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Top 5 Video Chat Options for You

Tweet Near or far, video chat enables you to talk face-to face with someone you care about. And since the technology has garnered much praise, there are number of options being introduced every now and then. Thus, exclusively for you, we have shortlisted the best video chatting options available. Skype Our top favorite is Skype. Why, simply because it is a powerhouse. It not just supports instant messaging... Read More »

Spring clean your digital ecosystem for optimized performance

Tweet Spring is finally upon us – a season that brings with it a regular custom of cleaning and reviving back our household accessories to celebrate the spring time festivity. But why leave our digital devices behind – the devices that had been running in half-frozen state all through the winter season? So, go beyond your regular dusting sessions and give your digital ecosystem a deep cleaning... Read More »

Here’s a great download manager for your computer

Tweet Not every web browser has a download manager built-in, so downloads wouldn’t be managed by your browser. Opera browser has a decent download manager in it but most other browsers do not have a manager. So you need to have a download manager on your computer to manage downloads easily. ochDownloader is a great application for your computer if you’re looking for a download manager. This download... Read More »

Mozilla® releases Firefox 14 version

Tweet After releasing Firefox 13, Mozilla has lately announced the availability of its newest version Firefox 14. With priority given to security, the upgraded version of Firefox, Firefox 14 is outfitted with a slew of state-of-the-art features, making web browsing secure and web applications more potent. To offer superior security, Mozilla Firefox 14 has made Google Searches more secure, protecting... Read More »

First Look: Microsoft® Office 2013

Tweet Designed with Windows 8 in mind, Microsoft Corp. has unveiled the customer preview of Microsoft Office 2013. The most recent version of Microsoft Office is primarily an effort to make over the market-leading productivity suite from merely a computer-based application to a software that can be conveniently used on any device, and from anywhere. Incorporating an intuitive design that works well... Read More »

Microsoft® launches Windows® 8 Release Preview

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation has launched the Windows 8 Release Preview one day before its scheduled date of 01 June. The Release Preview is the third and final in Microsoft’s trio of Windows 8 pre-releases. This is the last major update of Windows 8 before the client code is released to manufacturers. Features of Windows 8 Release Preview According to Microsoft, the Windows 8 Release... Read More »
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Wireless speaker for Windows® launched

Tweet Oregon-based Aperion Audio has announced the launch of a wireless speaker that allows Windows-using music fans to listen to their favorite track from anywhere where there is a home network connection. How it functions? Named ARIS wireless speaker, the unit is developed to work with Windows 7’s ‘Play To’ feature that makes it easy to stream content from a PC over a home network. ARIS uses... Read More »

Microsoft® to use Dolby Digital® Technology in Windows® 8 PCs and tablets

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will incorporate Dolby Laboratories sound technology in its upcoming operating system Windows 8-based PCs and tablets. Windows 8 will support the playback of Dolby-encoded files, with the firm saying that it will offer out-of-the-box support. According to Microsoft, Dolby Digital Plus will be supported on all versions of Windows 8 including... Read More »

Microsoft® announces cleanup of its app market

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation will from now onwards be paying more attention to the icons, titles, and content of the apps that are available on its Windows Marketplace, and expects them to get more subtle and modest in the imagery used.   Content policy for app store According to the recent official blog post, Microsoft’s content policies for the app store do not allow apps containing... Read More »

A New Twist in Flashback Mac® Malware Story

Tweet The deadly Flashback malware recently shook up the entire world by claiming more than 600,000 Macs worldwide. Although the malware is now somewhat in control, but it was a real shocker for all those Mac users who used to boast about the impermeability of their PCs. But the new findings made by the antivirus firm Sophos have given a twist to the whole story. According to Sophos, a Mac computer... Read More »
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Nokia® Lumia 610 NFC to be launched with Orange®

Tweet At last, Nokia has officially announced that its NFC-enabled Nokia Lumia 610 handset will be launched on the Orange network in the third quarter of 2012. The new Nokia handset can easily pair with NFC-equipped accessories and tags. In addition, it can support MasterCard PayPassR and Visa payWave NFC payment systems for contactless payments. According to Ilari Nurmi, head of product marketing... Read More »
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Windows® 3.1 completes twenty years this April!

