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Apple® iOS 6 beta 2 with bug fixes and improvements released

Tweet After releasing the first version of iOS 6 beta for developers, earlier this month, Apple has lately released the second beta version for iOS 6 with a few major bug fixes and improvements. Labeled as build 10A5338d, the download size of Apple iOS 6 beta 2 is 322MB and is compatible with all third-generation iOS-based devices, including iPad, iPad2, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Also, the update... Read More »

Turn your Apple® iOS device into musical instrument

Tweet Turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a virtual wind instrument. Smule has launched Ocarina 2, an enhanced version of the well-liked Ocarina app for iOS devices. Like its sequel, Ocarina 2 allows you to blow into your phone and play the notes, turning your phone into musical instrument. While the initially released Ocarina app encouraged free play, enabling users create their own songs... Read More »
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And the 2012 Apple® Design Award Winners Are…

Tweet Lately, at the WWDC 2012 conference, Apple declared the well-deserving winners of its esteemed Apple Design Award. The award is given as recognition for the apps that are simply outstanding in terms of technology adaptation, design, and innovation. The bunch of apps that received the ‘2012 Apple Design Awards’ title includes: iPhone winners •  Where’s My Water by Disney •  Jetpack... Read More »
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Apple® OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion unveiled at WWDC 2012

Tweet At the grand WWDC 2012 keynote, Apple unveiled a number of noticeable enhancements for the world’s most cutting-edge desktop operating system- OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. This new operating system is certainly a prime release with hundreds of state-of-the-art features including Notification Center, Messages app, Sharing, Facebook integration, Power Nap, AirPlay Mirroring, and the improved security... Read More »

Apple® to cut Google™ Maps from its platform

Tweet Apple is all set to replace the Google Maps with its own navigation app from the next versions of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices that run on iOS platform. According to several media reports, the iPhone-maker is going to completely remove Google Maps from its platform and will instead use its own mapping data. Google has provided the back-end data to Google Maps on the iPhone since it was... Read More »
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Apple® patches security flaws in Safari and blocks Adobe® Flash Player

Tweet Apple has issued security patches to answer four security vulnerabilities in Safari, and has blocked the outdated versions of Adobe Flash Player from running in its browser. The four security flaws fixed were similar to those that were patched a few days before in iOS 5.1.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All the vulnerabilities were termed as bugs in WebKit, the open-source rendering engine... Read More »

Microsoft® identifies malware targeting Mac® OS X

Tweet Microsoft Corporation’s security research team has discovered a new malware that exploits an old bug in Microsoft Office. The strange thing about this malware is that instead of attacking the PCs, the bug is actually targeting Mac OS X systems. The vulnerability, which was categorized as critical when it was discovered and patched in 2009, allows the attackers to execute remote code, which... Read More »

Mac® App Store crosses 10k apps milestone

Tweet The app market for Apple’s Mac named Mac App Store has crossed the milestone of 10,000 apps, say various reports making round on the Internet world. This feat has been achieved by the app store within a time period of 15 months. The Mac App Store was launched on 6 January, 2011 with just 1,000 apps. Apple has not confirmed the report yet. The 10,000 plus apps include both paid and free-to-download... Read More »
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Apple® and Google™ discuss Mobile Privacy with U.S. Senator

Tweet Mobile Privacy has always been a concern for all of us. Both Apple and Google recently had a meeting with the U.S. Senator Charles Schumer over this privacy issue. Both the software giants discussed the matter with the U.S. Senator to mend the loopholes in their respective operating systems to avoid any threat to the privacy of users. This meeting was done when the Senator asked Federal Trade... Read More »
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Apple® AirPort Utility 6.0 launched

Tweet For those of you, using the Apple networking products, here’s some good news. After the success of Airport Utility 5.5.3, Apple has now launched the version 6.0 of its AirPort Utility client that helps to enhance your communication and networking experience. The different models of these products include AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule. The new version is more enhanced and... Read More »
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WNM Live™ now accessible through Facebook® and the App Store

Tweet WNM Live (Who’s near me and what’s Near Me), owned by SynergyTech Solution, is a social networking site but it is location-based. It means that you can make new friends with those users who are near to your location. WNM Live, which was only compatible with Windows Phone 7, is now being extended. It is now available on Facebook and Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It’s... Read More »
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Watch that Little birdie in the sky with iBird Explorer PRO

Tweet If birding or bird -witching is what you love spending most of your time on then here’s something super-exciting for you. Now you don’t need to move around with your binoculars, cameras, and telescopes to catch a glimpse of your favorite birds. The iBird Explorer PRO app on your iPhone or iPad can prove to be a perfect companion to help you with your curiosity. With the iBird Explorer PRO... Read More »
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Apple® granted patent for Smart Garment

Tweet Apple has been granted the patent for Smart Garment by US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to this patent, Apple will now help you to know when your clothes are worn-out. In the last 10 days, Apple has also gain more than 50 patents such as Apple TV, iPhone headset, etc. Apple will develop a new technology or application that will help your iPhone to keep a track of your clothes... Read More »
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Pitbull Channel – Now party on-the-go!

