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Windows XP Six Times More Susceptible to Hacking Than Windows 8

Tweet Are you yet not ready to bid adieu to Windows XP operating system even after Microsoft has stopped support for this version within coming six months? If not, then you need to plunge at the idea of migrating to Windows 8 or 7 in order to keep PCs safe from hackers. That’s right! Windows XP has been discovered to be an easier target of hackers as this version of operating system has sported higher... Read More »
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Beware Net-banking Users, Shylock Strikes Back

Tweet Watch out when you access and transact from your online banking account! The notorious Capshaw aka Shylock strikes back. The resurgence of online banking malware, Shylock or known as Caphaw, has been spotted to affect customers of 24 financial institutions. The security firm Zscaler has reported on Wednesday that an increasing number of Shylock infections resurged in the last month, well after... Read More »

Kiaro! color inkjet label printer for labeled printing

Tweet A renowned brand of Astro-Med, Inc., QuickLabel Systems has announced the release of its fastest label printer, called Kiaro! color inkjet label printer. Made for businesses that require to print their own labels, Kiaro! color inkjet label printer comes equipped with Custom QuickLabel Omni labeling software, a USB 2.0 cable, a printer driver for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating... Read More »

Microsoft® Windows® security patches

Tweet In January 2011, Microsoft released two bulletins for patching up three shortcomings related to security measures which can affect the Windows operating system. The major vulnerabilities of serious nature can be exploited through drive-by downloading websites as warned by the software company. Flaws for the drive-by download which were covered through MS11-002 were briefed to Microsoft through... Read More »

Updates for Google™ Chrome

Tweet Developers are working on updating the Google Chrome browser to resolve issues that may be affecting its performance. Right now Google is hoping to bring down the crash rate considerably. All the major browsers are rushing to release a production quality browser with hardware accelerated graphics, but it seems Google will be crossing the finish line first. Last year Google had started offering... Read More »

Windows® 7 Migration Tool

Tweet Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft and has gained good popularity among the masses. This looks like a refined and bug free version of Windows Vista. Users of Windows Vista can upgrade to this operating system very easily through the simple upgrade path, but users who do not have Windows Vista, will have to take a longer path in order to upgrade to Windows 7. Technically... Read More »

How to start Microsoft® Outlook Express in Safe Mode

Tweet Microsoft Outlook Express is the default e-mail application which comes bundled with the Windows operating system till Windows XP. It got renamed as Windows Mail in Windows Vista and later the name of the actual executable remained the same. Microsoft Outlook Express is a free application which can be used to configure POP, IMAP e-mail accounts so that e-mails can be read and written. As far... Read More »

Microsoft® disables AutoRun on Windows® XP and Windows® Vista to prevent malware infections

Tweet Autorun is an in built feature of Windows that routinely runs a program made distinct by the’autorun.inf’ file whenever a CD-ROM, USB or DVD is plugged into a computer that is Windows-based. Autorun automatically starts any installer when a media that is removable is inserted into the computer drive. Autorun has, however, become a major security risk with the increase in the number... Read More »

FTP Client Cyberduck 4 Brings Support for Windows and Cloud Storage

Tweet Cyberduck, the free and popular file transfer application, has released a new update. Version 4.0 extends the much-awaited indigenous Windows support, while adding also new features such as the power to upload the various services of cloud storage and maintenance for files to the extent of five terabytes in size. The other significant feature is that Cyberduck may now look after one’s Google... Read More »

How to delete your usage history tracks in Windows®

Tweet Windows is the most used operating system in the world. In this post I will let you know how to erase your computer usage tracks so that others are not able to see what you work upon. Since Windows XP, a lot of emphasis was given to the computer security and two different Windows accounts cannot check other users without a password. But even in Windows XP, the Administrator can anytime log into... Read More »

How to Clear the Thumbnail Cache in Windows®

Tweet Thumbnails are small representations of image files which are shown up Windows Explorer. These thumbnails replace the actual image icon and are displayed as icons, thus making easier for the user to identify the image without even opening it. Thumbnails are created by the Windows operating system automatically but this is done only for the Windows image file types or the global image file types.... Read More »

HP Mini 110 Netbook

Tweet A big laptop seller HP is now going to introduce its latest notebook Mini 110. HP Mini 110 is actually an update of HP’s netbook lineup. This Mini 110 comes with a lot of different improvements when compared to the previous netbooks of HP as it includes larger capacities of drives, improved performance of graphics and a lot of color options with it. This Mini 110 is available in 3 vibrant colors:... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update for Samsung®

