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Latest developments in top search engines and social networking websites.

Ashley Madison Data Breach Instance: An Overview

Tweet You’ve all read about the Ashley Madison data hack that rocked the globe, ever since the incident was reported last month. While it is a scary situation to be in for the members, even the non-members are equally tensed – who wouldn’t be affected to know about his/her partner’s cheating escapades outside marriage? For the uninitiated, Ashley Madison is a website for the adults looking... Read More »

LinkedIn introduces new security tools

Tweet Lately, LinkedIn released new security features to enable its users manage authenticated sessions on various devices. Called as “See where you are logged in,” this new feature lets you see where, when and on what devices you are logged in to your LinkedIn account. You can even know the corresponding location, IP address, OS and browser type used to login to your account. And if you want or... Read More »

Facebook includes a new feature “Save”

Tweet Save- the new feature introduced by Facebook enable users to revisit links, places, movies, TV shows, music, posts, books content or feeds whenever you want. This archival feature is primarily designed for people who don’t find time to explore and want to view at a later time.  The best part is you don’t have to be online to read the saved pages. What Facebook has to say about ‘Save’? According... Read More »

Orkut is going to die, but you can save your data

Tweet There was a time when Google’s very first social networking site “Orkut” was in great demand. But with the advent of other social networking websites, soon the traffic on Orkut came down. Thus the owner of the website, Google has now decided to say goodbye to Orkut on September 30, 2014. Fortunately, till then you can continue using the website and even export your data, pictures as well... Read More »

How to report spam on Twitter?

Tweet Recently you posted a Tweet about a new job opening in your company and soon your account flooded with job opportunities from different Twitter users. Well, this is a common spam problem that most of the Twitter users face every time they Tweet something that involve mass attention. A spam in Twitter is nothing but a prohibited behavior that disturbs human sentiments and violates the Twitter... Read More »

Facebook Shared Photo Album with Multiple Contributors

Tweet Interested in sharing photos in a group? Facebook allows you this facility… As per the latest Facebook update, you can use your Facebook account to create shared photo albums and visit and re-visit all your nostalgic moments – be it a college reunion, a classmate’s wedding or even your kid’s first Parents Day in school! And what’s more? To this album there can be up to 50 contributors... Read More »
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Get status of your flight, reservation and more with Google’s new update

Tweet Lately Google released a bunch of updates for its most popular and highly used search engine. This new update will enable you to see status of your flight, package delivery and hotel reservation right from the search engine. Sound confusing yet exciting? In an easy language, Google will act like your personal assistance of sorts, almost like Google Now. Filtering through your Google+ account,... Read More »
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Facebook to launch mobile payment program to make online purchases

Tweet Facebook is all about sharing, communicating, networking and marketing. Whether you want to get noticed, get a job or get connected, there is so much that you can do using Facebook. And now purchasing is also possible. Facebook is expected to release a new mobile payment feature to enable users to make purchases simply by logging into a retailer’s app with their Facebook credentials. However,... Read More »

Google makes data on Cloud Storage safe from prying eyes

Tweet There are many reasons that make Google’s Cloud Storage the most efficient and reliable infrastructure to store, access and manage data to date. It offers quick and easy access to your data from anywhere at any time. Also, there is no limit to store and manage your date. And now Google has introduced an automatic encryption for its Cloud Storage service. According to this update, all your... Read More »

Secure your Twitter account in just two steps

Tweet Up until now, Twitter was known to offer breaking news, information on global events, local updates and a ground-breaking platform to indulge in healthy conversations. And now for your security, Twitter has geared up to combat the growing number of hacking attacks, making your account absolutely safe from unauthorized logins. The two-step authentication measure, available from today as an option,... Read More »

Play a Matchmaker with Youshouldtotallymeet App

Tweet They say matches are made in heaven. But in this age of online social networking, it’s no surprise; matches are made on digital platforms. Gone are the days when matches were made through sister’s friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s brother’s son’s aunt’s daughter. 2013 is the modern era, where everything happens on social networking site like Facebook. And lately an app ‘YouShouldTotallyMeet’... Read More »

Listen or Tweet music with Twitter #Music app

Tweet If you are using Twitter #Music app and wondering how it is different from other music services, the answer is new music-discovery service wrapped in a stunning user interface. Currently available for iPhone, this app allows you to discover the most popular tracks and emerging artists. Twitter #Music app is the best place to find music-related information, find and follow musicians, and learn... Read More »

How to enable Touch Mode in Office 2013

Tweet The new Office 2013 suite offers delightful new dimensions to your Windows 8 touch-optimized experience by offering newer styles of interactions that are touch-based. A number of new touch-based gestures have been included by Microsoft in its latest Office productivity suite to improve user’s overall experience and help them quickly perform tasks when working on a touch screen device. Touch... Read More »

Microsoft Office 2013: How to turn your PDFs into “Real” Documents

Tweet What is your best bet when you want to edit the text in a PDF file? Anyone who wants to edit a PDF file knows how frustrating it can be. Since most of the PDF files come in a “read-only” format, for most of you, the best way to edit your PDF files is to convert them into a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet with the help of PDF converters. But all these software have their own disadvantages,... Read More »

Facebook Graph Search: An awesome search tool or a hacker’s paradise?