Tweet It is difficult to imagine a time when there was no Windows operating systems and Microsoft was not so known. But if you actually see, there had to be a time when Windows operating systems were born and when people were beginning to witness a revolution. Yes, April was the month, 20 years ago, when the first Windows operating system from Microsoft, the Windows 3.1, was released. It is the great... Read More »
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5 Essential Windows 7 Tips

Tweet It has been one of the most popular operating System that will has brought Microsoft back in to the market of faster computer. Windows 7 after the failure of Windows Vista as emerged as a true leader in the Operating System. Though it is always advisable, to know your operating system so that you can computer better with your computer. Today we will share some handy tips that will help you to... Read More »
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How to Streamline Your Windows 7 Experience

Tweet Windows 7 was specifically designed to keep the user experience in mind and what could be the better feature to increase the experience than Windows Explorer. There are some basic tips and tricks which can make the digital experience more friendly and effective. Here are some of the simple tips and steps to streamline the Windows 7 experience: Step1: Customize the favorite lists: The favorite... Read More »
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Minime tool for Minimizing Active Windows

Tweet Have you ever ran into a situation where you have opened so many windows that there is no space in the taskbar. If this happens, the size of the window buttons reduces and you cannot even read and identify which button is for which window. The situation worsens if multiple windows are of the same type because in this case even the icon image looks the same on these buttons. To avoid such situation... Read More »
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Apps beat browser and voice in mobile device usage survey

Tweet There is no doubt that smartphones and tablets will break all records when it comes to the downloading of apps. Surveys by Zokeim, a mobile search firm, indicate the same. Apps are definitely popular and are many times more in use than voice or browsing. While Gartner reports 33 percent Android usage, 31 percent Symbian usage, 16 percent Apple iOS, 14 percent RIM, 3 percent Windows and 3 percent... Read More »

Microsoft® Windows® security patches

Tweet In January 2011, Microsoft released two bulletins for patching up three shortcomings related to security measures which can affect the Windows operating system. The major vulnerabilities of serious nature can be exploited through drive-by downloading websites as warned by the software company. Flaws for the drive-by download which were covered through MS11-002 were briefed to Microsoft through... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 will sync to Mac®

Tweet Microsoft has officially declared that a product will be released by them for permitting Windows Phone 7-based smartphones to sync content with Apple Macintosh computers. The Zune software is required for syncing information between Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and computers. However, Microsoft makes only the PC version for the application. Phones which are based on Windows Phone 7 were the first to... Read More »

How to tile two windows with just two clicks

Tweet Windows is a graphical operating system, which can be used for multi-tasking. Each and every operation in Windows can be done with the help of a pointing device like mouse or touch pad. We are now so in habit of multitasking that seldom there is just one window open. We always have more than one window open in the task bar and we keep on switching between the windows while working on various... Read More »

Linux® distributor security list destroyed after hacker compromise

Tweet Although Linux has been termed as a secure OS, kernel level malicious attacks can still happen. This is not the first time that the Vendor-Sec distributor security list has been compromised. It happened earlier in 2005 also. Is Linux just as vulnerable as any of the other available operating systems, is a point of discussion. At the root of it, let us be sure of one thing, practices of the users... Read More »
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Microsoft® patches Windows® and Internet Explorer®

Tweet In February 2011, Microsoft issued three bulletins related to the Internet Explorer (IE) security based patches for each week. These bulletins address 22 security vulnerabilities. MS11-003 carries updates related to 4 vulnerabilities. Also included is a fix for the bug that is outlined in the Microsoft advisory. This is a bug that could give outsiders access to a person’s settings. Focused... Read More »

The iPad® Now Can Take Command of Computers

Tweet You can control one PC from another by using certain applications. The process and the set-up are not easy to do, but it is used by companies as a maintenance and training tool. It is also helpful for some consumers as it can be used for troubleshooting purposes. Now you can control a PC from a multi-touch tablet computer. There are several applications available for that. These applications... Read More »

Intel® is not worried about the move of Microsoft® towards ARM processors

Tweet Intel has announced that it is not worried over the move of Microsoft to port Windows to ARM processors. An Intel spokesperson said that Intel will be able to provide low power Windows which can match with the Atom processor or x86 processor family chipsets. Intel’s Executive Vice President Dadi Perlmutter also stated that by the time Microsoft manages to get a new version of Windows as... Read More »

Microsoft® Silverlight integration for Windows®

Tweet Several web browsers are nowadays available to surf the Internet with great ease. With the advancements in web technologies, it has become quite easy to watch videos or listen music online. Various websites provide support for playing games online. The advancement of such capabilities of web browsers is due to the background coding. If you connect your web browser to Internet it updates the necessary... Read More »

Android™ Market should scan for malware

Tweet Android Market apps need to be scanned for malicious content in order to protect Android users from downloading apps that look fine but are in fact malicious and harmful. A few days back, Google had removed almost two dozen apps that were infected by malicious software capable of stealing data and rooting devices. Most of these were disguised as legitimate apps and they were removed after they... Read More »
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