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Microsoft® pushes more Kinect-like user interfaces

Tweet When Kinect was brought in by Microsoft, the handheld controllers for human voice commands and gestures were done away with. But now in a reversal, Microsoft wants that not just Kinect, but also Kinect-like interfaces to be used for games and other products. In other words, it is Microsoft’s opinion that natural user interfaces like Kinect should not be simply restricted to video games. The... Read More »

Microsoft® preparing official Kinect drivers and SDK for Windows®

Tweet Well it is now official that Microsoft is preparing official Kinect drivers and also SDK for the Window based desktops. The Kinect device is used with Xbox 360 gaming console without the need for a controller. In a press release, Microsoft confirmed that they sold 8 million Kinect sensors in a matter of 60 days only. The success story of Kinect has been phenomenal and people have recognized the... Read More »

Kinect engineer shifts to Google™

Tweet One of the fathers of KINECTS is now shared by Google. Do you remember Johnny Chung Lee? No? Here is the reference for you. This man had hijacked a very clever way for the famous Nintendo Wiimote to create “touch” interfaces. Following his brilliant demonstration, Lee had been hired by Microsoft and has participated in Project Natal, in other words Kinect, visual interface for the... Read More »

Microsoft to Gain $2 Billion with Xbox Kinect Sales

Tweet Analysts predict that with higher subscription growth and sales from Xbox 360 Kinect, Microsoft could a real winner, with possibilities of their Share values going as high as $37 triggered mainly by Kinect, along with Windows 7 systems and enterprise spending. Analyst predictions Caris & Company’s analyst Sandeep Aggarwal predicts that there will be fifteen to twenty-five percent of Xbox... Read More »
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Highlights of Xbox 360 Slim & Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Tweet Xbox 360 slim has already been selling in some selected stores in the US, while some sources say that Xbox Kinect will be bundled in a package for a reasonable price. UK and the rest of Europe will be able to taste a bite of the new releases from mid July. The new console from Microsoft has been priced at 199 dollars. Xbox Kinect is a new wave of controllers from Microsoft. Actually there are... Read More »

Which is Better Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Move?

Tweet In 2006, Nintendo introduced a motion based controller to its Wii. But console companies like Sony and Microsoft as well as some industry analysts thought that such development was unappealing for gamers. They turned out to be wrong. Nintendo dominated the market in this area for four years until Sony and Microsoft changed their opinions about it and admitted that such technology is the next... Read More »
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