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Notion Ink Adam Tablet Ready to Ship

Tweet Notion Ink Adam Tablet has finally overcome, what seemed to be, a long list of hiccups that proved to be major obstacles in its path of the device being made available to the consumers, an eager lot of tech-savvy people, who have already pre-ordered for the same. Its shipment has been cleared by FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It appears that those who waited so long just to hold the... Read More »

App Store Counts to 10 Billionth download, Offers $10,000 Voucher

Tweet The Apple’s website is counting up  to the milestone, at a very reasonable rate suggesting that the 10 billionth will be downloaded sometime in next week. They promoting it very aggressively and announced a whopping $ 10,000 iTunes voucher to the person who downloads the milestone app.  Furthermore this competition is not only limited to US and the terms and condition only states that you... Read More »
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Microsoft Strategies to Rival Apple iPad

Tweet The tablet market is currently Apples home ground. And the launch of Apple iPad 2 will be a walk in the garden with excellent returns for Apple. And Apple is the uncrowned king of the tablets unless someone topples it soon. For which to happen Microsoft will have to make a major play for this market as it is the only Company with the resources to take the fight to Apple. Apple currently has a... Read More »
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CES 2011 brings in no deal for Apple and Verizon

Tweet CES 2011 has many highlights and one of the key highlight was the news of the Verizon iPhone. It was really huge and important news because of the addition of iPhone to the Verizon network. There are public and the tech industry sitting on edges of their seats to see if the rumor would actually pan out. It is important because Verizon is the number one rated mobile network out there, and will... Read More »
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Google Chrome OS to overtake Apple’s iOS by 2015?

Tweet 2010 saw Apple constituting 90% of the market in tablets and smart phones. However, industry think tanks predict that by 2015 Apple’s share will drop to less than 35% with Google’s Android and Chrome OS, RIM Blackberry tablet OS, HP’s Web OS, and many other small players hitting the market after Apple’s success in the arena. It yet remains to be seen what Apple has in its Pandora’s... Read More »
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Microsoft eyes on ‘App Store’ Trademark

Tweet Microsoft and Apple are evolved with each other from time to time and often came in news for their engagements. The most recent example is Microsoft’s aiming to block ‘App Store’ Trademark of Apple. It’s been hardly a secret that there is no love lost between Apple and Microsoft. These two companies are engaged with each other from a long time. They often get involved in more or less... Read More »
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Microsoft launches Windows Messenger for Mac 8

Tweet Windows Messenger is a software of Microsoft that was included in the Windows XP operating system. It was originally designed for the use by the corporate users as well as home users to streamline and integrate MSN Messenger.  After its initial release in 2001, it was later upgraded in 2004, when it was made available for Windows 2009 and Windows Server 2003. In October 2001 Windows Messenger... Read More »

EMI allows Apple to Play Beatles on iTunes

Tweet After years of negotiations between Apple and EMI, iTunes will finally be allowed to play Beatles track for 99p. The deal was settled in a landmark by Apple to include a large collection of classic music prominently featuring the Beatles. Since its inception in 2003 iTunes has featured music from leading artists which has not only enabled easier access to music tracks, but has led to increase... Read More »
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Debut of MacBook Air laptop

Tweet Apple has now come full circle is introducing every new feature and upgrade for its range of products. Yesterday it was the turn of Apple’s iMac and it operating system-Macintosh. The title of the event had been carefully chosen so as to bring back some attention to the Mac which has altogether been forgotten about in the midst of iPad, iPhone and its other upgrades. The new MacBook Air will... Read More »
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iPhone 4 Déjà vu : MacBook Air leaked before Official release

Tweet Just two days to go from the official unveiling of Apple’s line up of it latest Mac product, and yet again the media is sprawling with “dissected” images of the new MacBook Air features. Apple is set to launch a set of Mac products in its event called “Back to the Mac,” which is going to be considered a hallmark event to bring the popularity of Mac products back after the hype of iPhone,... Read More »

Mac OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’ Scheduled to be released in Apple’s Oct 20 Event

Tweet After the much success of the iPad, iPhone 4 and new releases in its entertainment range of products. Apple is seeking to consolidate its base with regards to its Flagship operating product i.e. Mac OS. The new version is scheduled to be released in the next Apple event which is being termed as “Back to the Mac.” The new mascot logo for the Mac book seems to be the Lion, as many invitation... Read More »
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iPad is now available in Amazon and Target

Tweet iPad is a wireless tablet computer designed and developed by Apple. It is becoming very popular due to its unique design and attractive features. The iPad is used frequently as a platform for audio and video media such as movies, music, books and also for web contents. The design is almost same as smart phones and laptops. It runs on the same operating system as iPhone and iPods, it also supports... Read More »
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Apple Approves a BitTorrent App for iPhone