Tweet The Windows Phone 7 update for the Samsung Omnia and Samsung Focus smartphones was launched in January 2011. Certain issues have been reported regarding the new update. Microsoft has advised Samsung phone owners to avoid repeated installation attempts till the next update and patch are ready. Microsoft seems to be working on this issue seriously and trying to resolve the said matter to the fullest... Read More »

Windows® 7: Moving beyond Windows® Vista

Tweet When we talk of development, we mean to embrace the new and say good bye to the old. There are a lot of new and improved technologies that are being discovered each day and people are finding new and improved means to stay in touch with the latest technical innovations. In the recent times we have seen that people have been very particular and choosy regarding the aspects of the OS and they have... Read More »

Microsoft® releases update to stop AutoRun

Tweet Microsoft has launched an update for the AutoRun feature. The company is now pushing the update to Windows Vista and Windows XP users automatically. When Microsoft had first deployed the update on the 8th of February, it said the patch would be offered as an optional download. For retrieving it, users had to manually checkmark the “KB971029” update in the “Software, Optional”... Read More »
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New Apple® MacBook laptops run Windows® 7 Only

Tweet Apple has withdrawn support for the older versions of Windows OS namely the Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has always displayed stubbornness about backward compatibility and providing support for outdated software and hardware. The Boot Camp utility allows users in the Apple Mac OS X to install and run other Operating Systems on it. But now the new MacBook Pros which were announced recently... Read More »

How to Uninstall Microsoft® Office 2010 Technical Preview

Tweet Microsoft Office 2010 has been designed to work easily, quickly and intuitively. The version has also made it easier for employees to stay connected to their office from almost anywhere, through some add-on tools and features. Although the Microsoft Office 2010 application has proved to be extremely beneficial to corporates and home users alike, many people have faced difficulties while uninstalling... Read More »

How to Use a RAC Client

Tweet Remote access is gaining popularity day by day because this is the easiest way to work on your computer through a remote connection. You can work on the remote computer just like you were actually sitting in front of it. This technology is mostly used by tech support companies which let their technicians connect to the computers of their customers so that they can easily find, and fix the problem.... Read More »

How to Log on With Administrative Privileges

Tweet It was with Windows XP that security concerns were taken very seriously in operating systems and many security features were introduced. The most important and widely accepted measure was the advent of the NTFS file system, which gave security a whole new definition. With NTFS as your file system, you can set security according to your needs and requirements and one can customise the security... Read More »

How to Extract the Boot Image From a Bootable CD

Tweet Disks used for installing operating systems are generally bootable so that they can take control of the system and install the operating system. This is required because there is not operating system on a new hard drive, and in order to install the operating system, you need a running computer, and this can only be done if you get a workable interface by the installation disk itself. All the... Read More »

How to reset Windows® XP password

Tweet Passwords are used in Windows for security reasons and people set tough passwords to restrict hackers or other users to use their personal information. But sometimes you have to reset the log in password in Windows. It may be for some reasons such as you purchased a second-hand computer and the password is not known to you. Sometime there are other reasons like you are restoring back an old computer... Read More »

Smartphones can contribute to spread of viruses in 2011

Tweet Smartphones are getting very popular and with its advantages, there are some disadvantages also. These devices are vulnerable to cyber threats. Antivirus makers are speculating that smartphones will contribute to the spread of viruses in 2011. Keeping these threats in mind, one of the antivirus companies, Trend Micro, said cyber crimes will increase as smartphones become more widespread in 2011.... Read More »

How to Password Protect Windows® XP

Tweet Passwords are used in Windows for security reasons and people set a tough password to restrict hackers or other users from using their personal information. If you do not want other people to use and check your personal information, you must have password protection for Windows XP. In all the Windows versions, starting from Windows 98, the process is almost same to set an administrator password. It... Read More »

How to Remove Windows® Vista Password?

Tweet Passwords are very important for security purpose and everyone keeps a strong password for their computers. If you want to delete the user password in Windows Vista, you can easily do it. Windows Vista is not very different from Windows XP and you can do the same process you are doing for Windows XP. Sometime there are other reasons like you are restoring back an old computer that has not been... Read More »

Apple® Mac OS X 10.6.6 introduces subtle changes to Boot Camp

Tweet Apple plans to drop support and development of drivers for Windows XP and Windows Vista?  Is it true? Actually, the suspicion emerges from the new demands on the screen from Boot Camp that comes with Mac OS X 10.6.6. The system now prompts the user for a genuine copy of Windows 7. Boot Camp is included with the latest version of Mac OS X 10.6.6. According to the site MacNN, Apple might have... Read More »
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