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Galaxy Jet Game for Windows® Phone 7

Tweet Author: Tomas Slavicek Version: 1.10.0 Download Size: 1 MB Operating System: Windows Phone 7 or higher Price: Free Galaxy Jet is the latest space shooter survival game for Windows Phone 7, which is available for free. This app uses the motion and direction sensor of the phone to control the movement of the space jet. You can tap your fingers to shoot laser at the incoming asteroids to survive... Read More »
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Windows Phone 7 Challenge

Tweet The world is changing with a very high speed. This is because of the emerging technologies that are coming every now and then. But this leads to many useful and also many useless products. Some products that are in the race of being the best one in the market either achieve their goal or they just make a fool out of the customer to sell their product. The main products that are not good in performance... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 Upgrade to Offer Cloud Support

Tweet CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, at the Mobile World Congress 2011, announced that Microsoft will launch an update later this year and this much awaited update will add a lot to Windows Phone 7. The update will add Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone 7. Along with Internet Explorer 9 this update will also carry support for Twitter. After this update Windows Phone 7 will also be able to use the... Read More »

Nokia® and Microsoft® join forces

Tweet Microsoft and Nokia have declared that they will forge a long-term strategic alliance in order to challenge their competitors in the mobile devices industry. At a news conference, President and CEO of Nokia, Mr. Stephen Elop, and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, discussed their high level new strategy. The alliance will be much deeper and more integrated than had it been with Android and Google.... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 will sync to Mac®

Tweet Microsoft has officially declared that a product will be released by them for permitting Windows Phone 7-based smartphones to sync content with Apple Macintosh computers. The Zune software is required for syncing information between Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and computers. However, Microsoft makes only the PC version for the application. Phones which are based on Windows Phone 7 were the first to... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update to get Internet Explorer® Mobile 9

Tweet Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, provided a glimpse of the company’s plans for the year 2011 as it addressed the Mobile World Congress. The company is planning to update its Window Phone 7 operating system. According to sources, Internet Explorer Mobile 9 will be available on Windows Phone 7. At present the users of Windows Phone 7 are using Internet Explorer Mobile, which is commonly... Read More »

ChevronWP7 Will Not Work On Next Version Of Windows® Phone 7

Tweet Microsoft is contemplating of blocking ChevronWP7 which permitted customers to unlock any sort of retails device of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) for side loading of application defying the payment criterion of 99 dollar per year for the marketplace account of WP7. The update will introduce the copy and paste features among other improvements. As per ChevronWP7 team, Chevron WP7 unlocking mechanism is... Read More »

HP WebOS Tablet PC

Tweet Early last year saw the acquisition of Palm by HP, which changed the market dynamics for HP as well as Palm and also Microsoft. Soon after the acquisition, HP announced its plans for surging forward using the WebOS platform to change the way tablets and smart phones work. At that time, there were rumors that HP would be releasing the PalmPad, carrying the Palm name forward with the new product... Read More »

Tablet PCs at MWC

Tweet Starting CES 2011, the year of 2011 was already announced as the year of smartphones and tablets. Soon after the CES, Dell and HP launched tablet computers. The tablet craze actually reached a feverish pitch. Motorola XOOM, HTC Flyer, LG Optimus Pad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia Tab, HP TouchPad, RIM PlayBook, Sony Xperia Play, Apple iPad, ASUS EePad, ViewSonic ViewPad, and many more were... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update

Tweet It is true that nowadays most of the people who are going for purchasing phones whether it is Nokia or Samsung, they always want the phone to have the most updated hardware and along with that the OS would be updated too. In several cases it was seen that most of the phones manufactured by Nokia were actually being run by the Symbian OS. This was a major problem with the phones because then most... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 or Google Android®?

Tweet If one is referring Gingerbread, it is believed that it is in fact Android 2.3 and not the 3.0 as rumoured previously. It is not actually known whether the specific date on which the Gingerbread operating system may be released, however, it is heard that it is going to be before the year end, and it will be in early part of the year 2011. So far as Droid X is concerned whether it will be updated,... Read More »

Microsoft®: Update glitch hit 10% of Windows® Phone 7 (WP7) users

Tweet It is very important to update software so as to get the latest version with new features. When the Windows Phone 7 operation system was launched, it was thought to be the latest and flawless version. But it also requires an update so that it performs in a better way. Software need to be updated at regular intervals. After the launch of the Windows Phone 7 operating system, there is news coming... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7-based ASUS® E600 smartphone