Tweet BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing application, which allows sharing data like videos, pictures, pdf amongst a large number of users and it accounts for approximately 27-55% of all the Internet traffic. The files are generally shared by creating small torrent descriptor file which is distributed through common mediums like web or emails. The BitTorrent node acts like a seed. The iPhone... Read More »
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Apple on the verge of being slapped with $600 million in damages

Tweet In a recent development over the Mirrors Worlds and Apple case regarding technology to display documents on the computer screen, a US jury has ruled in favor of Mirror Worlds. In response to the ruling Apple is asking the jury to reconsider its decision. The patent infringement had been going on for some time between Mirror Worlds and Apple, in which Mirror Worlds has alleged that Apple has infringed... Read More »

“IS Drive”-App for BitTorrent Released

Tweet Apple has recently launched an app for BitTorrent which enables users to get access to the latest torrents. The app has been in Apple’s App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The ID Drive app seems to be a U-turn from Apple’s previous policies regarding Internet Privacy, to which it had earlier refused to introduce into its apps market. The services of the app are solely distributed... Read More »
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TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard

Tweet Unlike Apples’s iPhone there are many smartphones available in the market which have a touchpad and a physical keyboard both installed. If you posses an iPhone than at times you might crave for the need of physical keyboard if you have to do much of the typing work – writing emails, writing messages, or for staying connected with your friends on any social network. If you have similar craving... Read More »

iTunes Library compatible with Ping

Tweet Apple’s iTunes application has recently joined hands with Ping. Now one can make use of Ping which can actually work with the iTunes library. You may be wondering as to what is Ping? The word ‘Ping’ stands for “Packet Internet or Inter Network Groper”. Ping is an application that is designed to send packets in the series over the Internet to a specified computer for generation of a... Read More »
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Review of mophie Juice Pack Powerstation

Tweet Nowadays portable gadgets need extra power, which you can think to provide by external batteries instead of internal batteries. If you are looking for such device for your iPad then Juice Pack Powerstation is the best choice. The Mophie has manufactured the new Juice Pack Powerstation which is the first external portable battery for the iPad, this is the best choice for emergency power provider.... Read More »
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Apple accepts Google Voice services for iPhone 4

Tweet Google Voice is a company which uses free Internet service using VOIP technology to link phone numbers together. Google Voice users will be able to select single U.S. phone number from different area codes. This service includes other features like centralized voicemail and indexable, automated voice mail transcription, accessible by PC or phone. ITune’s App store will allow the users of iPhone... Read More »
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Mophie Releases Juice Pack to iPhone 4 owners

Tweet Mophie is one of the leading names in Mobile intelligent devices and accessories. They are popular for their designing and innovation in mobile market. The company is based in California and popularly known for their products like juice pack which is the first device to work with a portable battery case recognized and certified by Apple. The juice pack air for Apple’s iPhone 4 is available... Read More »
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RIM in damage Control over Apple and Android

Tweet The much-awaited BlackBerry tablet may soon come to fruition and the most interesting news would be the implantation of RIM on the software front. BlackBerry is popular among people for its easy interface and web support applications but in the race with Apple and Android it lags. The co-CEO of RIM explains how BlackBerry will survive and compete with the Apple and Android attack. Apple, Android... Read More »
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iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch now available to developers

Tweet Apple has just released mobile OS for iPhones. iOS 4.2 Beta Software is the latest update for its iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and its available for download. If you have a membership of the iPhone Developer Standards or the Enterprise Program then you can also download the iOS 4.2 beta firmware for iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch 2G and 3G now from the home site of Apple. Let... Read More »

Best Buy: iPad has greater market share over “traditional devices”:

Tweet In an article from Wall Street Journal, Best Buy’s CEO dropped shocking statistic that the iPad is cannibalizing sales of notebook PCs by 50%. Although this figure is very high and this idea has bounced around since Apple’s tablet device debuted back in the month of March. From that “magical” day, people have been combing through many surveys and sales figures are looking for the signs... Read More »
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Justin.tv introduced new App for iPhone

Tweet Justin.tv has recently announced its new app (iTunes link) as part of its expansion plans for it already popular video streaming and broadcasting website. Moreover the new app is part of Justin.tv’s expansion plans into the smartphones and Android area, in order to increase it customer base further. The release has been announced just after Justin.tv had announced its first live mobile streaming... Read More »
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Google TV and Apple TV Faceoff in Fall

Tweet Google CEO Eric Schmidt, at the Berlin IFA show, confirmed the company’s plans to launch its new product Google TV in fall this year. He further added the product will be launched internationally in 2011. He said the company will be communicating with content providers to get some entertainment on the device. Though he dismissed any plans of Google getting into content production. Google is... Read More »
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