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How to download WVC1 codec for Windows Media Player

Tweet WVC1 is also known as Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile, it implements a more recent and fully compliant advanced profile of the Vc1 codec standard. It supports interlaced content and is transport independent. With the previous version of the Windows Media Video 9 series codec users can deliver progressive content at data rates as low as one third that of the MPEG 2 codec and still get... Read More »

Download fun extras for your PC and phone

Tweet You can add some  features to your phone and PC and make them look better than before. You can download freeware and sharewares to customize your PC and phone. In this article we will discuss how to add fun extras for your phone and PC. Jazz up the look of your programs and icons You can set any wallpaper for your desktop and the choices of wallpaper,screen savers, and skins (images to customize... Read More »

6 useful Windows tricks

Tweet It is always better to have complete knowledge of your computer hardware and operating system. The knowledge gives you the power to use the computer to it maximum performance. There are so many feature which any normal user cannot get to know until it is revealed by manufacturer of the user learns himself. Here are 6 useful tricks for Windows operating systems: 1 Get the full screen view At times,... Read More »

How to Fix Windows 7 Video Error

Tweet Ever since the release of the windows 7 operating system, I have been one of the most faithful users, enjoying its advanced and interesting features till I could not watch a video any more. Having what is celebrated as the most advanced edition of the windows line of operating systems; I had hard time trying to figure out what had gone wrong with the windows 7 operating system I was using. But... Read More »

How Play a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player in Windows 7

Tweet With the help of the Windows Media Player you can play a variety of files which are stored in different Compatible Disks (CD) or DVDs. The files must be in the acceptable media formats which can be played on the media player. The DVDS and CDs can be played on the media player. You may even play burnt CDs however the quality of the videos might not be that good. Supposedly you have a drive and... Read More »
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How to Get Started with Windows Media Player

Tweet It is indeed an amazing experience to watch your videos on the Windows Media Player. One of the biggest reasons for the immense popularity of the Media Player is that it comes along with your copy of the Windows software. You need not install any extra utility on your desktop or laptop to enjoy amazing video playback. There are a lot of third party players available out there but challengingly... Read More »

How to Create or Change a Regular Playlist in Windows Media Player

Tweet When you are too fond of music or videos then you may find it interesting to be able to have a list which plays your favorite tracks in a manner you want it to. Windows Media Player provides a wonderful utility to cater this and it is called ability to create playlist. Well play list is simply a sequential list of digital files which you can create as per your requirement and then save with your... Read More »
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How to Stream Media to Devices and Computers Using Windows Media Player

Tweet Everybody has heard about media streaming. Every time you go online and listen to song or watch a movie without saving it in your computer the term is known as media streaming. In technical terms, the transference of a multimedia data constantly received by an end-user is called media streaming. All these devices like television, radio or cellular phone use this term but in the world of internet... Read More »

How to Sync Manually in Windows Media Player

Tweet Synchronization is a very useful process to share the data from one device from another. It is used for many work but nowadays teenagers are too much known to it. As window media player has an option to synchronize any device therefore it is widely used for the transference of songs. It backups and copies the songs from the device, ipod etc. It also removes the unneeded songs from the device.... Read More »

How to Set up a Device to Sync in Windows Media Player

Tweet Synchronization is a very well known type to backup or copy the data from one device to another. Whatever the medium is whether it is wired or wireless. Many people think that synchronization is similar to copying a file to one location to another but it is not just it. Synchronization really means the bond between two devices. If any file delete or added to the device synchronized, the changes... Read More »
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How to Change Your Windows Media Player Settings for Ripping Music

Tweet Windows Media Player enables you rip your audio from a CD and even change your rip settings and customize them for better quality. You can set how you want the files to be ripped or copied into your PC in a number of ways. There are two ways to go about this: Either, you can decide to change the settings by opening the player’s Library and clicking on the Rip Music icon that has extra settings... Read More »

How to Change Your Windows Media Player CD or DVD Burn Settings

Tweet Windows Media Player burn settings can be altered and customized to your unique preferences.  There are quite a number of settings that you can tailor to make the player better and efficient. To change the burn settings of your player, open your Windows Media Player from your programs, or if you had already opened it, simply click on the Library label and access and you can access the Burn... Read More »

