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How to tile two windows with just two clicks

Tweet Windows is a graphical operating system, which can be used for multi-tasking. Each and every operation in Windows can be done with the help of a pointing device like mouse or touch pad. We are now so in habit of multitasking that seldom there is just one window open. We always have more than one window open in the task bar and we keep on switching between the windows while working on various... Read More »

How to stop all ads in Hotmail™

Tweet Hotmail can be considered to be the first public e-mail services provider and has served the people amazingly since then. It has many times upgraded the interface to give a better working environment to its users and make it more and more user friendly. Till date Hotmail has been the most widely used and most trusted e-mail service. Recently they did a collaboration with Microsoft Live and now... Read More »

How to repair Microsoft® Outlook Express after corruption

Tweet Microsoft Outlook Express is the default e-mail client provided by Microsoft in all its operating systems. This application is very useful for sending and receiving e-mails. Outlook Express downloads the e-mails locally on the hard drive along with all its formatting and attachments so that you can read the mails even when you are not connected to the Internet. This is certainly a great application... Read More »

Suggestions for protection from viruses

Tweet Each day some new viruses are developed, which are aimed at damaging computers or the data stored on them. To counter this problem, antivirus programmers develop new virus definitions and updates for dealing with new security threats. Though there are many antivirus and antispyware programs available in the market, still there is a lot which we often neglect and fall prey to these attacks. Let... Read More »

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Tweet Basically HPC is high performance computing, which brings together multiple computers, software, and expertise to solve problems too difficult to solve by other means within a specific time frame. HPC is something that emerged after the concept of supercomputing. While a supercomputer is a subset of the high performance computer, supercomputing is actually a subset of HPC (High performance computing). HPC... Read More »

Computer issues that users may face

Tweet Nowadays computers are more than what they were meant for. They are used for several purposes and have reduced the burden of work. It is really great to use computers as they perform tasks with high speed and accuracy. There is plenty of work that we cannot do without the help of these new age devices. These are really great in terms of the quality and the quantity of work they provide. When... Read More »

How to recover from data corruption in Microsoft® Outlook

Tweet Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used e-mail client. It is a product from Microsoft and thus it is used the most on Microsoft networks and Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft Outlook is quite an old application which has gone through a series of enhancements in each of its new versions and still it is continuing to provide more and more to its users. Microsoft Outlook allows users to configure... Read More »

How To Check Unauthorized Access to Wi-Fi®

Tweet Wireless networks are gaining popularity with each passing day and more and more people are getting rid of the old Ethernet cables and getting a wireless network installed. Ethernet cables are considered to be the safest way of communication because no one can illegally hook a cable into your router and steal your network resources, but when it comes to wireless networks this can be easily done... Read More »

How to change the default file ‘Save As’ location in Microsoft® Word

Tweet Microsoft Word is the most widely used text editing software and most of the times we are working on it for our daily work. This text editing software now has several options for creating rich documents full of graphics, formatting, images, hyperlinks, objects, tables and anything which you wish to add in your document. By default Microsoft Word created DOC files but this extension has changed... Read More »

How to connect two computers using a null modem

Tweet Have you ever taken a look at all the port and connectors available at the back of your computer tower? You will find connectors like for LAN, Sound, Parallel Port (15 Pin), Serial Port (9 Pin), Serial Port (15 Pin), VGA (15 Pin) and many more. We know that VGA is used for connecting the display device, parallel port is used for connecting printers, serial ports are used for connecting old external... Read More »

How to Create PDF files in Microsoft® Word

Tweet PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is the most widely used document format from Adobe which has gained immense popularity because of its features. Any kind of information, be it text, image, tables, charts, hyperlinks, etc can all be consolidated into one single document and sent across. PDF also works seamlessly on web pages and viewers for PDF files are free of cost. You can download... Read More »

How to preserve notebook battery life

Tweet We often complain for poor battery performance our notebook computers. It drains fast as soon as the external power source is removed. But have ever thought that it we who is responsible for the same. We use the battery in such a manner that its life degrades with time and it is not able to deliver the performance which it could actually have given. In this post I will discuss some practices... Read More »

