser, the first thing that a user does is to install the Flash player from Adobe. Without the Flash player it is impossible to view certain websites as well as the videos on the Internet. But now, Google has decided to make things easier for its user. Google has decided to build Flash in its browser Google Chrome. Now, Google has decided to support the Adobe Flash player... Read More »
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