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Say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Taylor Swift with these Apple® apps

Tweet “To me, Fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.”– Taylor Swift How many of us will have the audacity to say a ‘no’ to the first record label, just because it did not allow us to sing our own... Read More »

Justin.tv brings TwitchTV™ to Apple® iOS platform

Tweet If you love gaming and if you have an iPhone, you are going to love this. TwitchTV is now coming on iOS. TwitchTV, which broadcasts live-streamed video games and allows users to chat with each other, was launched in early June 2011. It has gained immense popularity; it is estimated that an average of 3.2 million users visit the site per month, 45 million videos are streamed per month and 4.5... Read More »
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Official Kim Kardashian app for your Apple® iOS Device

Tweet Who does not want to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Kim Kardashian? Her fans would simply do anything to a get a chance to interact with her. But now, you no longer have to be a lucky fan to meet her in person as Kim Kardashian will herself answer your questions on hot topics like relationships, beauty, fashion or style from your very own Apple iOS-based devices. Appetizer Mobile has developed... Read More »

Minnie Mouse charms as an Apple® App

Tweet Developer– StarGreetz Platform– Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later Price– Free She walks with her over-sized pumps. Every time her pumps slip out of her feet to make a sound, Mickey Mouse skips a beat of his heart. Yes! She is one of the most loved cartoon characters, apple of Mickey’s eye–she is none other than Minnie Mouse.... Read More »

Production of iPad® 3 QXGA Retina Display in Progress

Tweet Are you amazed with the features of Apple iPad 2? Are you planning to buy one for yourself? Hang on! If you are capable enough to hold your craving for the iPad for few more months, then you may be able to get a new iPad 3 in your hand/pocket. Yes! it’s absolutely true. If rumors are to be believed, then Apple is going to launch iPad 3 early next year. DisplaySearch analyst, Richard Shim says... Read More »
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Apple® offers amazing deals this Black Friday

Tweet Apple is offering amazing deals and discounts for this Black Friday. The discounts are offered on all gadgets including MacBook Air Finally Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to fulfill your entire urge to splurge for upcoming Christmas festivities. Here arrives the big day- the Black Friday and with it the most popular US shopping season. Bring over your excitements and indulge in your craving... Read More »
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Celebrate Black Friday with these Apple® Apps

Tweet Though Thanksgiving is just a few days ahead, for all shopaholics, Black Friday is the day, which is awaited with baited breath. A couple of years ago, in a New York Walmart store, a worker was trampled to death when the store’s doors were opened. In California too, two shoppers were shot dead over a dispute. That’s the kind of frenzy Black Friday causes all around. However, we do not want... Read More »
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FileHound, an iPhone® app by Splashtop® Inc.

Tweet Now you can access your computer files remotely from an iPod touch or iPhone. Splashtop Inc., a renowned name in the world of cross-device computing, recently released an app dubbed as ‘FileHound’. Designed primarily for small screens, FileHound is the simplest way to access documents, music, videos, and photos from your computer remotely from your iPhone touch and iPod, anywhere, anytime. In... Read More »
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Have a perfect Thanksgiving Day with these Apple® Apps

Tweet Thanksgiving Day 2011 is just around the corner and the mood of festivities is gearing up with each passing day. Thanksgiving itself gives us a warm feeling of togetherness, of families and friends getting together and weaving memories of a lifetime. Every family has a personal story linked to each and every Thanksgiving Day that has been celebrated by them. But we also understand what goes... Read More »

Apple® brings Sandbox technology to Mac® App Store

Tweet Apple has decided to bring in the Sandbox technology to ensure the optimum level of security while installing developer apps. The third-party apps from the Mac App Store can get corrupted by malicious codes, ultimately compromising the Mac machines once the users install them. Sandboxing the apps would limit the functional access, thus curtailing the security risks. Sandbox is a new security... Read More »

Apple® recalls iPod® Nano first generation

Tweet This is not a news Steve Jobs would be happy about. But every day is not a Sunday. Though Apple is always at the top of its game, but as they say, “Everyone has a bad hair day.” And it’s Apple’s time, to have one now. It was in 2009, when Apple offered to exchange a few defective pieces of iPod Nano in Korea. But this time, it’s time for the worldwide customers to bear the brunt.... Read More »

TIME® magazine nominates Steve Jobs for ‘Person of the Year’ title

Tweet Steve Jobs has a way of being in the company of the chosen. Even after his death last month, this man did it again. TIME has nominated Steve Jobs for its coveted ‘Person of the Year’ award. If he ends up winning then in the history of last 84 years Steve jobs will be the first man to win it posthumously. He was nominated by Brian Williams, the famous anchor of the NBC Nightly News. According... Read More »

Mickey Mouse will now tell the time on your Mac®!

