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How to enable Touch Mode in Office 2013

Tweet The new Office 2013 suite offers delightful new dimensions to your Windows 8 touch-optimized experience by offering newer styles of interactions that are touch-based. A number of new touch-based gestures have been included by Microsoft in its latest Office productivity suite to improve user’s overall experience and help them quickly perform tasks when working on a touch screen device. Touch... Read More »

Microsoft Office 2013: How to turn your PDFs into “Real” Documents

Tweet What is your best bet when you want to edit the text in a PDF file? Anyone who wants to edit a PDF file knows how frustrating it can be. Since most of the PDF files come in a “read-only” format, for most of you, the best way to edit your PDF files is to convert them into a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet with the help of PDF converters. But all these software have their own disadvantages,... Read More »

Selective Sync comes to SkyDrive: Sharing files and folders made easy

Tweet Does your SkyDrive looks like a jumbled collection of videos, family photographs, business and personal documents, music files, and more? Do you always wish to sync only important business documents to your office computer, but end up syncing all that’s stored on your cloud? Now with Microsoft’s recent update, you can sort out this mess and keep your files and folders in complete control. Microsoft... Read More »

Xbox Smartglass app makes its way to the iPhone and iPad world

Tweet After debuting its game-centric second screen app on Android devices last month, Microsoft has now rolled out its Xbox SmartGlass app for the iOS devices. With this second screen app, you can magically transform your Apple devices into interactive second screens for Xbox 360. SmartGlass app allows you to browse and control content on your Xbox 360 from your tablet, while you are enjoying your... Read More »

Step by Step Guide for Windows 8 Upgrade

Tweet Microsoft has finally launched its much talked about, touch-friendly operating system – Windows 8. And as the whole world goes ga-ga over the latest offering from Microsoft, we bring to you some important points that will help you upgrade your PC to the new Windows 8 operating system: System compatibility: The first thing that you need to do before upgrading to Windows 8 is to find out if... Read More »

First Look: Microsoft® Office 2013

Tweet Designed with Windows 8 in mind, Microsoft Corp. has unveiled the customer preview of Microsoft Office 2013. The most recent version of Microsoft Office is primarily an effort to make over the market-leading productivity suite from merely a computer-based application to a software that can be conveniently used on any device, and from anywhere. Incorporating an intuitive design that works well... Read More »

Skype® investigates a tool that reveals user’s IP address

Tweet Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and chat service Skype is investigating a potential security threat that can expose a person’s last known Internet Protocol (IP) address. “We are investigating reports of a new tool that allegedly captures a Skype user’s last known IP address,” said Adrian Asher, Skype’s director of product security. Steps taken by Skype Skype, which... Read More »

Microsoft® identifies malware targeting Mac® OS X

Tweet Microsoft Corporation’s security research team has discovered a new malware that exploits an old bug in Microsoft Office. The strange thing about this malware is that instead of attacking the PCs, the bug is actually targeting Mac OS X systems. The vulnerability, which was categorized as critical when it was discovered and patched in 2009, allows the attackers to execute remote code, which... Read More »

Microsoft® announces cleanup of its app market

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation will from now onwards be paying more attention to the icons, titles, and content of the apps that are available on its Windows Marketplace, and expects them to get more subtle and modest in the imagery used.   Content policy for app store According to the recent official blog post, Microsoft’s content policies for the app store do not allow apps containing... Read More »

Microsoft® demos Holoflector at Microsoft® TechForum 2012

Tweet Microsoft Research gave demonstration of its new and fascinating technology concepts during the Microsoft TechForum. Three tech concepts were showcased by the Microsoft research team that included Illumishare, Interactive 3D desktop display, and the Holoflector augmented reality mirror. All these concepts will find diverse applications in gaming, education, and business fields. The Holoflector... Read More »
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Windows Task Manager: A Troubleshooting Tool

Tweet Although it is a well known fact that rebooting your Windows 7 PC is the option for going to the solution while any program is not shutting down or the system has started working in a different way, there is another option which can hold importance & can be more effective than this one. You can indulge in using the very powerful & result oriented Task Manager which will act as one of... Read More »
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Microsoft Patches Final Pwn2Own IE Bug

Tweet The biggest computer giant & tycoon, Microsoft bagged a handsome amount of fifteen thousand USD on the occasion of annual Pwn2Own hacking contest, using its Internet Explorer tactic on Tuesday. This process was mainly used by a researcher, Stephen Phewer of Harmony Security.  Before Stephens step in killing down IE8 on Windows 7 at Pwn2Own, the company did scrap Internet explorer twice for... Read More »
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Microsoft® Vulnerability Disclosures and Advisories

