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Windows 7 Professional

How to Allow Someone to Connect to Your Computer Using Remote Desktop Connection

Tweet Remote Desktop Services of Windows 7 was known as Terminal Services in earlier version of windows. It allows a user to access applications and data on a remote computer over a network. From your computer at home you can access all the programs and computers that you would normally need to be at work to use. A network connection gives you access to all of these resources, located in one easily... Read More »

Computer upgrades boosts its performance

Tweet From time to time, companies like Microsoft bring in new versions of their Operating System in to the market.  The latest version of the operating system often comes out with enhanced or new features and amenities to gives users a great working experience, and save a lot of their time. Well, this is not the case with just the OS or the software packages installed, but also with the hardware... Read More »

Windows 7 SP1 – The End Of A Downgrade Era

Tweet Microsoft is one of the leading names in computer software for desktops, and it keeps churning out newer, faster, and better programs for users around the world to make use of. This is what makes it a household brand. While many people would choose to upgrade whenever a new software program comes out, there are those that would like to downgrade. Since the creation of Windows 7 SP1, the downgrade... Read More »
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