How to stop people from stealing your online information

Tweet Most of our personal or professional work is done on computers. We keep important files, data and other sorts of crucial and critical information on the computers. We keep many of our personal photographs on our computers and much more stuff which is likely to be very personal in nature. In today’s world computer information theft is becoming a pain with each passing day as the hackers are... Read More »

How To See if your Wireless Router is Working

Tweet The use of wireless routers has increased. There have been advancements in technology related to the number of different devices which can be connected to the router, the connection techniques, and much more. At times it becomes little difficult to troubleshoot wireless problems in case your Internet connection stops working or some other problem. Your devices may show that they are connected... Read More »
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How to improve your E-mail Etiquette

Tweet E-mails have become the most commonly used mode of written communication. People have literally stopped using the traditional hard paper mailing system and rely only on e-mail now days. E-mails play a vital role especially in corporate communication and often lead to confusions when not written and addressed properly. In this post I will discuss several steps to improve your e-mail writing etiquettes... Read More »
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How to Enhance the Life of a Printer Toner

Tweet There are many printer models and types available in the market which can suit your pocket, but purchasing a printer is not all, as every printer would require timely refill of its cartridges. If you have a dot-matrix printer, you need to buy new ribbons regularly, if you have an inkjet printer then you would need new ink cartridges time to time, and if you are using a laser printer then you... Read More »

Windows® 7 Migration Tool

Tweet Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft and has gained good popularity among the masses. This looks like a refined and bug free version of Windows Vista. Users of Windows Vista can upgrade to this operating system very easily through the simple upgrade path, but users who do not have Windows Vista, will have to take a longer path in order to upgrade to Windows 7. Technically... Read More »

How to close an unresponsive program in Windows®

Tweet Windows is the most widely used operating system and this is the one for which the maximum software and applications are designed. Windows is a good multitasking operating system and has offered a lot to its users. You can work on multiple programs with ease and keep many applications open at a time. All applications and files are handled by the operating system and they stay resident in the... Read More »

Steps to take if a laptop gets wet

Tweet No matter how much cautious we are, or how much care we take, accidents are bound to happen. You might keep your desk very clean and free of any kinds of liquids or water but it may happen that you accidentally end up spilling something on your laptop. As we know that laptops are electronic devices which have extensive mesh of wiring on PCBs inside it. There are many electronic devices inside... Read More »
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How to Speed Up Windows® Shutdown

Tweet Windows is the most widely used operating system. We intentionally or unintentionally install so many applications and programs on it that after sometime the operating system becomes sluggish. Being the most widely used operating system it is also the prime target of viruses and other infections which worsen the situation. All this does not only result in slow working of the computer but also... Read More »

Troubleshooting Overheating Issues In Laptops

Tweet If your laptop suddenly overheats and shuts down, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. There are very many reasons why the overheating problem begins. The keyboard area as well as the laptop bottom area heat up when the laptop is being used. The CPU fans keep operating throughout and suddenly start becoming louder and noisier than before. The laptop shuts down suddenly without a warning.... Read More »

How to start Microsoft® Outlook Express in Safe Mode

Tweet Microsoft Outlook Express is the default e-mail application which comes bundled with the Windows operating system till Windows XP. It got renamed as Windows Mail in Windows Vista and later the name of the actual executable remained the same. Microsoft Outlook Express is a free application which can be used to configure POP, IMAP e-mail accounts so that e-mails can be read and written. As far... Read More »

How to add BCC in an E-mail message

Tweet You must have heard about the terms – CC and BCC in context of e-mails, and probably would have used the CC field for sending e-mails to many people at the same time. CC stands for Carbon Copy and this field is used for sending a copy of any e-mail to more people other than the actual recipient. CC is very much used in the corporate culture where-in e-mails are send to the intended person and... Read More »

How To Recover WEP Key in any Windows® version

Tweet WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. As the name speaks it is a security feature in wireless networks to make it as secure as wired networks. Sneaking into wired networks is very difficult because you have to make a direct cable connection with the router to do that, but in wireless networks if proper security measures are not taken then anyone can connect to your wireless router if he or... Read More »

How to connect PCs through USB cables

Tweet USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it is a technology which offers high data transfer rates between a device and a computer. USB these days is used to connect almost any kind of device to the computer and the best part of USB is that you can have multiple devices (up to 127) connected to the same USB port at the back of your computer. All you will need will be splitting USB cable to make... Read More »
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