Tweet Facebook took the world by storm when it announced the launch of Facebook Graph Search – a tool that gives people the power and mechanism to search through the massive pile of information, photos, Likes, music, and other data that is present on the site. For those who don’t know much about this latest release, Facebook Graph Search is a new search engine tool that allows you to explore things... Read More »

Selective Sync comes to SkyDrive: Sharing files and folders made easy

Tweet Does your SkyDrive looks like a jumbled collection of videos, family photographs, business and personal documents, music files, and more? Do you always wish to sync only important business documents to your office computer, but end up syncing all that’s stored on your cloud? Now with Microsoft’s recent update, you can sort out this mess and keep your files and folders in complete control. Microsoft... Read More »

Xbox Smartglass app makes its way to the iPhone and iPad world

Tweet After debuting its game-centric second screen app on Android devices last month, Microsoft has now rolled out its Xbox SmartGlass app for the iOS devices. With this second screen app, you can magically transform your Apple devices into interactive second screens for Xbox 360. SmartGlass app allows you to browse and control content on your Xbox 360 from your tablet, while you are enjoying your... Read More »

Twitter plans to add Instagram-like photo filters to its mobile app

Tweet Twitter is all set to make a significant move on the mobile front, competing heads-on with its rivals – Instagram and Facebook. Shortly after a billion-dollar acquisition of the infamous Instagrams photo-sharing app by Facebook, Twitter is also planning to add an in-app photo filter that will give its users the freedom to click pictures and share them instantly over the microblogging website.... Read More »

Gmail’s new ‘Compose’ button: It’s faster, smarter, and easier

Tweet Gmailis on a revamp and Google is putting in all efforts to make its e-mail client work faster and better. In an attempt to refurbish its looks and functionality, Google has completely redesigned the ‘Compose’ button. With the new change, the ‘Compose’ will now pop up in a window, similar to the way the chat window pops up. The new design will make it easier for the users to reference... Read More »

Step by Step Guide for Windows 8 Upgrade

Tweet Microsoft has finally launched its much talked about, touch-friendly operating system – Windows 8. And as the whole world goes ga-ga over the latest offering from Microsoft, we bring to you some important points that will help you upgrade your PC to the new Windows 8 operating system: System compatibility: The first thing that you need to do before upgrading to Windows 8 is to find out if... Read More »

First Look: Microsoft® Office 2013

Tweet Designed with Windows 8 in mind, Microsoft Corp. has unveiled the customer preview of Microsoft Office 2013. The most recent version of Microsoft Office is primarily an effort to make over the market-leading productivity suite from merely a computer-based application to a software that can be conveniently used on any device, and from anywhere. Incorporating an intuitive design that works well... Read More »

Facebook® Messenger 1.8

Tweet How many of you send messages and texts to your friends through Facebook Messenger mobile app? Till now, you were only able to send texts, exchange locations, and share photos with friends, but now Facebook Messenger has turned into a full-featured chat app.   Details about updated Facebook Messenger     Rolled out as version 1.8, this updated messenger will allow you to switch... Read More »

Apple® iOS 6 beta 2 with bug fixes and improvements released

Tweet After releasing the first version of iOS 6 beta for developers, earlier this month, Apple has lately released the second beta version for iOS 6 with a few major bug fixes and improvements. Labeled as build 10A5338d, the download size of Apple iOS 6 beta 2 is 322MB and is compatible with all third-generation iOS-based devices, including iPad, iPad2, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Also, the update... Read More »

Making Friends on Facebook® becomes easy with Find Friends Nearby

Tweet Facebook lately has created a new feature called Find Friends Nearby, earlier code-named Friendshake, for Android and iOS-based devices. Yet to be announced officially, this latest feature will let you find out friends who are geographically nearby.   Basically, Find Friends Nearby feature takes you to a page wherein you can spot other people within/near your location and who are browsing... Read More »
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Just a single click, and delete multiple messages in Facebook®

Tweet What do you do to clean the clutter of messages piled up in your Facebook account’s ‘Messages’ area? Do you ‘Archive’ them? However, the message you ‘Archive’ doesn’t get permanently deleted from the list, instead it just gets removed. If you want to permanently delete a message or entire thread of conversation, you have to follow a lengthy process of ‘Delete All’ or ‘Delete... Read More »
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