Tweet Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is likely to become the fastest-growing platform for operating systems in 2011. Windows Phone 7 has a unique and very simple user interface.  According to market analysts, Microsoft is finally managing to harness the evident design and user experience of its Xbox, Zune and Windows Live teams to create a proposition that is more than the sum of its parts. We can expect... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update may be delayed

Tweet Microsoft is facing issues related to their Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile phones. Although, Microsoft is regarded as the inventor of tablets, with their very early presentations and offerings, many, many years ago, when neither Apple nor any other known international player had even thought of tablets, Microsoft appears nowhere near staging a comeback or providing an alternative... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 data-uploading issue

Tweet Windows Phone 7 is the mobile operating system launched by Microsoft in the U.S. in October last year. Recently, an unexplained data upload trouble on some Windows Phone 7 devices by a few users was brought to notice. Users complained of some irregular data use that endangered to inflate users’ mobile phone bills. Microsoft acknowledged the existence of problems in Windows 7 Phone that... Read More »

Windows® Phone Marketplace Hits 9000 Apps

Tweet Modern developments in smartphone have created a benchmark in the industry of technology. People are opting smartphones than normal cell phones these days due to numerous features and firmware updates. The change in technology is helping the consumer to get more out of the simple cell phone. Firstly, the software market was limited for computers and now the market has diversified itself and now... Read More »

Hybrid Laptop from Lenovo®

Tweet After its successful strategic decision almost six years ago, of acquiring IBM’s PC business, Lenovo has emerged as the world’s 4th largest PC vendor and the largest PC vendor in China. Recent reviews show Lenovo positioning itself as the 5th largest PC vendor in India and proving themselves as a brand to stand with. In India alone, Lenovo claims to have grown 60% year on year. With the evolution... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update for Samsung®

Tweet The Windows Phone 7 update for the Samsung Omnia and Samsung Focus smartphones was launched in January 2011. Certain issues have been reported regarding the new update. Microsoft has advised Samsung phone owners to avoid repeated installation attempts till the next update and patch are ready. Microsoft seems to be working on this issue seriously and trying to resolve the said matter to the fullest... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 to Get Internet Explorer® 9

Tweet From the beginning of the 21St century, companies linked to the world of technology have been trying to offer the best services to people and more specifically their customers are recently aiming for competing with one another to present the best quality of services at the most affordable rates. Nowadays the main focus has been to earn the maximum rate of customer satisfaction. It is for this... Read More »

How to Write Apps

Tweet Many people have written interesting and unique apps for computers and portable mobile devices. Earlier only good software developers could write apps. Well, times have changed. Today, a little software development experience can help you in developing apps. There are many support platforms and wizards available from various resources. Apps have become a really major and important aspect in the... Read More »

Update for Microsoft® Windows® Phone 7

Tweet Microsoft is in the process of releasing an update for its Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile phones. This update is scheduled to provide functionality of copy and paste, performance enhancement, search improvement, and lots more. Some people are stating that the carriers and handset makers are responsible for the delay in the release of the update. However, let us hope that the updated... Read More »

Microsoft® tracks down ‘phantom data’ bug in Windows® Phone 7

Tweet Recently there were complaints on websites from users of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 claiming that their handsets were often sending quite large downloads of data overnight. Now over increased outrage expressed by a percentage of users, Microsoft has acknowledged that some Windows Phone 7-based smartphones are sending anomalous phantom data. Many of its users had claimed that their smartphone was... Read More »

Bing™ Visual Search Now Lets You Compare Apps

Tweet Bing Visual Search allows the “search by picture” feature, integrating the Silverlight technology, based on the .NET framework and Windows Presentation Foundation. It is a cross platform and a cross browser plug-in. The next generation Microsoft .NET offers media experience and rich interactive applications for the web, with features similar to those of Adobe Flash. Silverlight is compatible... Read More »

Top 10 Smartphones of 2010 that stole the show

Tweet Smartphones were the most popular gadgets in 2010 and here we discuss the top 10 smartphones of 2010. The number one slot is of course reserved for Apple iPhone. Despite the slight ups and downs, the market value and share never went down. The 4G version iPhone is the biggest seller to date. Here we are describing its specifications and features. It has some nice features like it is one of the... Read More »

Geohot Planning To Enter Windows® Phone 7 Jailbreak Scene

Tweet George Hotz, alias, Geohot, who is popularly known for hacking Play Station 3 and the iPhone, has recently shown interest towards Windows Phone 7 jailbreak scene. No software/technology firm will appreciate a hacker who will hack copyright stuff as it’s an offence against intellectual property right. Sony has taken strict measures against this hacker and they have also filed a case against... Read More »
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