Tweet iPod revolutionized the way we listened to music. The extremely popular music player has been selling like hot cakes ever since it was launched. The mini version–iPod Nano is also among the bestselling MP3 players. These are available in an array of colors with numerous extensive features which further add to their popularity. The latest one among these features, which is creating hype, is... Read More »
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Apple® fires Charlie Miller for revealing iOS flaws

Tweet Charlie Miller, Apple security expert and a researcher from Accuvant Labs, has been fired from the Apple developer program. He has also been banned from making any kind of software for iPads and iPhones. This action was taken after he posted a video on YouTube, publicly showing a bug in Apple operating system- iOS . In the video, he disclosed that he has found out a way to make applications,... Read More »
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Top 10 Mac OS X Lion How Tos

Tweet OS X Lion is one of the advanced operating system unveiled by Apple till now. It comes with a new intuitive user interface and with some very advanced features and trackpad gestures. The operating system is built on time tested UNIX foundation and it delivers an incredible performance that is supported by stunning graphics. Many Mac users are already thinking   of upgrading to the new OS. The... Read More »

Analyst: Apple MacBook to make gains on PC

Tweet Computer has become the need of the generation in the present era. Every person either possesses a PC or is about to purchase it. So the international market is in great competition in the field of PCs and the things related to it. The operating system that is mandatory in every computer system is the main source of income to many organizations and firms like Microsoft. Microsoft produces Windows.... Read More »

New Subscription Model of Apple®

Tweet At present Apple has disclosed that it wants a 30 percent cut from all the subscriptions which has been sold on iOS devices, as well as the services that provides video, newspapers, music and magazines. As the Apple’s move may power the digital publishers and content providers for example Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to think about offering applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The... Read More »
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Apple® iOS® 5 MobileMe event

Tweet There has been news that Apple is going to hold an event to release the much awaited iOS 5 and an updated MobileMe. A German Web site claims that according to their reliable source, the iOS 5, the new mobile operating system and the new-look MobileMe will be unveiled at an event in early April. It is also being expected that MobileMe will become free syncing service. Presently MobileMe is offered... Read More »
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Android™ Outshines Apple® in 4th Quarter

Tweet The market contribution of Android is emerging day by day and you can see new models in every week. The main contender in the smartphone and tablet computer sector is Apple iOS. There are some big names that are showing more interest in Android such as HTC and Motorola. ComScore reported that Android is now climbing the rank and it is now at second spots by outshining Apple. BlackBerry still... Read More »
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Did Google™ pull App for in-App purchase Violation?

Tweet It looks that in-app purchase troubles are starting to affect Google too. Google informed one of its developers that the developer’s free app, Visual VoiceMail, has been taken out from the Android Market. The cause given was that the application dishonored a section of Google’s developer agreement that takes the pricing and payments. In a move that could signal, Google is taking a hard... Read More »
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Best Buy to Sell Verizon iPhone® 4

Tweet Best Buy, a company which is renowned for consumer electronics in U.S announced recently that they are going to sell iPhone to Verizon subscribers. This deal is definitely going to be a profitable one for both of them as Best Buy controls 19% market share in consumer electronics. The date from which it will be available has been fixed as February 10th. It is interesting to note that from this... Read More »
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iPhone® and iPad® apps

Tweet Results are out regarding the most popular iPhone and iPad applications in terms of the number of downloads by users. The top iPhone apps that are free comprise Movies by Flixster, Facebook, Google Mobile, Pandora, and Shazam. The popular iPhone apps that are paid include “Angry Birds”, “Tap Tap Revenge 3”, “Pocket Gods,” “Tap Tap Revenge 2.6.” and “Doodle Jump”.... Read More »
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Samsung®, Motorola® set stage for iPad® 2 showdown

Tweet There are ongoing rumors and leaks regarding the launch of the new iPad2 and the features that it might have. Some of the few things that have already been confirmed regarding the features of the new iPad2 include the front and rear view camera and also the SD lot coming along with it. Sources from the technical group have also confirmed that the iPad 2 will tart being shipped by April of this... Read More »
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Apple® making cheaper iPhone®

Tweet There have been rumors from various sources that Apple is planning to make cheaper iPhones to compete with smartphones based on the Android operating system from Google. These phones are believed to be specially designed to make a new line of smart phones that can compete with the cheaper Android powered phones. According to an article published in an Australian magazine, the new line of iPhones... Read More »
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Apple® announces subscription plan for Digital Content

Tweet Recently Google announced its subscription plans for viewing and accessing digital content. This was again in competition with Apple’s subscription plans for mobile applications. Apple just a day before Google took this step announced the details of its new billing system for the Apple Store. According to the new billing system by Apple, users can buy the digital content from Apple Store at... Read More »
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