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Windows XP Six Times More Susceptible to Hacking Than Windows 8

Tweet Are you yet not ready to bid adieu to Windows XP operating system even after Microsoft has stopped support for this version within coming six months? If not, then you need to plunge at the idea of migrating to Windows 8 or 7 in order to keep PCs safe from hackers. That’s right! Windows XP has been discovered to be an easier target of hackers as this version of operating system has sported higher... Read More »
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Windows 8: Create a Shortcut for Shutdown and Restart

Tweet Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8 comes equipped with a range of advanced features and options. It enables you to get all the latest live updates at a glance and access anything just with a click or a tap. However, with so many intriguing features, Windows 8 also boasts some shortcomings. One of them is the missing Start menu. Yes, Windows 8 comes without the Start menu. ... Read More »

How to enable Touch Mode in Office 2013

Tweet The new Office 2013 suite offers delightful new dimensions to your Windows 8 touch-optimized experience by offering newer styles of interactions that are touch-based. A number of new touch-based gestures have been included by Microsoft in its latest Office productivity suite to improve user’s overall experience and help them quickly perform tasks when working on a touch screen device. Touch... Read More »

Step by Step Guide for Windows 8 Upgrade

Tweet Microsoft has finally launched its much talked about, touch-friendly operating system – Windows 8. And as the whole world goes ga-ga over the latest offering from Microsoft, we bring to you some important points that will help you upgrade your PC to the new Windows 8 operating system: System compatibility: The first thing that you need to do before upgrading to Windows 8 is to find out if... Read More »

Microsoft® launches Windows® 8 Release Preview

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation has launched the Windows 8 Release Preview one day before its scheduled date of 01 June. The Release Preview is the third and final in Microsoft’s trio of Windows 8 pre-releases. This is the last major update of Windows 8 before the client code is released to manufacturers. Features of Windows 8 Release Preview According to Microsoft, the Windows 8 Release... Read More »
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Microsoft® to offer Windows® 8 Pro upgrade deal

Tweet Microsoft Corporation is going to allow buyers of Windows 7 PCs to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for US $14.99 from 2 June. This promotional deal seems to be a step to prevent the slump in sales of PC before the launch of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. When the offer will start? The offer is believed to make its debut at the same time when Microsoft will launch Windows 8 Release Preview,... Read More »

Microsoft® to use Dolby Digital® Technology in Windows® 8 PCs and tablets

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will incorporate Dolby Laboratories sound technology in its upcoming operating system Windows 8-based PCs and tablets. Windows 8 will support the playback of Dolby-encoded files, with the firm saying that it will offer out-of-the-box support. According to Microsoft, Dolby Digital Plus will be supported on all versions of Windows 8 including... Read More »

Snapdragon Tablet 3D Edition showcased at MWC 2012

Tweet Qualcomm, a renowned chipmaker in the computer industry, surprised everyone by presenting a new version of its Snapdragon processor at MWC 2012. A lot of companies introduced their gadgets and futuristic concepts at the Mobile World Congress 2012, but Qualcomm took everyone by surprise when it unfolded the latest Snapdragon processor configured in a tablet. The 10.1-inch tablet runs on Android... Read More »
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Windows® 8 will Bring Microsoft® in Faster Startup League

Tweet Since the debate has started over will Windows 8 be the next best Operating system ever many also consider that the operating the system has promised to come up with many new features. Quick startup and 3D view are just few of them. Going through the leaked Windows 8 images and videos one gets felling that there is some good substance to what Microsoft claims. Windows 8 is believed to be an open... Read More »
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Microsoft making big speech bets with Windows 8, Bing

Tweet One of the leading firm and organization in the world today is none other than Microsoft. This is because of the yearlong service and quality product that the firm has provided to its customers. No other organization has stayed so long at the top most position in the international market. The reputation and the service speak its self. The main purpose of the company is to provide software to... Read More »
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Waiting For Windows® 8 To Play Xbox® 360 Games?

Tweet Everybody will be aware of the Xbox 360 games, which are a list of games that are proclaimed by the people of Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console. These list of games involve about 812 games totally, with 108 games ‘exclusive’ and 81 games which are ‘console exclusive’ application and those which are cross platform comes about 623 in number in the list. Some of the games that... Read More »
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Microsoft® submits multi-booting patent application

Tweet In recent times, we have continuously witnessed great enhancements and improvements in the operating system technologies. Microsoft has always worked upon it immensely and has been launching new features in each of its releases. Windows has come up with a new idea related to computer booting. Microsoft is working to get this technology and approach patented so that no one else duplicates the... Read More »

Is Intel Planning to Develop Windows 8 Based Phones?

Tweet Intel is the biggest and hardware leader in the market. Intel is famous for making Chips and computer hardware like processors and motherboard chipset. Windows phone 7 is growing and becoming more famous among customers. Now Intel and Microsoft are partnering and Intel bosses are saying that they will develop Windows 8 based phone. At the International CES 2011 talks, Intel told that they are... Read More »
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Are we going to see Windows 8 this year?

Tweet Last year, we have witnessed many Tablet devices that were launched into the market in order to compete with the iPad, but all the efforts have fallen short. This year companies busy in manufacturing the Tablet PCs would definitely come up with a lot more to compete the Apple’s iPad and will make some position for themselves in the Tablet market. According to New Your Times, this year Microsoft... Read More »
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Microsoft may Unveil Windows 8 Tablet at CES

Tweet Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 is going to start from 1st week of January which is just two weeks ahead. Of course like before the companies will present their upcoming products that they are planning to release and we will come across with lots of new technologies and exciting gadgets. This time in the 2011 CES, the prime focus will be on the tablets and the companies were preparing themselves... Read More »

Microsoft raises complication of Windows 8 on cloud computing

Tweet When Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO said at the IT Expo / Gartner Symposium that the riskiest bet of the company was the next version of Windows, he caused a great deal of speculation and consternation as he didn’t care to elaborate. A couple of days after leaving Microsoft, Ray Ozzie, the chief architect added his own opinions on the challenges for Microsoft, by saying that the company had... Read More »

Microsoft Dutch Website: Windows 8 to be released in 2012

Tweet According to the rumors, Microsoft Netherlands has said that the company is expecting the next version of their Windows operating system, Windows 8 by 2012. The software giant, Microsoft posted on its Dutch website that the next version of their operating system will be released in two years from now. Tom Warren from WinRumors was the first person to spot this on the Dutch news website of Microsoft. While... Read More »

Windows 8 should foray into the virtual world

Tweet There was apprehension regarding the hypervisor, which is to be the core of Microsoft’s next operating system –Windows 8. It means that the approach would be of a fully virtualized machine monitor. But gradually it’s receiving a thumbs up from both industry insiders and consumers alike. An operating system that does every thing as a virtualized monitor would be one of the most beneficial... Read More »
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Windows 8 will take 2 yrs to completely take over!

Tweet Windows 7 is  produced by Microsoft mostly for use on personal computers, including both home and business purposes. The popular devices that installed Windows 7 are laptops, desktops, net books, media center PCs, and tablet PCs .Windows 7 got released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009, and finally reached general retail on  22nd Oct, 2009. In less than just three years after the... Read More »
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Windows 8 Expected In 2012

Tweet In the latest rumour regarding Microsoft it has been discovered that the company plans to launch the eighth version of windows somewhere around 2012, it is being viewed as an effort to keep windows in competition with the increasing rivalry in market. Apart from the promotional slides that have been sent to Pc manufacturers some more slides have been leaked that give a peep into the basic... Read More »
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