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Windows XP Service Pack 2

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Updates to End

Tweet Windows XP has been a standard operating system for a long time since its market release for retail in 2001. From then on, it has been a reliable partner for businesses, corporations, professionals, or even to the simplest of students. A vital component of the Windows XP is its implementation of service packs. Service packs are what the laymen conveniently call “patches”. These are basic... Read More »

How to Configure the Windows Firewall Feature in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Tweet At first we have to know about the Windows firewall, basically it is known as Internet Connection Firewall or ICF. It is used to protect the boundary, between the monitors and restricts information which travels between your computer and a network or the internet and it provides a line of defense against someone who might try to access your computer from outside Windows Firewall without permission.... Read More »

How to Install and set up Bluetooth Devices in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Tweet Bluetooth device is a wireless device technology that is widely used in many aspects of our life today. Bluetooth devices are commonly found in a computer or a device to serve many wireless functions such as sending and receiving files. This article will discuss how to include an additional Bluetooth device, how to send a file with a Bluetooth device, and how to receive files using the Bluetooth... Read More »

How to Turn ON or OFF a Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Tweet A firewall is a software that is configured with a set of rules that will determine the flow of data to your computer from the Internet. Some major organizations use firewall to block certain data that is confidential to that organization. It serves as an application for security of digital information in such major organizations which is stored on the computer. Firewall is essential even for... Read More »
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