Tweet He is an energetic performer, the king of house who sets your soul grooving and feet tapping. He is a head turner and heart stealer of all you maidens since he calls you to his “Hotel Room”. Yes we are talking about the one and only “Mr. Worldwide” – Pitbull. Very few know him by his real name Armando Christian Prez. This 31-year-old, Miami-based super talented and vivacious singer,... Read More »
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Apple® endeavors into Textbooks

Tweet What if your textbooks becomes digital? Though we are used to read digital books but are you ready for reading college books and school books digitally? Apple might just make it possible. The company looks like it has just announced its venture into textbooks. Apple is sending out invitations that reads, “Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple.” The event will... Read More »
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Latest Evernote Apps for iOS®: ‘Evernote Food’ and ‘Evernote Hello’

Tweet Evernote is a popular and effective tool which helps you in organizing your notes. It has recently released a couple of new iOS mobile applications: Evernote Food and Evernote Hello. Evernote Food works as a meal tracker so that you can keep track of anything you eat. Evernote Hello works as a contacts manager that helps you in remembering people you have recently met. More on Evernote Food... Read More »
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Five apps to wish for

Tweet It seems that these days there is an app for everything. But here are five apps we wish existed. And we hope that in future we find them on the app stores. 1) Boss Tracking app This is an app to die for. With love for Facebook and Twitter rising every minute, it’s almost like a test to keep one’s hands off from clicking into their favorite social networking sites. But at workplaces, bosses... Read More »
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Five crazy apps from Apple®

Tweet Apple recently celebrated 100 million downloads from Apple’s Mac App Store. There is an app for anything and everything. From waking us up in the morning to lulling us back to sleep, the app store has it all. But there are some apps that will make you think “Isn’t it crazy?” Listed below are five crazy apps from the Apple Mac App Store: 1) Pimple Popper Most of us have experienced the... Read More »

My Clinic: Manage Your Clinic with this iTunes® Game App

Tweet Ever dreamt of becoming a doctor and running your own clinic? Well, if your dream couldn’t possibly turn into a reality, you can now use – My Clinic – an amazing game for your iPad and manage your very own clinic. If you are a girl, and like girly games, do check out Top Girl, which is an iPhone game. You need to manage an entire clinic and require turning it into a cutting-edge medical... Read More »
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Four must-have free apps from Apple® for 2012

Tweet Christmas celebrations have just got over and New Year is already knocking. So, what are your New Year resolutions? Some will be a repetition of the old, others will be fresh. Whatever be your resolutions, here are four amazing apps from Apple that will help you have an easy 2012. And the best part is that they are free! {1} Lose It! A wise man once said, “Health is Wealth.” To keep your... Read More »

GarageBand for Apple® iOS Devices

Tweet For all those who love music but aren’t confident enough to sing, here’s a music app for your iOS devices, which you can use to create and record your own music and songs. GarageBand turns your iPhone, iPod and iPad devices into a full-fledged recording studio to let you make the most out of your love for music, and practice music on the go. This app will be a perfect music tutorial app... Read More »
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Times Square Ball 2012 app for Android™ and Apple® users

Tweet New Year at Times Square is something everyone should experience in a lifetime, but for most people leaving far away, it’s impossible. Records show that, around one million people gather at the Times Square every year to see the ball drop on New Year eve, and around 1 billion people watch the video. If you are one of those who won’t be able to make it to New York Times Square, here is a... Read More »

Spice up your love life with IceBreak for Couples app

Tweet Give your brain a little break from remembering dates that are important to your partner and let IceBreak do all the work. TheIceBreak has developed a special app for the iOS platform named – IceBreak for Couples. This app will help you to keep your relationship funny and lively. It also rewards you with surprise gifts while completing tasks. It will also help you to know more about your partner’s... Read More »
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Happy Birthday, Nostradamus – The Prophecy Man

Tweet This man lived centuries ago. But foretold future that has intrigued generations and continues to do so. Like this man himself, his birthday is also shrouded in mystery. We are talking about one of the most talked-about man in the history of humankind, ‘Nostradamus.’ Nostradamus was born in Saint-Remy-de-Provence on 14th or 21st December 1503. This man is supposed to have prophesied a multitude... Read More »

Apple® To Charge Nothing for Shipment Until December 22

Tweet In order to push the sale of its products and expand its already gigantic user base, Apple has decided that this holiday season, it will charge nothing from its customers for the shipment of their orders. This holiday season could not have got any better and all you buyers should be thankful to Apple. Any order that you place with the premier brand online will be delivered at your doorstep... Read More »
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