How to Rip Music from a CD in Windows 7

Tweet To transfer songs from an audio CD to your PC, Windows Media Player has the Rip feature that makes this possible. It allows you to easily copy your favorite songs from an audio CD, a process referred to as ripping. Windows Media Player will save a copy of all the ripped files from your audio CD into its Library from where you can easily access them. To rip your music files from an audio CD: The... Read More »
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How to Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player

Tweet Windows Media Player can be used to burn you items, be it MP3 files, photos or videos in a CD or DVD. Burning simply refers to copying the items from your PC into an empty CD or DVD.  However, there are particular types of discs to use when transferring your files and Windows Media Player offers three types of discs. You can choose to burn audio CDs, Data CDs and Data DVDs, and the disc you... Read More »
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How to Perform Advanced Searches in Windows Media Player

Tweet You can easily search for items in your Windows Media Player Library and other online music stores using the advanced search feature. The player shows a list of possible search matches in the details pane. Other than that, it is easy to search for music via links to particular Library groupings; all you have to do is click on the drop down bullet of your Player’s search box. To access your... Read More »

Windows 7 N and KN Editions

Tweet Window 7 N edition and KN edition are void of Windows Media Player or any of the other Windows Media applications that include Windows Media Center, Windows DVD Maker and Windows Movie Maker. You cannot have your have any of the audio or video played or recorded on the said versions of Windows 7. This also means that you would not be able to use all the different products that include association... Read More »

How to Play an Audio or Video File in Windows 7

Tweet Do you want to listen to a song? How about watching a movie? Well, both of these things could be done through the use of the Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player is an application that can be used together with the other applications that Windows has to offer. Digital media files such as audio and video files can be navigated through this application and you can also organize your media... Read More »

How to Add or Edit Media Information in Windows Media Player

Tweet Windows Media Player has been reinvented to address the needs of video and music lovers to collect and organize all their media files in a very intuitive manner. In its latest version for Windows 7, this player has been refreshed, energized and intensified to address all essential information regarding the data on the playlist. Windows Media Player is an intelligent organizer where users... Read More »

How to Add Items to the Windows Media Player Library

Tweet Each one of us has a private and customized collection of pictures, music pieces and video clips on our computer. Not many people manage this asset as it should be done. All these pieces sometimes waver here and there in different folders, in different drives of the same computer. Till the time you do not need a specific item from your collection, this mess is easy to deal with. The problem... Read More »

How to Add or Change Album Art in Windows Media Player

Tweet Windows Media Player makes the playing of music and videos a notch more interesting than anything else. In a simple yet very intuitive way, Album art makes the detection, selection and organization of media files much easier and a lot more colorful. Album art can either automatically or manually placed on the album cover. This serves as a great organizational tool. Of course, one can customize... Read More »

How to locate Items On Windows Media Player Library

Tweet The past few versions of Windows Media Player have been quite basic. It is just a player that you use to play music. You  can change the skins, do some burning or ripping and nothing else really. In today’s new versions, the media library was given its much needed focus and attention. Windows utilizes a more rigorous media information base to help the users get the most out of their media... Read More »

How to troubleshoot Sound Problems after Installation of Vista Service Pack

Tweet After the installation of the Windows Vista service pack, there might be some of these problems with sound: There might be no sound on playing audio files or programs that have an audio component will not run. The speaker symbol may display the following message: No Audio Output Device is installed. The Sound Controller in Device Manager displays a yellow exclamation point. In order to fix these... Read More »

How to Set a Default Program for a Particular File Type in Windows 7

Tweet By default, Windows has assigned certain programs to be attributed to specific file types. For example, music files will initially run on Windows Media Player and webpage files will be opened in Internet Explorer. These programs are called default programs. Assigning a default program You can change the default program for web browsing, media playing, emailing, and other functions in your computer... Read More »

How to Stop Windows Media Player from Opening

Tweet A large number of people want to see their programs run on Windows Media Player but this creates a problem when due to default settings, it automatically opens. This creates a problem when you desire to use another media player. Simple Instructions to prevent Windows Media Player from opening by default It is not mandatory to always use Windows Media Player to run your media files. Anybody can... Read More »

Will WebM from Google lead to fragmentation of standards?

Tweet Google’s WebM, a royalty-free open source video format, recently recieved support from Mozilla and Opera Software, and all three browser makers have issued developer builds facilitating WebM incorporation. Google’s move was however interpreted by some analysts as a step towards fragmentation of standards. Ray Valdes, a Gartner analyst, was enthusiastic about the new open standard but wondered... Read More »