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Microsoft® launches ie6countdown website

Tweet Microsoft has launched the website, www.ie6countdown.com, to encourage users of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to upgrade to the latest version of the web browser. With the announcement by Microsoft of planning to do away with IE6 and the launch of a countdown for the old version of the browser, Internet Explorer 9 will have better positioning. internet Explorer 6 is a very popular browser in China,... Read More »

How to stop all ads in Hotmail™

Tweet Hotmail can be considered to be the first public e-mail services provider and has served the people amazingly since then. It has many times upgraded the interface to give a better working environment to its users and make it more and more user friendly. Till date Hotmail has been the most widely used and most trusted e-mail service. Recently they did a collaboration with Microsoft Live and now... Read More »

Google™ adds e-books to Android™ Market

Tweet Recently Google has taken a step forward in providing the maximum amount of satisfaction to its customers by offering a dedicated e-bookstore over the Android Market. In previous days, in order to download e-books a person had to open a website over the Internet and download a book on the PC. This was for the reason that most of the cell phones, which were available then did not support any HTML... Read More »

Microsoft® Confirms SQL CE 4: The Next Gen Embedded Database

Tweet In large corporate houses, managing a huge list of clients, the suppliers, the producers, the customers and also the other external parties like the shareholders and the creditors become a tiresome job  due to the availability of a huge amount of information. Besides, in such large corporate houses which need to maintain a good website over the net often find it quite problematic to develop... Read More »
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CFi ShellToys 7.2 app for Windows®

Tweet CFi ShellToys 7.2 a product of Cool Focus International is a shell extension and a must have application for Windows. This innovative application adds up to 50 new links to the Windows right click menu, which would allow the user to easily access a wide range of never before seen tools and functions for innovative functionality and enhanced Windows experience. Shell extensions are applications... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Antivirus That Keeps Popping Up

Tweet Antivirus programs are really helpful when it comes to system protection. It protects you from unwanted virus, malware and other attacks. There are some antivirus programs where a window pops up with either a question or a statement every time when you open a new website or open a new program. This can be very annoying sometimes when you are forced to close this pop-up window every time. You... Read More »
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Web Attacks can be Vital for Client Reputation

Tweet There has been a substantial increase in number of internet based attacks in recent time and most of these attacks are mainly launched prior to or during the ongoing litigation. Focus or target of such attacks is either to obtain crucial information for the lawsuit or to harm the competitor. To avoid detection and identification attackers use fake pages of free websites like Facebook or anonymous... Read More »
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Microsoft Dutch Website: Windows 8 to be released in 2012

Tweet According to the rumors, Microsoft Netherlands has said that the company is expecting the next version of their Windows operating system, Windows 8 by 2012. The software giant, Microsoft posted on its Dutch website that the next version of their operating system will be released in two years from now. Tom Warren from WinRumors was the first person to spot this on the Dutch news website of Microsoft. While... Read More »

PubIt launched by Barnes & Noble to Rival Amazon’s DTP

Tweet Barnes & Noble recently launched a publishing tool called PubIt! which is used to publish work in their website. This is primarily used for the digital distribution of work and a very useful tool for independent authors and publishers who wants an online audience for their work. The PubIt tool was launched in competition with the similar tool, DTP (Digital Text Platform), designed and maintained... Read More »
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How to Get Paid To Blog – Paid Blogging Networks

Tweet There are many ways to earn money online but one of the easiest one is to set up a blog around a specific topic of interest and generate online income by displaying advertising/affiliate programs, product sales or the provision of online services. One way of making money from blogs is to effectively use paid blogging networks. To an advertiser, blogs are simply publishing platforms which produce... Read More »
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Facebook rules out IPO for 2011

Tweet From the recent survey and researches, it is found that Facebook is the most popular social networking website today. Facebook has more than 21 million user logging in,  everyday which is more than any other networking sites. Globally the figure is more than impressive, as there are more than 500 million registered users . In the recent years users are spending lots of time on social networking... Read More »
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How to Design your blog

Tweet A blog has become a very famous medium of sharing your thoughts, products and content. Blog can also be termed as web log, which is also a type of website or a part of a website. It is generally kept updated with regular submission of work like photos, articles, videos etc. These blogs are interactive, which means users are able to  post comments and share their idea about the particular page... Read More »
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Downtime and outages on Facebook reported by users