Tweet Today, we all are affected by computer security issues. There are different vulnerabilities that can affect your computer system. In the world of Internet, no one can keep his/her system safe until he is well aware of these vulnerabilities. If you keep your computer updated and you have the latest version of strong antivirus, then only you feel safe. System security is one of the most important... Read More »

Microsoft® Mulls Streaming TV Service via Xbox

Tweet Microsoft is in talks with TV channels to establish subscription-based services on its Xbox console. Microsoft is making efforts with the companies to produce a new TV service with the Xbox which will create a virtual cable operator.  In this, users will have to pay a monthly fee for accessing cable and broadcast network services via the Xbox. The company may also sell individual channels directly... Read More »
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Microsoft® Core Focus on Asian Markets

Tweet During an interview it was revealed by, Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Corp. that Japan is the biggest marketplace outside of the U.S. in the present time. India is the next biggest market after Japan and it is performing really well. The company proclaims a better intellectual property control across India, in comparison of China. It has also commenced great business... Read More »
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Mango renamed Windows® Phone OS 7.5

Tweet The upcoming version of Windows Phone 7 will be known as Windows Phone 7.5 as it was previously known as Mango. The updated edition Mango was unveiled at Microsoft’s MIX11 occasion. On the Microsoft Partner Network blog, Microsoft has announced the changed name from Mango to Windows Phone OS 7.5. It was revealed that the preview of the New Windows Phone OS 7.5 is available and soon beta edition... Read More »
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Microsoft®’s Photosynth App for iPhone®

Tweet Microsoft has developed an ultra-modern, interactive panoramic program called Photosynth. This application is now available for the iPhone. Microsoft said earlier that using the latest computer apparition technology, the Photosynth app makes capturing natural scenes fun and appealing, while creating sharp, high-resolution results. By using this application, you can easily process, view, and store... Read More »
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Microsoft® Sees Cloud Future For Embedded Computing

Tweet According to a Microsoft official, the company is trying to link embedded computing systems to the cloud. The cloud is going to reveal a number of wider options to embedded computing. Windows Embedded General Manager of Microsoft, Kevin Dallas made a note that the capability of capturing the intelligence from the verge of the network shall make an intense change in the charges which is going... Read More »

Microsoft® Office Future Plans

Tweet Microsoft Corp. announced the worldwide availability of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010,  Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010, for its business customers. More than 90 million business organizations can now install the 2010 suite and can expect to see major productivity gains and greater result on their software investments. The Beta applications for Microsoft’s... Read More »

No Microsoft® Tablet OS Until 2012

Tweet A range of analysts from the market, and from internal Microsoft sources, have found their way across news items worldwide, announcing the non-availability of a Windows based tablet at least till early or mid 2012. With Bill Gates launching the first Microsoft tablet, way back in 2001, and promoting the natural evolution of the laptop into the world of tablets, with attached or detached keyboards,... Read More »
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Windows® Phone 7 Upgrade to Offer Cloud Support

Tweet CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, at the Mobile World Congress 2011, announced that Microsoft will launch an update later this year and this much awaited update will add a lot to Windows Phone 7. The update will add Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone 7. Along with Internet Explorer 9 this update will also carry support for Twitter. After this update Windows Phone 7 will also be able to use the... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update

Tweet Last week, Microsoft had announced a latest addition for Windows Phone 7 that did not work appropriately on approximately 10 % of phones. This update was launched to organize the operating system for an added update which is supposed to be launched in next week. The rollout was re-initiated by Microsoft roughly after 10 days when they first tried to release this update. Although it was a relatively... Read More »
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Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 2011 Arrives

Tweet Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 service is the most advanced version of the CRM program that facilitates midsize industries to help to follow their clients. This program is now made available for their on location usage as well as by partnering with Microsoft in terms of hosted solution.The news of the arrival of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 services comes around exactly a month after Microsoft... Read More »
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Minime tool for Minimizing Active Windows

Tweet Have you ever ran into a situation where you have opened so many windows that there is no space in the taskbar. If this happens, the size of the window buttons reduces and you cannot even read and identify which button is for which window. The situation worsens if multiple windows are of the same type because in this case even the icon image looks the same on these buttons. To avoid such situation... Read More »
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Partnership between Nokia® and Microsoft®

Tweet Nokia and Microsoft have formed a partnership in the smartphones market. According to analysts, both are competing against Google, which has developed the Android operating system and handsets such as Google Nexus One. Google launched the Nexus One smart phone on January 5, 2010. There are lots of features that make it smarter than all the other phones in the market. It has the Qualcomm QSD... Read More »
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