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How To Speed Up Your Home Network

Tweet Using wireless internet these days at home is just like home phones in 80’s. They are very important so much that even a slow internet connection makes us furious. Using Wireless internet is not always fast and can make interne to work slow. Today we will discuss something similar to that. We will discuss steps to improve the performance of the home network. Step 1: Please make sure you have... Read More »
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Qualcomm and Microsoft Head Towards Innovation After Joining Hands

Tweet Qualcomm is one of the biggest venture investment groups that came in the market in the year of 2000. The company had the initial allocation of $500 millions. The main focus of the company is to support the 3G and wireless internet market. They are the leader in the next generation mobile technology and they have been in the system for over a decade supporting to innovations and development of... Read More »

Apple iPhone

Tweet Apple iPhone is the intelligent answer to the modern, technically astute person who would like to have all the combined advantages of three modern day technologies of wireless internet technology, mobile phone and iPod at the tip of the fingers. The ability to control this new user interface that rests entirely on large multi-touch display with the use of revolutionary new software is the most... Read More »
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