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D-Link® DIR-645 SmartBeam Router for Stable Internet Connection

Tweet A renowned name in the world of networking, D-Link has finally revealed its foremost wireless router DIR-645 featuring the company’s patent SmartBeam technology. The most interesting aspect about SmartBeam technology is that it frequently monitors the signal power of all the interlinked devices to offer a seamless, uninterrupted, and steady wireless connection from any corner of the home. With... Read More »
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Windows® Phone 7 data-uploading issue

Tweet Windows Phone 7 is the mobile operating system launched by Microsoft in the U.S. in October last year. Recently, an unexplained data upload trouble on some Windows Phone 7 devices by a few users was brought to notice. Users complained of some irregular data use that endangered to inflate users’ mobile phone bills. Microsoft acknowledged the existence of problems in Windows 7 Phone that... Read More »

How to Increase Your Computer Security in a Public Wi-Fi Network Hotspot

Tweet Public Wi-Fi spots are places like hotels or cafés where you can be online using their wireless network. While this sounds convenient to be able to connect from anywhere while mobile, it has its implications. A hacker can spy on you and can steal your data by using a sniffer program. To protect you against any such attack, you can follow these steps besides having antispyware, antimalware and... Read More »
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Enabling Wi-Fi Network Security

Tweet Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect to the Internet well within range of a wireless network which is connected to the Internet. These devices can be a personal computer, a mobile phone, a video game console or an MP3 player. This technology has been widely used in homes, offices and also at airports, restaurants and hotels. Though the advantages of a Wi-Fi network are many, it can be very easily... Read More »
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How make your computer, Network and the Wi-Fi connection secure

Tweet Most of the users just install an Anti-Virus program and think that their computer is safe from all the threats, but they do not even know that there are so many ways by which their security and privacy can be compromised. There are many scripts available on the Internet which can let the hacker know about the breaches in your network and then the hacker can easily intrude your space. In this... Read More »
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Google’s Snooping in WiFi Hotspots

Tweet Recently reported and much talked about is the controversial fact that Google has been steeling data through Wi-Fi network hotspots. This “theft” was committed through the Google Street Viewer vehicles, which are capable of locating and connecting to a Wi-Fi network hotspot. This activity by Google has been taken seriously by public as well as the Government. Most internet users have expressed... Read More »
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