Tweet Facebook is one of the most widely used and most popular social networking website. Though Facebook is in existence for quite some time now but has gained the maximum acceptability in just last couple of years. After Google, Facebook is the only site which has maximum number of visits per day and with such immense usage comes some kind of downtime and outages. Though the total timeout stands... Read More »
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Increased Customized platform in LinkedIn

Tweet LinkedIn is actually a business based social networking website that was launched in the year 2003. Its main purpose of the latter is for the Company networking or the Professional networking. The LinkedIn has spurred in more than 200 countries round the globe helping to bring the profession based networking in lime light. The website has near about a gigantic Seventy-Five million users’ world... Read More »
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Important Features of Tag Cloud

Tweet Tag Cloud is the handy application that adds a lot of advantages to your website. Here, I am going to discuss some of the important Features related to a Tag cloud. Let us start with Tags Tab feature of Tag cloud. This feature in Tag cloud adds the improvement of search results by adding or even excluding a keyword from original query. Another feature of Tag cloud is Phrases Tab. It reveals the... Read More »
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How to Delete Saved Passwords in XP

Tweet The Windows XP operating system of Windows provides a feature for its users in the sense that it has the ability to save passwords for websites and network resources. Although this provides convenience to its users who do not need to enter their passwords repeatedly for the website they log into regularly, it poses security threats for them. This is because anyone who has physical access to your... Read More »
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Advantages of Tag cloud

Tweet Tag cloud offers quite interesting features for website. There are several advantages of using Tag cloud in a website. A Tag cloud is a small box of word used to get linked with websites. Here, I am going to discuss some basic advantages of Tag cloud. Following are the advantages of using Tag cloud. Tag clouds used in websites provides navigation to visitors with instant illustration. The main... Read More »
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How to Troubleshoot problems with Tag cloud

Tweet The new trend in web technology comes along with the new ideas of web design. With the advancement in web design technology the face of World Wide Web get a revolutionary change. Tag Cloud was one of the most popular applications which is characterized in the revolutionary period of web design. The way of data representation use by the Tag cloud application was unique. It uses the different font... Read More »
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How to include Tag cloud for your website

Tweet Adding a tag cloud for website is very easy task to do.  If you add tag cloud to your blog or website, it will enhance the keyword tags and the search engine will index your blog. A tag cloud is a visual depiction of user-generated tags; it is used typically to describe the content of web sites. Tag clouds can be a very useful and essential element that will enables search engines to add specific... Read More »
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How to Build a Website Using MS Access

Tweet MS Access is one of the most famous products of MS Office. MS Access can be considered as a platform with which one can tackle with a dozen of tasks. Software developers and data architects can make use of MS Access to develop a small software application. Access works on the basis of RDMS (relational database management service) and combines MJDE (Microsoft Jet Database Engine) along with GUI... Read More »
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How to Embed a Website Into a Power Point Presentation

Tweet Microsoft’s PowerPoint is an application which gets installed when in install the Microsoft Office Suit. PowerPoint is used for creating very rich presentations which can be used for presenting any information on a projector or on a computer. Presentations created by PowerPoint can include text, images, objects, and other rich features to add more life to your presentation and make it sensible... Read More »
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How to Build a Website for Free to Get Business

Tweet With each instance passing beyond you, it’s time that you start thinking of a website for your business if you don’t have any. Perhaps, website and online content for your business has become more of something essential to make sure that you have the content available on the online world for your clients around the world. This creates more opportunities into your business and gives you liberty... Read More »
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Netflix Gaining Popularity

Tweet Netflix is gaining popularity due to a number of reasons. In this article, I will mention some of the reasons why this is so, and how the popularity can be increased or retained. The raise of the number of people visiting the Netflix website may arouse debate. It has been indicated that the website received an increase of visitors to 46% year-over-year. Reasons for the popularity You may want... Read More »
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How to Open Networking Troubleshooters

Tweet The computer has its life span. It gets tired just like human. It also encounter different and lots of problems when it comes to its functionality. When a computer has a problem, its ability to function well is distorted. One of the problems that a computer may experience is the troubleshooting connection problem. This could be a tricky computer predicament for such reason that it has many probable... Read More »

Landmark Copyright Case Victory for YouTube

Tweet In this world of information technology, where all information is for public use, it not surprising that one’s information on a particular site would be posted on another site. On the other hand, a video being watched by somebody can be reposted and uploaded on a particular website or several websites. Since there are several video-uploading sites, it is no surprise that videos can be “reproduced”... Read More »
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